Smarty's Stay At Daycare Pt. 3 (End) [By MuffinMantis]

Part Two

A few days later, in a musty basement

“Please don’t hurt me! I didn’t do anything wrong!”

Smawty’s daddeh, better known in the legends of the international crime syndicates by his pseudonym, Jonathan Candle, glared at her. “Nothing wrong?” he spat. “You tortured and killed my pet, and had the BALLS to send me a video of it, but you say you did NOTHING WRONG?”

“He was dangerous! I had to get rid of him, to protect the other fluffies!”

“Dangerous? How? He’s never been aggressive towards me even once!”

“He was a smarty! Once they start calling themselves that it’s only a matter of time! I had to do it!”

Smarty was his name, you dumb bitch!”

“What? Why would you name him that?”

“That doesn’t matter. What matters is that there’s a video of you torturing my fluffy to death!”

“I had to!”

“You HAD to? You couldn’t keep him in another room, or even just kill him humanely? You HAD to torture him?”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry about the vide-”

“THE VIDEO? THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE SORRY FOR? I’m not angry about the video. I’m glad you sent me the video.”


“Because now I know exactly what you did; exactly what to do to you.”


“Then you shouldn’t mind if I do the same to you, should you?”

“I’m a good person, I swear! Please, just let me go! Don’t hurt me!”

“A good person? That’s good. Because I’m not.

Present Day

The smarty-room was dark, devoid of the night-lights kept in the sleeping-room to prevent the fluffies from being afraid. Nobody cared if a few smarties were scared, and it wasn’t like they’d live long enough for the sleeplessness to really matter anyway. So the room was almost pitch dark, with a small amount of light accentuating the darkness from the street lamps outside.

“Wan die. Wan die. Wan die. Wan die.”

“Shit!” a hushed voice exclaimed. A figure was moving, slowly and carefully, in the dark. “How did she mess you up so quickly?”

“Wan die. Wan die. Wan die.”

“I know, I know. I’m sorry, I should’ve done something. I didn’t realize just how messed up she is. Look, I can help you get out of here, get you somewhere safe. Come on.”

“Wan die. Wan die. Wan die.”

“There you are. Let me get you out of this box.” The lid of the box creaked open, and the figure flinched at the sound, but the night staff didn’t seem to notice; they were probably too busy watching the game on the breakroom TV.

“Wan die. Wan die. Wan die.”

“Let’s get you BLEAGH!” the figure gagged at the smell. “What happened to you?”

“Wan die. Wan d-” Smarty snapped out of his daze. “Pwease, nice mistuh, Smawty wan die. Pwease kiww Smawty.”

“No! You can’t die yet! Don’t give up!”

“Nu wan mowe owwies, nu wan mowe bad-enfies ow cwamp gaem. Jus’ wan die.”

“Hang in there! I’m getting you out of here!”

The figure carried Smarty out, through dark rooms and out the back door of the daycare. Out to a car parked in a shadowed corner of the parking lot. He was placed in a box, this time a box filled with padding and blankets. “Wan die. Wan die.” he continued repeating through the entire trip.

The box was lifted gently out of the car, and gingerly carried inside. Smarty was lifted out of the box, but he was almost dropped when the nice mistuh saw him. “Oh God, what happened to your eye? Why is there a nail there? Why are you leaking blood from…I don’t want to know. What’s this?” He gently took hold of the clamp and opened it. His mouth filled with vomit when the blackened and necrotized remains of Smarty’s special-lumps fell, the flesh pinched away by the hard metal.

“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so SORRY!” he cried, horror and pity in his voice.

“Smawty wan DIE!”

“I’m so fucking sorry! I didn’t kn-NO, I FUCKING KNEW. I knew and I let it happen because I needed the job. I knew this was happening, but I’m too damn selfish to do anything about it!”

“Pwease, nice mistuh…kiww Smawty!”

“No! You have to hang on! Don’t let them win!”

“Smawty nu mind wettin’ dem win, Smawty jus’ wan die. Tuu many huwties, tuu many saddies. Pwease, nu maek Smawty huwt mowe.”

“Dammit! I’m such a fucking hypocrite. After everything I’ve been through because of a fucking label, I let them do this to you because of the same damn thing! I’m sorry. I’ll do it.”

“Tank 'ou, nice mistuh.”

“Here. It’s a painkiller. I don’t take them anymore after…well, I don’t take them anymore. It should be enough to let you go forever-sleepies.”

Smarty ate the pill, barely flinching at the bitter flavor. “Nice mistuh?”


“Wai am fwuffy bad fow bein’ cawwed Smawty? Wai namesies maek munstah wady huwt Smawty?”

The nice mistuh looked down at his arm, at the barely-visible needle scars running up and down. The symbol of the label that’d chased him his whole adult life. “I don’t know. I’m sorry, but I don’t know.” Tears poured down his cheeks.

“Nu hab saddies. Smawty am otay, Smwaty nu mind gu forebah-sweepies. Tank 'ou fow nu huwt Smawty. Tank ‘ou fow undastan’in’.”

As Smarty slipped away into blissful sleep, the figure hugged him, sobbing gently. “I’m so sorry. I’m so, so sorry. I should’ve helped. I should’ve done more.”

“Am otay. Nu nee’ nuffin mowe. Tank 'ou.”


Very good story, I’m glad karma hit the lady, and im happy Smarty had a peacefull death.
I’m just a bit confused on who was it that rescued Smarty at the end


There it is, the sweet sweet justified payoff. Bitch is gonna get hers


One of the other employees. Since Smarty never learned his name he remained nameless, same as the employee responsible for what happened to Smarty.


Wow so Smarty is his name not cause he was a smarty :man_facepalming: actually why he even name him that.

Aint that dumb sending pic to the owner who is from the underworld crime way to go dumb idiot! Karma shits of you


It’s explained in another part of the story. He got into a candy bucket and ate everything but the “Smarties” candies, so his owner, who wasn’t super well-versed in fluffy terminology, thought it’d be a good name.


Ay caramba! No wonder :man_facepalming::fearful:

Found it hilarious that woman thinks she didn’t do nothing wrong what a dumbass .


But he was a smarty, so clearly it was justified, right?

Honestly, the whole notion gives me Psycho-Pass vibes.


Until it was revealed it was his actual name.

And its a daycare why do staff get doing this to a client’s pet anyway, thats one shitty service right there.


Because smarties have no protections at all under the law, but normal fluffies have some minimal protections, so if the smarty dies the daycare doesn’t have any issues, but if the smarty does so much as kick a normal fluffy, the daycare can be held liable.

The torture part is because she’s a sicko with a god complex who thinks she’s God’s gift to fluffies despite being one of the more depraved abusers.


Yeah she is insane as fuck.

Man but that’s considered accidental or held by the daycare if it was revealed thats his actual name :thinking:


Considered negligence since it was listed as his name, but she didn’t read the paperwork. Not that it matters, since the kind of people they pissed off aren’t generally the kind to take the legal route.


Well glad he didnt burn the whole center down :scream:


Poor Smarty. Geez, you churned these out! Nice work, @MuffinMantis!


Funny thing, but the daycare isn’t shown after Smarty is gone. Who knows?


Don’t have anything going on right now, so might as well do something besides watching TV or playing vidya.


Oh I see…wha- wait HOLD UP! :astonished::scream::cold_sweat:


You don’t kill John Wick’s…I mean the legally distinct Jonathan Candle’s pet and expect to have a good time.


I see what you did there :smirk:, but true , very true :grin:


Great work, as usual. My vengeance boner was satisfied, my sadness one thoroughly tickled aswell.