Sensitive babbeh?

Hey all! I ave a question about what exactly sensitive babbehs are. I have only a general idea of them. I want to use them in one of my stories, but I want to know all the info beforehand. If anyone has a good overview of them, I’d love to hear it. As well as abuse ideas you want to see for any of my stories.


Sensitive babbeh is fluffy speak for a foal with some kind is issue, usually neurological, which causes it to develop slower/differently and are more sensitive to stimuli. Typically they can’t talk, barely walk, and stay in a chirpeh babbeh like state. If I have to compare it to something in humans, it might be related to low functioning autism or Down syndrome. Mummahs tend to overly pamper their sensitive babbehs, feeding them more milk and being extra careful with them.

No miwkies is a popular example of a sensitive babbeh if you haven’t read it.



I feel like those two comments together can represent the full spectrum of scholarship on this growing issue.


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Not sure if you’re talking about fluffies anymore.


He is talking about both


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Essentially it is a foal with a developmental disorder. First depicted and coined in the story, “No Miwkies” by FoalOut4, and further expanded on with other works in the community. It is generally a placeholder for the various intelectual disabilities that a fluffy foal might have, and can expand into many different symptoms, with the more common being: in ability to communicate, obesity, long term dendance on milk or formula, limb atrophy and avoidance of play with siblings.
Of course these are not the only symptoms, but the most common depicted.

Sensitive babies as a litterary tool have been quite unique on the fluffy fandom, adding new layers to writing. It gives people a new perspective to write from, and generally enriches the environment. Hopefully more people wish to create more sensitive babies.


One angle you can look at, is the burden if a sensitive baby on a fluffy family.

I origionally wanted to write a story where an abuser adopts a feral family with a sensitive foal, and uses the foals disabilify to cause a wedge in the family (make the fluffies do tasks that the sensitive one is sure to fail, group punishment but let the mom fluffy spare the sensitive one). Then make the other foals resent and hate the sensitive baby, and the mom fluffy get upset with her other foals.

Good ole psychogical manipulation.


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To my understanding is a lack of some development or also can be interpreted as the equivalent to fluffy autism expectrum, with foals being over sensitive to external factors like being handed, noises, smells wich stresses them way too much and for this reason thend to depend and stay more near their mothers looking for constant comfort. Kinda like a bestes babbeh but gets scared easily instead of being an asshole.


The thread has pretty good answers already, so for abuse ideas it should be fun just to see the sensitive babbeh thrust into situations beyond its mental age. I’ve had an idea of a breeder forcing a stallion to mate with a good-colored sensitive baby, making for some excellent psychological trauma for all fluffies involved! :smile:


That second to the last paragraph is really accurate but most of the sensitive babbehs I’ve had the misfortune of encountering just reeeeeeee when they see “poopies” (their term not mine it’s in context so it’s okay to use), or really any fluffy with dark coats get anything positive. Worst is when they start babbling about those fluffies with the weird hats, fuckers always find a way to scream about those fluffies. God I hate sensitive babbehs so fucking much


I think a “sensitive babbeh” might be a foal with a mental disability of some kind.

Though, as someone who has both autism and ADHD (Free reference! Ask any questions ya want.), I’d personally find calling it just “sensitive” a little offensive. I’d prefer just “disabled”. The disabled fluffy concept would likely require some research on mental disabilities, and some nuance in order to not appear to be making fun of irl disabled people. (Don’t want to make the fluffy appear as a caricature! I personally wouldn’t find the situation kind to people like me.)

Not to mention, adding real symptoms of autism would be very ideal! Such as:

  • Selectively mute (Chooses never to speak, or maybe just chirp, for personal reasons. Maybe they’re uncomfortable with talking, or communicate much better non-verbally.)

  • Stimming, which is a comforting repetitive sound or motion that some autistic people do to calm themselves. Stimming is very satisfying, and feels good. However, some stimming is to express or release a negative emotion, or cope with an unpleasant/frightening experience.

  • Disabled people (And by extension, disabled fluffies) are not stupid. Fluffies in general are very stupid, yes! But more in a funny, child-like naivety sort of way. I mean “not stupid” in the sense that they can learn and be considered “normal”.

  • Special interests! These are certain passions an autistic fluffy may have, even if it’s the strangest topic ever that the fluffy likes. Think a certain show on FluffTV, or a type of toy. The fluffy would want to meet the characters from the show, learn how their favorite toy was made, etc.

  • Some fluffies may not fully “get” social cues. I myself am TERRIBLE with this. I’ve unintentionally interrupted people, insulted people (Joking around and going too far by accident), acted the wrong way during certain “tones” in a conversation, and for the life of me I cannot figure out subtext. I understand what’s verbally said to me, and things that are unsaid go completely over my head.

  • This one is a little stereotypical, but it was like that for me as a child; Some autistic fluffies may find looking into other people’s eyes viscerally uncomfortable. For me, it felt extremely intimidating. It stopped feeling too uncomfy eventually, but not all autistic people lose this trait, or have it at all.

  • Don’t be afraid to add multiple autism symptoms! The spectrum isn’t a grayscale black to white thing. It’s more like a color wheel, each color representing a symptom.

And ask whatever extra questions you’d like. There’s no stupid questions, even if they seem offensive. This was a wall of text, yes, but this was for the sake of accuracy when depicting a real-life disability. Even when it’s with small, dumb technicolor horses.


Simply put, they are mentally handicapped.

Unlike a “Derp”, which is one either physically or emotionally (because fragile cartoon horse in flesh can die from sad or become mentally broken from excitement) braindamaged, a Sensitive is one that was that way from birth. Previously all neurodivergent Fluffies were Derps so this term has replaced Derp for birth defects.

They’re fairly new idea that was only expanded on very recently, and in different ways by different people, so you have an even bigger blank check than normal.

The basic concept is they are developmentally stunted. Though different things in the same canon from autism to severe debilitating dwarfism may present, Fluffy programming and biology gives common results though some writers use it as a unique condition to Fluffies. As you may imagine the writing uses it as a stand-in for real issues, allowing the author and audience to indulge in either the sadism if brutally murdering or torturing a mentally handicapped person, or as an even more vulnerable Fluffy to protect.

The term is what other Fluffies call them, and thus what humans call them. “Mummah’s sensitibe babbeh.” The term is kind of meant to make you hate them by triggering that insecure rage, though it may have the opposite effect for you.

Some past versions:

  1. They are rejected at birth by their mothers like any Derp, and must be kept alive by human care. Possibly abandoned to die of exposure/starvation, mercy killed with a stomp, or eaten. There is no reason for them to survive at all aside from setting them up for torture, or as a cute little wooby darling. They’re basically a Chirpie with closed or barely open eyes. Unlikely to live long even with care. They basically just have no reason to exist, and will not for long even with the best care, though giving them a happy if short life makes good Hugbox, while for Abuse its basically just a Chirpie who will die horribly even if they do nothing.

  2. They are permanently a baby, requiring lifelong care which their mother will provide either out of genuine love or the baby smell chemical depending on how much free will the writer assigns them. They may have some degree of survival outside her care via a mounted bottle in their later life, and may indeed survive better due to their inability to ever speak or wander off. They sometimes can toddle about somewhat, but ultimately their severely stunted mobility means even a Splorin will not leave the play area. They will understand they need to defecate and attempt to reach a litter box but likely fail, needing to peep to inform their mother or caregiver they need to be delivered to the litter box. The mother who cares for them will be unlikely to have a Bestest or reject colors/Alicorns, but the Sensitive may cause a resource drain and cause the deaths of the siblings. I don’t recall a story where a mother of one has to choose between her young yet. They are superior as a pet to #1, and may be endearing for their chubby useless bodies and permanent baby brains, or possibly as a way to provide a baby-crazy Fluffy female with one for life. By the opposite token they can be a fake-out from a can or breeder, getting something seemingly valuable but actually useless. These are the best use for abuse because they can actually react, having a high degree of awareness while the simple mind and severe vulnerability triggers extreme cute aggression.

  3. Mentally handicapped in human ways. Social issues, sensitivity to stimuli, learning conditions like a normal Fluffy if from a breed that is more intelligent since otherwise you could never tell the difference, the need to stim themselves with texture or posture, extreme obsessions with things, collecting things, and so on. More for concept exploration, since Abuse makes it clear the Fluffy is a stand-in for beating a handicapped human. Presumably they come in a vast range of issues, some capable of learning to live like an adult or passing as normal, though I don’t recall seeing this explored anywhere (a Fluffy telling decent fanfiction or making fairly good artwork to the amazement of regular Fluffies, maybe finding a specialist place in a Herd or as a facility role like Nurse Fluffies but as an entertainer seems a bit on the nose).

There is probably more concepts, but its what I recall.

If you want the origin story, its an Abuse one here.

It got a comic adaptation as well.

Additional art by a different artist.

My general notes: if Abuse it is a way to amplify the aggression by increasing vulnerability and cuteness while triggering a hatred response to its status as a “mooch” but always involves using its inability to care for itself or explain what is going on even in Fluffy terms to prolong its misery, then punishing its siblings for allowing it to live and finally its mother for producing it or for showing it mercy, though unusually avoiding more common misogynistic tropes.

If Hugbox the story is mostly about the human and the Fluffy. The mother is barely a factor.

I don’t recall seeing Neutral, though I assume it would be more a case study and analysis of how it would survive, possibly thrive in some way. Making it functional in later age and with autist artist powers could factor into a story analyzing Fluffy culture and regional differences, as only established and successful clans could support them.

But its mostly an Abuse subject.


I look forward to that!

Don’t worry, I’ve got a good amount of symptoms there myself.

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Look at the sensitive babbehs flagging my posts.

Fucking fluffies.


One of the interesting things about the fluffy concept is how it’s this hyper-reductive simplied picture of morality. Victim fluffies tend to be helpless and endlessly nice baby-brains. Smarties (esp hellgremlin types) are baby-raping mass murderers who are also really dumb and smell bad. At best, they’re extremely stupid and rude. They shit everywhere for any reason. It’s like if a strawman and goofus had a baby and it didn’t go well.

My point is, you should probably think about how you’re processing information if you start seeing your actual beliefs or views validated by a deliberately feeble morality tale like fluffies. And if you find yourself projecting people you don’t like (and perhaps don’t really know many of but see them online?) onto a subtype of fluffies, you’re not doing your best as human with a fancy-pants brain.

Just a thought.