Sensitive Topic: Part 3 (FluffnPuff)

As the mares and fillies played and cooed and sang all day! It was Nummie time, and Monica was passing out the bowls. They were all old plastic yakisoba bowls that she re-used but the mares didn’t care. All except of course, Sapphire.

“Why Saffiwe hab yucky bwack boww? Why nu pink?” “Because, black is all I have, you dumb bitch. Now eat. Unless you want your ‘Pwecious Sensitibe’ to starve.”

That was enough to shut her up as she ate the bland kibble. She didn’t want kibble, she wanted Sketti! She had heard that the others had it earlier! Why couldn’t she? Sketti milk is the best milk and her bestest deserved that! Not her boring green and purple babbehs. The babbehs were all patiently waiting for a turn at their Mummah’s teats while the older ones had either normal or softened kibble. She saw her daughters amongst them. Amethyst having taken to Grapefruit pretty well.

Monica watched as the family was already a bit divided. Just what she wanted. Jade and Amethyst were gonna be perfect little money makers too when they get older. She watched as Lapis greedily sucked at her mother’s breasts as if by some miracle milk would come, and Sapphire just let her. Rum came up to Monica and pawed her leg with her hoof to get her attention.

“What’s up? You full? Or are you still hungry?”

“Nu it not dat. Dat sensitive twied be miwkies feiwf! Twied take Wum’s miwkies! Nu am fow sensitibe, am fow gud babbehs!”

“You don’t say…”

Monica had suspect milk stealing at some point but this was a LOT sooner than she thought it would be. Of course she’d have to dish out the first punishment. She went to her room, going into her closet and grabbing something long and sparkly. She came out to the mares who all watched and cowered away from the object in her hand and saw she was going for Sapphire and Lapis.

“Sapphire. Rum told me that Lapis was stealing her milk.”

Sapphire froze, mid chew and looked up. The sparkling object she held was a bedazzled sorry stick. It didn’t scare Sapphire though because she didn’t register what it was. It was so pretty and shiny, and that’s how she gets them.

“I’ll cut you a deal, either I punish your baby and you get sketties, or I punish you, and she comes out unscathed. Which will it be?”

Oh god. Lapis or Sketties? Sketti was good but Lapis is just a babbeh! Sketti, but Lapis. Lapis but Sketti…it was a hard choice. However the object was sparkly, Rum had plenty of milkies, the punishment can’t be THAT bad right?

“Saffiwe choosies Sketti!”

Of course her selfish nature took over. The other babies could learn from this so she gathered them up. To watch as she yanked the blue fuzzy fat fuck off Sapphires teat. She chirped and peeped in distress as all the fillies, including her sisters watched.

“What gon happen to dummeh sissie?” “Nu nyow…”

“Watch and learn little guys, this is what happens when you try to steal milk. And it will NOT be tolerated here!”

She raised the sorry stick and brought it down across Lapis’s rear, making her shriek from the sudden harsh pain, sending Sapphire into hysterics almost instantly. She made another across her back, and one more on her left haunch. Lapis made bad poopies at the pain, cheeping and peeping as loud as she could for her mummah, all while Sapphire screamed for her to stop, but it wasn’t gonna work. once Monica had made the three lashes she left after saying,

“No more milk stealing, teach your brat better. This goes for the rest of you! Ask before you take.”

Sapphire ran over and sobbed as she tried to lick the booboo juice off of her sensitive who was peeping in pain, covering her eyes with her hooves. Sapphire jolted and squealed when Monica dropped the leftover Sketti. Not in a bowl, but ontop of her head.

“There you go, you selfish shitrat.”

The mares looked at her in shock before Mo-Mo began snickering and soon they were all howling in laughter at Sapphire’s humiliation. It was so funny, they have never seen that before and it was funny to see Sapphire sadly try scoop up and slurp the noodles and sauce off her head and face.

Jade and Amethyst watched the whole thing. They couldn’t help but feel a little bad for their Mummah and sissy and came over to them. Lapis was sucking her little yellow hoof and trembled as she had to cope with the new sudden pain. It was hard for a babbeh like herself to to fathom that a meanie human could hurt her like this! Her Mummah said humans were supposed to be nice!

“Dummeh babbeh, steawing miwkies, dat am bad fing!”

Rachel said, returning to business as usual, asking who hasn’t had their milkies yet. Sapphire was scared of Monica and what she did, try to get the sauce out of her fluff. Grapefruit, who wasn’t the brightest, cameo er and began lapping at the sauce. Not because she was cleaning Sapphire but because she just wanted to.

“NUUUU! Dummeh munstuh! Nu gib Saffiwe wickie cweanies! Gu way!”

“Buh Gwapefwuit wan Sketti sauce!”

She ignored Sapphire’s please and kept licking till the the sauce was gone. Lapis peeped and went to her mummah’s breasts to drink. It was all she knew how to do, but the other fillies didn’t know that. A chestnut colored unicorn with purple sparkly splotches looked towards Lapis and began to watch her. This was Spot. (Creative name, huh?) She was one of Rachel’s previous kids, and was almost breeding age. She seemed fascinated by the large chirpy babbeh, and wondered why her eyes were opened by unable to speak.

“Why babbeh nu wan pway wif uddah babbehs?” “Gu way, dummeh poopeh fwuffeh!”

Spot flinched and pulled her ears back making Rachel growl at her. No one calls her children poopie!

“Ou wan sowwy hoofies? Nu caww Spot poopeh! Ou am poopeh, wif dummeh stoopi babbeh!”

Sapphire wanted to hurt her but she was already in trouble so all she did was stamp her hoof in anger. This place wasn’t the happy home she oped it would be. Being licked clean by a monster, having her best child get the sorry stick, it was too much! Sapphire was gonna be miserable here and her child moreso.

The next morning, Sapphire woke up with a yawn and stretched softly. She looked at her child and frowned, seeing the scars on her back, butt, and leg. She sighed and gave her baby a lock before exiting the nestie and going to go make good poopies. However she got distracted by a ball hitting her front hooves. She had to go but the fillies looked at her expectantly as if waiting for her to do something. So she kicked the ball back.

She immediately forgot about her bowel needs and began playing with the ball and foals. However he caused her to make bad poopies, evidenced by Rum calling her out.

“Eeww! Mo-ni-ca! Saffiwe make bad poopehs!”

Sapphire looked back in horror to see the mess she made. No, NO! It wasn’t her fault! She was just playing, how could she have known!? It was the foals fault! They distracted her! She watched as Monica came out with the sorry stick again.

“God fucking damnit! First your little idiot steals milk and now you’re shitting all over the yard!?”

She whacked Sapphires flank, causing her to scream, louder than she’s ever screamed in her life! Holy moly the pain was unreal! Her bestest must have been in agony if this is what she felt!


Monica dropped and showed her face in front her mess demanding she clean it up. She explained that she had to eat it, all of it, and she’d let her go. The fillies watched in horror while the mares just watched in indifference, giving babies their milkies. Jade looked over from her suckling, watching her mom eat shit. It was…interesting to see her being punished this way.

Sapphire eventually relented and began nummimg the bad poopies, gagging the whole time, try to keep it down. When she was done she at least had enough sense to vomit into the litter box. And Monica had to clean it since she knew none of the mares would use it if there was sicky Wawa in it.

The mares watched as Sapphire wept, not used to this kind of harsh treatment. She lapped at the fluffy water bottle (basically giant hamster bottles) to try and get rid of the taste. Rum was being a little tattletail. Telling Monica every little thing that Sapphire or Lapis did wrong. And that was another reason Monica liked her. To Monica, Rum was like an espionage fluffy, a lil spy.

Grapefruit sang to Jade and Amethyst as they drank, completely ignoring Sapphire altogether. Grapefruit loved these two so much. Yet she couldn’t figure out why. Grapefruit was a dumbass sure, but her heart was always in the right place. Once they were done, they went to their Mummah.

“Am Mummah Otay? Nu mean to make bad poopehs wi-” “Ob couwse nu!”

Amethyst flinched, pulling her ears back Asher mother got angry. She didn’t like angry Mummah, angry Mummah was a scary Mummah.

“Dummeh Jade an Amafyst am aways wif dummeh munstuh! Nu Wub Mummah anymowe? Am dat it!?”

Grapefruit was watching confused. What was she doing? Why did Sapphire keep calling her a monster? She didn’t do anything wrong. She came over to see if she can hug Sapphire, Huggies made everything better right? When she wrapped her legs around the blue mare she got pushed away.

“Nu! Weabe Saffiwe awone! Dummeh munstuh am steawing babbehs!”

Grapefruit looked confused and hurt by her words. She didn’t steal any babbehs, the babbehs came to her. She hung her head and walked away to give the other foals milk, making the worried. Grapefruit was always happy, but now she was sad, and that was different, they didn’t like it.

Sapphire stormed back to her nestie with Lapis and licked her softly, allowing her to feed. She hates this new house. The shelter didn’t have this many dummie rules. The shelter showered her with love, but no humans ever took her home. She couldn’t understand why. Being unable to read she could never read her own info card which told how much of a brat she was. It was only gonna get worse for her.

(Next part will be where shit really hits the fan. Hope y’all got your popcorn ready! Buh-bye! I love you! (⁠ノ⁠◕⁠ヮ⁠◕⁠)⁠ノ⁠*⁠.⁠✧)

Part 4: Sensitive Topic : part 4 (FluffnPuff)


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I guess Sapphire will eat hers sensitive baby a leg at a time.

i want to see Saphire kill Rum.

I want the sensitive Babbeh Punished more (shaving it bald with cuts littered it’s body, have it drink “milk” [rice milk mixed with Ipecac] and finally…TRICK sapphire into numming Lapiz.)


Why? Rum is basically help cook this torture meal! No killing the cooks or you end up in the fryer!


How about I get the skettis ready to eat for the next part?

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Hmmm writes that down

well she could try and fail.

Well obviously lol

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Oh man these fluffies are Amazing (minus Sapphire) I love their personalities and how mischievous Rum is. Poor Grapefruit deserves lots of huggies for being treated like that, she’s a good fluffy. Not the sharpest tool in the shed but still good. The bedazzled sorry stuck is also 10/10 Lapis definitely deserved it and Sapphire as well.

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Aw thank you so much! I’m glad your loving the story so far! I always wanted to try something like this, like making an example out of someone so others learn.