Sidewawk part 2 (by chase70140)

here’s part one: Sidewawk part 1 (by chase70140)

And then she starved to death, and nothing of value was lost. The end. <3

Thank you for making part one my first post to reach 1k views, I’ve got two ideas for short comics i’ll be working on here soon.


Nothing of value was lost? Have you ever tried tonfinish concrete before that shit is super annoying after its set up just enough to be hard to finish and still brittle enough to break


I hope to see your new comics soon. I love what you have so far.


Did the concrete licking erode her teeth or something? Sorry if i missed a detail im on the verde of falling asleep


Mmm! Yummy concrete!

Concrete, while wet, has a high pH levels that can eat away at flesh if mishandled.


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Be that as it may its a double edged blade. You gotta WAIT for it to set up in some cases depending on the finish you or yhe customer wants. A slick finish… you might as well just grab a sleeping bag because sometimes thats taken up to 15 hours because of how the customer wanted it and then the truck came and it was super fucking wet and we were indoors so there was no natural factors to help set the crete… dude yeah paid by the hour also means having a loooooong ass day then waking up early for the next. In construction at least.


Concrete burn as we call it. Basically concrete will cause a rash that progressively gets worse if not cleaned properly. How concrete sets is through a chemical reaction and its that reaction that will burn away your flesh if you let it set on your skin. It will also dehydrate you because concrete sucks the moisture out of everything it touches and as it sets excess moisture will raise to the top


I never knew how it worked. I just know that somewhere I read that the chemicals that make wet cement turn into rock when it got dry instead of just being cracked and crumbly earth, was the same chemical that would burn you if it stayed on your skin too long.

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Just what we were looking for

Absolutely love it, just wish mummah and bestest suffered more honestly.


that guy is no believe to god? (you are contraction worker not head prison officer)

I believe you’re talking about the lime, and probably something else, too. But I know one of the key factors for the burns is the lime.

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ah poor mama, she at least tried to save her baby, though it’ll cost her her own life


Oh dont get me wrong i was mostly joking dude lol

Lol this was very creative! Well done! :sunglasses::two_hearts::beers:

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Yes yes yes continue the saga