Soylent Brown (By Jackie 22)

You’re a fluffy, and not just any fluffy, you’re a mummah! You have 4 pretty babbehs that you live in a tiny metal box with.

You don’t like the metal box. It’s too small, and you dont like the black string that they tied around you. There’s a lot of things you don’t like here. A LOT of things.

Sometimes you remember the times when you were a little babbeh, and you lived with mummah and a herd. The herd was living in a place outside of the big human housie place. There were lots of human housies and even more human not housies. You couldn’t belive the size of some of them, they were bigger than anything! Even bigger than the humans who lived in them! But you didn’t ever see the humans inside them. The smarty friend said that humans were bad and hurt fluffies a lot, so they would be safe far away from the human places. You were really far from the humans, there were only a few human not housies near where you lived, and no humans lived in them. Your herd was living in a big hole in the side of a hill. It was really round and the sides of it were covered in the same greyish brown rock that the human walkie places were made out of, but it had small wawas inside that your herd could drink without fear of drowning. The stallions would leave every day and find nummies for the herd. It was a good time, even if there werent always nummies, there were lots of fluffies and lots of other babbehs and places to run around and play. The fluffies thought that they would be safe from the humans, and they were right. The humans never came there and the herd was safe from them, until they weren’t.

One day, when you were playing with your friends, you saw a bunch of big white metal munstas stop on the black rock next to your herd’s hidey place. A bunch of humans came down the hill with a lot of metal boxes. The smarty gathered the toughies and told the other fluffies to go into the big hole. When the humans got to them, he yelled at them to go away or get forever sleepies. You were sure that the humans would run away. Smarty was the biggest, meaniest, hurtiest meanie fluffy there was. He would give lots of owwies and saddies and meanie special huggies to the other fluffies in the herd. Everyone was scared when smarty yelled at them, but not the humans.

The human in front just laughed. Then he said to come and do it. The smarty and the toughies charged. They were kicking and biting and bucking and fighting. You had never seen so many hurties being given at once! You thought the humans had surely gotten forever sleepies from the assualt, but they were just standing and watching the fluffies. Then things got really scary.

The humans started kicking and stomping the fluffies. Their attacks were far more hurty. The human bucks and kicks landed with sickening cracks and sent fluffies flying, their stompies landed with thunderous crashes, crushing fluffy heads and breaking backs, some of them were crushed flat in places. The smarty was kicked over and over again, All the way to the mouth of the wawa hole where the herd was hiding. His back was twisted the wrong way and he was gasping and heaving, his eyes wide open to see as the humans entered the hidey place.

The humans put the boxes down and started putting fluffies and babies into them. You remember the screams.

“Nu take babbehs! Pweeze nu take babbehs! Nee mummah!” She was answered with a swift kick to the jaw. The impact broke her neck and sent her flying upwards into the ceiling of the wawa hole, crashing down the the earth limp and still. Her babbehs were stolen and put into the boxes.

The other fluffies were too scared to put up much resistance, the only one left that was willing to fight was an old mare that sometimes gave you huggies when you had owwies and couldnt find your mummah. She screamed at the humans: “Bad hoomins nu huwt babbehs! Nu huwt new hewd! Dummeh hoomins weave mummahs an babbehs awone NAO!” She spun in a circle in front of one of the humans. “Take sowwie poopies!” A torrrent of liquid poopies spewed from her poopie place, directly in the path of the human. Then the human did something unbelievable. He flew!

As soon as the human heard the word poopies, he took to the skies! Flying way over the head of the mare, he was two fluffies high in the air before he came back to the ground in front of her face. The mare’s shocked reaction was cut off by another flight, The human flew into the air again and swooped down on her like the birdie munsta that took away your brother! His two human leggies crashed down on her head, crushing it flat in an explosion of bones, brains and boo-boo juice. “Fucking stupid shitrat, i’ve seen that trick before.”

There was nothing you could do to stop them. They were so strong and fast and could even fly! It was ridiculous! It was unfair! The humans took the mares and babbehs with ease. They would pick fluffies up by the neck and look at their special places. If they saw that the fluffy was a stallion, they would slam their heads into the ground and kill them, and the mares and babbehs were thrown roughly into the cages. They took the mares and babbehs, and gave all the other fluffies forever sleepies. The humans gathered you into the boxes, and walked out of the hole. The smartie was gasping and choking, trying his hardest to reach for you as the herd was taken away. He dropped dead a few moments after everyone passed him.

You were all put in the metal munstas and brought to a big human not housie. It had high walls and there were a lot of fluffies inside crying and screaming. The humans put you and the other babbehs in a big box with an open lid, and all the mares, including your mummah, were taken to another place, where lots of screams were coming from. The humans started picking you up and looking at your special places. The first babbeh to be taken was your bruddah, the human looked at his special place, saw his no-no stick, said “Nope”, and then gave him forever sleepies! He crushed him in his not hoovsie and threw him outside the cage and into a small box. He picked up another, said “Nope” again, and gave that babbeh forever sleepies too! Everyone was screaming and running around, trying to get out of the big box, but there was nowhere to run! He picked up all the fluffies and examined them, then either put them in another box, or gave them forever sleepies and put them into the smaller box. Once the babbehs were sorted and the unwanted babbehs were dead, your boxes were both put into a cart and brought to the room with the rest of your herd.

At the end of the room was a big metal munstah with a big, bright burnie place in it’s chest! The humans were putting screaming fluffies into its mouth, where they slid down into it’s tummy and got the worstest burnie hurties ever! The whole room wa full of screams, the fluffies in the munstah’s tummy were screaming so loud that it could easily be heard over the metal munsta’s roar, but they eventually died down as the fluffies slowly burned away. The fluffies stuck in the munstah’s mouth were screaming too, not as loudly, but still screaming. Fluffies down in the bottom of the metal munstah’s mouth were struggling to hold on and avoid the burnies, but then a human came by with a stick and started shoving it into them, causing them to lose their grip and fall into the owwie place. All the mares you’ve ever known were screaming as they were cast into the fire, and you were being brought there too! You all made scaredie poopies when the cart went up to the munstah’s mouth, but the human never put you in. He just took the box of dead babbehs and started pouring it into the metal mouth, where the mummahs and mares were screaming.

“Pweeze nu huwt fwuffy! Nu gif buwny huwties! Pweeze! Am mummah soon!” “Nu gif buwnie owwies! Pweeze nu mowe owwies! Nu wan! NU WAN!”

Their screams intensified as their babbehs were poured into the burnie place.

“Babbehs! NUU! NUUHUUHUU!” “Nu gou to buwnies babbehs! Buwnies bad fow babbehs! Nu gu! NU!”

The foals slid easily down the chute and into the fire. Some of the mares lept down to catch their dead and dying babbehs, only colliding with other mares, sending all of them sliding into the burnies. Other mares just cried, clinging as hard as they could to the edge of the metal munstah’s mouth, but they were eventually batted down into the fire by the humans. Your own mummah was at the top when the babbehs were poured in. She slipped on the dead body of your bwuddah and both slid into the burnie place together. The last thing you remember was your mummah’s screaming slowly dying down as you were dragged out of the munstah room. All of them were given the worstest owwies and forever sleepies. None of them survived.

You and the other babbehs were still crying when you were wheeled into the pen with the not mummahs. They were all strapped to the walls with tubes coming out of their mouths and poopie places, their legs were hanging limply at their sides, and they were all crying. You were dumped into the pen in front of the not mummahs and told that they were your mummahs now. You saw some babbehs drinking milkies from the not-mummahs. Some of them were furious, trying to thrash around and scream, others just cried silently, powerless as their precious milkies were stolen by unknown babbehs.

The humans were talking for a bit, then the human who gave your bwuddah forver sleepies started wheeling the cart away. You were alone.

You didn’t want to steal milkies at first, but with your mummah having forever sleepies, and no other mares nearby, you had no choice but to steal milkies from the not-mummahs. They all cried when you did it. You felt bad. You always felt bad now. Your herd was gone, your friends were gone, your home was gone, your family was gone. Everything was gone now. Only heart hurties were left.

Eventually, after many forevers, you grew into a big fluffy. Then things got worse. A human came by your pen and put you into a cage with a water bowl and some kind of strange metal thing above another bowl. He flicked a switch on the metal thing and a horrible smelling slimy goop squirted out of the metal thing just like poopies. It landed in the bowl. “That’s your food, and thats the water. Behind you is the litter box, shit in the litter box or i’ll fucking kill you. Make too much noise and i’ll fucking kill you. Cause any kind of trouble at all, or even just piss me off, and i’ll fucking kill you. You get fed twice a day. If it’s getting late, tell a human you havent been fed yet. Say: ‘please excuse me, but I havent been fed yet.’ Do it NOW.”

“Bu- bu why take fwuffy 'way? Nu wike metaw sowwie box! Pweze wet out! Box too smaww!”

The human immediately threw open the cage and punched you in the face. It was like being hit by a big bony battering ram. He punched you hard and followed through, slamming you into the back of the cage with his fist. Then he started hititng you more. He beat you until you made scardie poopies, then finally slammed your face into the bottom of the cage."

“UUHUUHUU! Nu mowe! Pweeze no mowe huwties!”

“Say it you fucking disgusting shitrat. ‘please excuse me, but I havent been fed yet.’ Do it now or i’ll break your damn legs.”

“HUU! Pweeze scuze meh, bu fwuffy nu been fed yed!” He responded with even worse hurties, slamming your crying face into the cage floor repeatedly, and repeatedly throwing you against the sides of the cage.

“Do it fucking RIGHT you shitrat! ‘PLEASE EXCUSE ME’”




“GOOD! You picked that up quick. Do that whenever you get really hungry. Keep listening and maybe you wont be killed like that last shitrat. You’re going to the stallion tomorrow.”


“Oh, and another thing. I have to clean your cage. You shat outside the litterbox.”

The human walked to the wall, took a long green stringy thing off of it, then pointed it at the bottom of your cage. The cold water sprayed the cage, blasting away your bad poopies and drenching your lower fluff. It would have hit your face as well if you hadn’t rocketed to your hooves. You try to tell him. You scream “Wawa bad fow fwuffies!” to him over the cold spray of the stringy munsta, but he doesn’t seem to care. Once all the poopies are gone, he sprays your water bowl to fill it up, then hangs the stringy thing, which you later learned was called a hose, back on the wall.

“Cheer the fuck up fluff. You were this close to becoming an enfie mare. Just be glad that red mane is in style right now.”

You collapsed, crying in the puddles of cold water. Your wounds were hurting, big welts were covering the places he hit you, and your nosie had a lot of boo-boo juice coming out of it. You turned over and thought of what he said about the stallion. You hadn’t seen a colt or stallion in so long, but you hoped the two of you could be friends. Trying your hardest to ignore the terrible owwies and heart hurties, you closed your eyes and went to sleep.

“Wake up shitrat, breeding time.” The human slammed on your cage. You slowly began to rise from your heavy sleep. Aparrently not fast enough for the human.

“Scree! Bad upsies! Pweeze put down! Big owwies! Put down!”

You were jostled awake fully by a human grabbing you by your mane and dragging you out of your cage. He ignored your cries and threw you into a small box, put the box on a cart, and started wheeling you into another room.

“Next time wake the fuck up. This isn’t a goddamn hotel. You’re going to the stallion pens”

"Stawwyuns? Nyu stawwyuns be nyu fwens?

“Pah, hahaha. Yeahaha, sure thing shitrat, you’re going to have plenty of ‘nyu fwens’ from now on. Hoo hoo hooo- Thats good.”

He wheels you into a new room then the sound of screams and enfs fill your ears. You strain your neck in the cramped box to see where it’s all coming from.

The room if filled with fluffies in cages getting bad special huggies from meanie stallions. Some of the mares seemed to be enjoying it, but most were screaming and crying.

“Bad Speshow huggies! Nu Wan! Nu wan!” “Huuuuu! Wowstest speshow pwace owwies! Nu huwt fwuffy no mowe!” “Enf enf enf!” “Staph! Nu wan! Big owwies!” “Yay! Midnite gif bestest enfies!” "UUHUUHUU wai huwt fwuffy! Biggest poopie pwace owwies! HUUUU!

The screams of the mares reverberate throughout the room. The cart stops before an empty enclousure.

“Put her in with azure to start off. Let him show her the ropes.”

You were dumped into the empty pen. You screamed to be let out, but the humans didn’t listen. They never listened, and soon, a sky blue fluffy was put into the cage with you.

“N- Nu wan meanie speshow huggies! Nu wan! Gu way! S- Stay way!”

“Is otay. Nu wan giv bad speshow huggies. Am nice fwuffy.”

“…Weawwy?” You asked, you had been in the bad human not housie place for so long, and it had been so long since anyone was nice to you ever since your herd got forever sleepies, that you didn’t even know what to say to this sudden politeness.

“Yus, am azuwe skies. Hoomin put azuwe skies in pen to gif speshow huggies to new mawes wike ou.”

“Buh, nu wan speshow huggies…” Azure was a really nice fluffy, and a really pretty one too, but you didn’t want to get special huggies from a fluffy you didn’t even know! So you turned down his offer. But you soon learned that it wasn’t an offer.

“Wook. Is not up to fwuffies. Dis speshow huggies pwace. Fwuffies nee’ gif speshow huggies ow hoomins gif owwies untiw fwuffies do. Hab to do speshow huggies. Nu can say nu.”

“Nu wan! Nu gif meanie speshow huggies!”

“Azuwe skies not meanie! Azuwe skies twyin to wawn ou. Deese can be good speshow huggies, but ou nee’ tu be gud fwuffy an wisten. Hoomins wan speshow huggies hewe. Gud fwuffies wisten too hoomins. Nao stop be dummeh an jus tuwn wound.”

“Nu! Nu wan! Stay way ow… Ow… Ow fwuffy gif owwies!” You yell. You’ve already made up your mind that you dont want special huggies. You hope your threat turns the bad fluffy off of you. He sighs, and starts walking away, so you think you must have been successful, and scared him off.

“Hoomins! Hoomins!”

A human came by the cage. He said “What? She not playing nice?”

“Nu. Mawe nu wisten. Bad fwuffy.”

"Really? Carl said she was a smart one. Huh. Oh well, guess it’s herc for her.

“Hewcuweez weawwy mean fwuffy…”

“Yeah well, maybe next time she’ll decide to be smart.”

Azure skies looked at you with a troubled expression, but quickly made the upsies pose and was taken away from the pen. You breathed a sigh of relief. Thank god the mean stallion was gone. He almost gave you meanie special huggies, but you managed to trick him into running away! You’re so smart! Looks like you wont be getting bad special huggies after all!

“Wet fwuffy out! Nu wan bad speshow huggies pwace no mowe! Wan go back!” You yell at the humans. Another steps away from a pair of fluffies to backhand you. You hit the floor with a thud. As you slowly rise to you hooves, the human comes back, holding a huge gray fluffy that thrashed around in his grip.

“Wan speshow huggies! Wan gud feews!”

“Stop jostling you little shit. Dont make me beat you.” He threw the fluffy into your pen. It hits the floor a little hard, but quickly gets on his hooves again.

He’s looking at you with a hungry, ravenous look. You don’t know what he wants at first, but the screams of the other mares around you give you a hint.

“G- Gu way… F- Fwuffy gif owwies! Stay way!”

He rushes into you and knocks you over. As you tumble, he runs up to you and flips you over.

“Pwetty mawe be enfie mawe nao!”

“Nu! NU!”

Suddenly, you feel the worse pain ever in your special place. It feels like the burnie stick that the humans sometimes use on the bad mares that hurt their babbehs to close their owwies after they take their leggies away, except that burnie stick is stabbing your special place over and over.


"Nuuhuuhuuhuuuuuu! Wowstest speshow pwace owwies! Huu huu huuuuu! NU WAN!

The pain gets worse with every thrust, you feel the boo-boo juice start to flow down your leggies as the stallion mounts you. Thankfully, it doesn’t last long.

“ENF ENF ENF ENF… GUD FEEWS!” cries the stallion, as he collapses on top of you, panting.

“Huuuuuu…” You have the worstest pain in your special place ever. And the worstest heart hurties ever. Almost as bad as when your mummah and bwudda were fed to the burnie munstah. You just want this day to end.

Sudeenly, another human comes to the pen.

“That’s 157 and… Hercules? Where’s sky?” he says in a familiar voice. You recognize it immediately. It’s been so many forevers, but you remember it like it was last bright time. It’s the monster who killed your brother.

“Yeah, little shit was being stubborn, so I decided to let her find out how things work the hard way.”

Yeah, she was feral stock. They’re probably more aggressive out there. We took her as a foal though, so she hopefully wont cause too much trouble overall."

“Owwies!” you shout, as the stallion puts his hoof on your head.

“Wan gud feews gain! Mowe enfies!”

“Looks like herc wants another go.”

“Ahh, why the hell not. The more the better right?”

Hercules begins to mount you once more. Your ravaged body springs to life once more.




Besides your screams, all you hear is the laughter of the humans. The monster who gave you bad special huggies, and the monster who killed your brother.

Hercules kept giving you bad special huggies for a long time. He said gud feews three times in total, and told you that you were the best enfie mare ever. You didn’t want to be an enfie mare, you didn’t want enfies at all. You lie alone in your cage. You’re so hungry but all there is to eat is the poopie nummies. You don’t know what they’re made of, but they smell and taste so bad that it’s unbelievable. The metal thing’s poopies don’t smell as bad as fluffy poopies, but sometimes they smell almost as bad. You don’t want to eat nummies anymore. You miss milkies. You miss your mummah and your bwudda. You miss your family and your herd and even your smarty. Deep inside you, you know this isn’t right. This life of constant owwies and saddies may be the only thing you’ve ever known, but somewhere deep down you know. You’re supposed to have a housie and good nummies and a human mummah or daddeh, who would give you lots of huggies and love. You were a fluffy. You were for huggies and love. You knew that better than anything else in life. It was the one thing in this horrible life that you understood perfectly. So why… why… why can’t you just have happies? What did you do wrong? Were you a bad fluffy? What could you have possibly done to deserve all of this? To deserve having your herd murdered, you home stolen, your mother killed, your brother killed, the bad special huggies, the worst nummies imaginable, a tiny metal box to live in, the mean misters who give you big owwies for even the smallest things, And the monsters who laugh at you throughout all of it.

You can’t take it anymore. You-


You have tummy babbehs.

Babbehs! You’re going to have babbehs! You’re a mummah soon! You’re so happy! You knew something good had to happen! This is amazing! Now the humans have to give you a good housie and good nummies! You’re going to have babbehs! Babbehs are the bestest, most important thing ever! Even the meanie humans that walk around you cage have to understand that!

“Mistah! Mistah!”

“Shut the fuck up you ugly rat.”

Mistah! Fwuffy am mummah soon! Gon haf babbehs!"

“Oh, really?” The human grabs the wooden thing on your cage, he writes something on it, then starts walking away.

“Mistah? Am mummah soon! Need new housie and tasty nummies fow babbehs!”

“Shut the fuck up you worthless shitpig. Nobody cares about your fucking babies. You’re going to the maternity pens, now shut the hell up before I go into your cage and make you a ‘mummah-no-more’.”

You didn’t understand what he said at all. How could he make you a not mummah anymore? That’s silly. What a dumb human.

The humans must have heard that you were a mummah soon, because they brought you to a new place! This place has bigger cages, and their’s no metal thing in them! You won’t have to num metal thing poopies anymore! This is great!

A human walks by your cage, holding a big fluffy. She’s singing a mummah song to her tummy babbehs. She must be a very soon mummah! He puts the mare in a cage, and starts walking away, as he passes you, you yell out to him: “Pweeze gif nummies mistah! Nee nummies fow tummie-”

“That’s not what you say fluffy.”

You’re confused for a moment, then you remember the line, it must be for nummies in general, not just poopie nummies!

“Pweeze escuse me, bud mummah habened ben fed yed!”

“Whatever, close enough.” He leaves and grabs a big bag of something, bringing it up to your cage.

“Dinner time.” He says, as he pours out a big serving of kibble. Kibble! You know kibble! It’s not sketties, but you somehow know that kibble is good nummies for a fluffy. But the best nummies are sketties. You don’t even care about sketties though, you’re just glad to be getting something besides metal thing poopies.

You dig into the kibble, only to be given owwies! The kibble hurt your mouth when you tried to num it!

“Mistah, kibbwe gif soon mummah owwies!”

“Yeah, well it’s a lot harder than the soylent brown that you usually get fed.”

“Nu wan num huwtie nummies! Wan bettah nummies fow tummie babbehs! Fwuffy wan sketties!”


The human walks away. You huu softly as you crush the rock hard nummies in your teeth. They give your mouth biggest hurties, but you num them anyways. You need to feed your tummy babbehs!

You sing happily to your tummy babbehs. “Babbehs wub mummah, mummah wub babbehs, babbehs dwink miwkies, gwo big and stwong!”

You’ve gotten a lot bigger, the tummy babbehs are going to come soon! Everything has been great. The humans never gave you sketties, but they must be waiting until you have your babbehs so that you can feed them the bestest sketti milkies! You even found a way to make the nummies better. A nice mare in the next cage told you to put wawas in your mouth with the nummies, and they would start getting softer. They still didn’t taste good, but they were much better than the soylent brown nummies you were getting before!

Your pleasant thoughts are interrupted by a sudden pain in your special place. It’s really bad, and a lot of water comes out of you.

“Huu huu! Biggest poopies!”

The nice mare in the other cage yells to the humans: “Mistah! Babbehs commin! Odda fwuffy havin babbehs nao!”

Babbehs? You’re having babbehs! The human comes over and helps you. You scream in pain as your babbehs come out.

“Urgh, just shut up already, they’re not even that big.”

“Biggest owwies!”

“You’re a quadrupedal creature giving birth to a foal almost ten times smaller than you. Real horses don’t have it this easy.”

You don’t know what the human is talking about, but you have the biggest special place hurties EVER! You keep screaming and pushing as the first babbeh comes out. You hear it’s high pitched chirping. “Wub babbeh.” you say, then the next comes. “Big owwies!”

All in all, you have 7 babbehs in total. The human says it’s a big litter, and that it’s a lucky number, as he puts the foals in front of you. The first is a white wingie babbeh, “Wub babbeh” you say, as you lick it clean and put it on your milkie places to drink. You repeat this process with the other babbehs, sniffing them, licking the clean, and feeding them, until you get to the last one. The human puts the babbeh in front of you. You enthusiastically pick up the babbeh, “Wub bab-”

You smell it. It’s bad. It smells bad. It smells DUMMEH.

All of you love and adoration evaporates in an instant, as though it were never real. You look at this dummeh babbeh and suddenly see it for what it is. An ugly, smelly, annoying peeping creature. You drop it on the ground in disgust, but then it starts crawling toward you. It’s trying to steal your milkies! “Nu! Gu way dummeh babbeh! Nu wan! Nu wub!” You knock the dummeh babbeh away, sending it flying away, it hits the litterbox with a thud, and starts chriping loudly in agony. How annoying! You should punish it! You should STOMP it!

But something’s wrong. The other fluffies went silent when they saw what you did. A terrible silence falls over the room. You look up at the human, wondering what’s wrong, and he doesn’t look happy. You’re starting to get worried.

“You stupid fucking rat. You really fucked up now.” He yells out the the other fluffies in the room: “Fluffies! What are the three rules of being a good mummah!?”

The mares answer in unison: “Wub aww babbehs, nu hab bestest babbeh, nebah huwt babbehs.”

“And what happens to bad mummahs who dont do these things!?”

In unison, they answer: “Bad mummahs woose weggies.” The last line is punctuated by a number of huus and "scawwy!"s as it slowly dawns on you what’s going to happen.

“N- Nu take weggie! Am gud mummah! Nee weggie!”

“You hurt a foal.”

“Bu… Was dummeh babbeh! Was nu gud babbeh!”

“I don’t give a shit. It was a foal. You hurt it. That’s against the rules. It doesn’t matter if its a dummy babbeh or a scawwy babbeh or an ugwy babbeh or a munstah babbeh. You can’t hurt them no matter what.”

Why is this happening? This was the happiest day of your life until a few seconds ago, then you did something completely innocent, and now you’re about to lose your leggies!

“Buh- Buh- Buh-” You stammer out, utterly desperate. Finally, you manage to get the words out: “PWEEZE NU TAKE WEGGIES!”

“Shut the fuck up.”

You’re taken to a dark room. The human straps you to a table and takes out a saw. He pulls sharply on your back leggie, dislocating and breaking it.

“Screeee! Biggest weggie owwies!”

Then the real pain begins.

The human takes the saw and begins sawwing through your broken leggie, ripping and tearing the flesh and bone as the toothed metal tears away at your leggie without mercy. Fresh fire tears through your flesh with every movement, the human is death gripping your back leggie, and your screams are so loud that they hurt your own ears. Finally, after an eternity, you leggie comes off with a wet crack. The leggie is thrown in front of you, as the human reaches for a burny stick.

“SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” The hot metal burns into your stump, melting the flesh and scorching the bone black. The heat fuses your exposed flesh shut. You finally pass out.

When you wake up, you’re back in the mummah place. Your babbehs are drinking milkies from you. You try to turn over but can’t. Your leggie-

Your leggie! You look down at the melted stump where your back leggie used to be. Then the tears come.

"UUUUUUUUUUUHUUHUUHUUUUUUUU! Wai weggie gu way! Why take weggie way!? Wan weggie back! Huuhuuhuuuuuu!

“Shut the fuck up damn it.” Says the human, as he searches your pen. He grabs the dummy babbeh. It was dead. It died in mere minutes. You lost your leggie for hitting a babbeh that was going to die in a few minutes anyways.

“Just be glad that it wasn’t you who killed it. If you kill a foal, you lose all of your legs. And if the foal you kill is valuable, well, Heh. Definitely dont do that.”

The human continues. “By the way fluffy, don’t entertain any ideas of getting your leg back. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.” He picks up the babbeh and throws it into a grinder. It turns the babbeh into paste and sends it up a tube and into another room. “Maybe next time you’ll be a little bit more sedate with the damned things.” He turns around to face you.

“Now we can finally get to sorting.”

You’re brought to another room, along with your babbehs this time. Before you even have the chance to freak out, the human tells you that he’s not taking any more legs. He puts you and your babbehs in front of another human, and she tells you to put your babbehs in front of you. You’re defensive at first, but a single glare from the munstah that took your leggie freezes you solid. You comply.

“Pweeze nu huwt babbehs.”

“Im not going to hurt them, im just going to look at them.”

The human begins to look at yout babbehs. She prods them all over, watching them carefully, looking at their not-mane-yet places through a small box.

“White and black. That’s a good one.” The munstah takes your babbeh and puts back next to you. You give your babbeh biggest huggies. This process continues. The humans look at your babbehs then say something about them, then put them back in front of you.

“Green and grey. No dice.”

“Blue and red. Might work.”

“Pink and brown. Holy fuck, no.”

“Orange and red. Another good one.”

“Brown and… Ugh. pink. Hideous.”

“That’s all. 50% clearance, not bad but not great. I’ll take the passes to the milkbags.”

“No, she had a runt before, but she hit it. There were seven originally.”

“Oh, 42% pass rate. Not so great then, but we’ll wait unti the next litter before we pass judgment. Leave the fails with her.”

“We’re letting them keep 'em now?”

“Yeah, Someone had the idea to keep them with the mares as ‘motivational devices’.”

“No shit huh? Well horsey, looks like it’s your lucky day.”

The humans take half of your babbehs and put them in a box! Then the lady takes them out of the room!

“Nu take babbehs! Gif babbehs back!” You rush over to the box, desperate to reach it before it leaves the table. You don’t make it of course, and the lady is already walking out the doors before you even reach the edge.

She walks out the door. You never saw your babbehs again.


“I know i’m starting to sound like a broken record, but shut the fuck up. You’re going back.” The human picks you up and puts you and your remaining babbehs into a cart.


“We’re not going back to the ‘mummah pwace’. You’re not pregnant anymore, so you don’t need to be in the maternity pens. Which means you aren’t my problem anymore.” The human passes your cart off to a familiar human. The one who gave you owwies the first time you went to the poopie nummie place. Carl. You realize what this means.

“NUUUU! Nu wan bad nummies! Nu wan smaww boxie! Wan babbehs! Wan weggie! Gif back! Gif it aww back!”

“Guess you need a refresher.”

The human rolls up to a cage, then opens the door and drops you and your babbehs in unceremoniously.

“Nu wan cagie! Nu wan poopie nummies! Metaw ting poopies bad nummies! Make bad miwkies! Bad fo babbehs! Gif babbehs back!”

“Oh no shitrat. We’re well past that.”

The human punches you in the face again. You feel your nose break as you’re once again shoved against the back of the cage. Then he starts hitting you. He slaps and punches you over and over, then he begins slamming you headfirst into the sides of the cage, making the whole thing rock with the impacts. You scream as he drags you out of the cage by your tail, your three remaining leggies flailing uselessly in the air as he begins whipping you with some kind of stick that was on the cart. You huu loudly as you make scaredy poopies, showering your self in bad poopies. Then he throws you back into your cage.

“Lets go over this again, okay? That’s your food, and thats the water. Behind you is the litter box, shit in the litter box or i’ll fucking kill you. Make too much noise and i’ll fucking kill you. Bitch about your worthless fucking babies and i’ll fucking kill you. Cause any kind of trouble at all, or even just piss me off, and i’ll fucking kill you. Got it?”

cough hack ba- babbehs…”

“You’re never going to see your ‘babbehs’ ever again you retarded shitrat. They were sent over to the milkbags, same as you were. Once they’re eating solid food, they go to the pet stores to be sold. Maybe they end up with a new owner, maybe they end up as pet food. Depends on how lucky they are. Either way, you’re never seeing them again.”

“As for those rats, I guess they were too ugly to get new homes. Shame. Dont fuck around or i’ll kill them too. Now get the fuck up. You shat outside the litterbox again. And tomorrow you go to the stallions again.”

You have the worstest heart hurties! The munstahs took your leggie, took your babbehs, and put you back in the bad place! As if that weren’t bad enough, the human said that today you’re going back to the stallion pen to get more bad special huggies! It’s not fair!

“Peep! cheep!”

“Huu huu, babbehs…” Your remaining babbehs chirp at you, they must be hungry. You worried at first about how you would feed 7 babbehs, but you have plenty of milkies for all of them now.

You feed them, then hug them close. You know what happens today, and you want to be with your babbehs every second that you can. But no sooner did you embrace them, then did a familiar presence appear outside your cage.

“Ah, good. You’re awake. Breeding time fluff.”

“Nu wan…”

“Heh, Yeah, I know right? Good thing I don’t give a shit. Get the fuck up.” He waits for you to rise. You duck your head down and stick to your babbehs.

“Have it your way.”

“SCREEEE! Bad upsies! Nu wan! Nu wan bad speshow huggies! Nu take mummah way! Babbehs nee mummah!”

“Yeah yeah whatever, get in the damn box.”

You pass through some rooms to get to the breeding pen. Over the edge of the tiny box, you see many sights, including the place where you were a babbeh. The place with the not-mummahs. There, you see something that chills you to the bone. The munstah that gave your mummah and bwudda forever sleepies is holding your babbehs! He’s putting them on the not-mummahs! NO! Those are your babbehs! Your babbehs! YOUR BABBEHS!

“Woah, what the hell are you doing shitrat!?”

You crash over and over into the side of the box! You thrash and smash and crash against the side of the boxie with all your strength! You need to get over to your babbehs! You have to get to them before the munstah gives them forever sleepies like he did to mummah and bwudda! Eventually, your thrashing almost tips the cart over, and to prevent a spill, carl grabs you box. Just as you were about to crash into it. You fling yourself against the side, tipping it over and falling all the way to the floor. You yelp as you hit the floor hard, But your maternal instincts push you on! You need to get to the munstah! You need to save your babbehs! You sprint over to the munstah, ready to give him the biggest, worstest owwies and forever sleepies! Carl decides to readjust the cart instead of going after you. It’s not like you’re getting anywhere fast.

You crash into the human munstah! You give your worstest sorry hoovsies and stompies and bites! You tear at his blue not fluff and brown not hoovsies as hard as you can! You have to save your babbehs no matter what!

“What the fuck are you doing?” He asks, mildly annoyed.

“Dummeh hoomin nu huwt babbehs! Nu gif babbehs wowstest buwnie huwties!”

“What? Burnie… You mean the incinerator? How do you know about that?”

“Sorry mike, she just freaked out and bolted as soon as she saw you.”

“That’s fine hold on.” He says quickly. Then he kneels down and looks you in the eye.

“Do you remember when i burned your herd?”

"YUS! Mummah wemembah ou! Ou munstah dat gabe mummah an bwuddah wowstest owwies an foebah sweepies, an nao twy gif babbehs huwties tu!

“Fuck, you were a talker? Why didn’t you say anything back then?”

“Gif back babbehs NAO!”

Suddenly, the carl human picks you back up! He carries you back to the cart, away from your babbehs!

“I need to report this.”

“Do you need me to do anything?”

“No, just bring her to the stallions like you did before. Stay the course for now. We’ll decide what to do later. She may get sent to E block.”

“E huh? Damn.”

The human puts you back in the cart, but the munstah leaves your babbehs alone! You must have scared him away! Yes! You’re the bestest mummah ever!

They take you back to the stallions. You’re put in an empty enclousure, and once again, Azure skies in put in with you.

“Hewwo gain mawe. Am Azuwe skies. Is special huggies time.”

“Nu wan.”

“Weawwy? Ou weawwy wan hewcuweez gain?”


“Cuz hewcuweez wan ou.”


“Den tuwn wound. Get gud speshow huggies.”

“Nu gud speshow huggies. Nu wan…”

“Den get otay speshow huggies. Ou nu wan hewcuweez gain wite?”

You’re boiling with rage now. This stupid scaredy fluffy thinks he can threaten you with the bad fluffy that gave you meanie special huggies? And then what? You have more babbehs just for munstas to take them away again? You’ve had it! No more owwies! No more saddies! You’re putting your hoof down! You turn around…

“Gud. Dis bes way. Azuwe skies gif gud speshow huggies, den- SCREEEEEE!”

You buck him as hard as you can in the see place with your remaining back leggie! He falls over screaming and clutching his see place! That’ll teach that meanie scaredy fluffy to try to give you bad special huggies! You’ll give big owwies to all the bad fluffies that try to-

“Dummeh mawe!” Azure skies crashes into you! He hits you hard in the nosie and see places! “Azuwe skies twy to wawn you! Bu nu wisten!” He gives you even worse hurties! He pummels you all over! You curl up under the assault, But soon after you give up, he stops. “Mistah! Hewp! Need hewp!” He yells at the human.

“Azure? What the hell happened to your eye?”

“Dummeh fwuffy gif Azuwe skies meanie huwties! Bad fwuffy! Nu wan no mowe!”

“Did she now?” He says, as he approaches you.

You yell out at them: “Mummah nu cawe! Hate meanie fwuffy an hate meanie hoomins! Desewbe huwties!”

All of the sudden, you remember the thing that the old fluffy in your old herd did! You turn around and lift your tail!

“Take sowwy poopies!” A huge torrent of liquid poopies sprays all over the human! He cringes away and covers his face. None of it ends up on his face, but his shirt and apron are fully sprayed.

“You worthless piece of rancid horse shit. You have no idea what the fuck you just did.”

You look up at him, utterly defiant. These munstahs have taken your herd, taken your family, taken your leggie, taken your babbehs! You don’t care what they do to you anymore!

“Carl, come here!”

“What- oh. Oh shit. She sprayed you? Do you wa-”

“Whats her cage number?”


“Be right back”.

The human leaves, then comes back. In his hand, he has… Your babbeh!

“Nu! Wet babbeh gu!”

He ignores you, then goes to get a certain grey fluffy.

“wan speshow huggies! Why hab babbeh? Nu wan shawe gud feews wif babbeh! Too widdwe fow speshow huggies anyway!”

Wordlessly, he drops hercules into the pen, and tells him to wait. Then he grabs one of your babbehs leggies, and breaks it with a snap!

“Nuu! Nu huwt babbeh!”

“Shut the fuck up. Put your ass in the air and let herc fuck you.”

“Bu… Nu wan…”

He breaks another leg! Your babbeh is screaming in pain now!


“Do it fucking NOW you worthless shitrat!”

“Mummah… Mummah nu…”

“You fucking hideous shit factory! Do you want me to kill this foal?” He pulls your babbeh’s see places open! It’s too early for them too see!

“Watch closely shitpig.”

The human takes a needle out of the shelf, and sticks it into your babbeh’s see ball! He twists the needle and pulls it upward, Tearing out your poor babbeh’s eye!


“Put your god damn ass in the air or i’ll kill this little shitrat! Do it now!”

…It’s over. You can’t defy them anymore. As long as these monsters have your babbehs, They can threaten you wherever they want. The time to rebel has long gone. Dejected, silent, you raise your rump into the air.

“Enf enf enf enf!”

Continued in part 2: Soylent Brown Pt.2 (By Jackie22)


Don’t forget your name in the title.

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holy shit that was good, can’t wait for the next part!

Since when was brown and pink an undesired combo? I know brown is usually unwanted, but I think brown and pink are actually a really nice combo, especially if it’s a pink on the paler side of the spectrum. Hell I plan on doing an ombré in my hair where it goes from my natural brunette to a dusty rose pink.


Sorry to say this, but you have shit taste my man.



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They clash. A gentle transition would probably look good, but you don’t usually get anything like that between fluff and mane. Pink and brown for reference:

Just try inverting it. It would probably look even worse on a fluffy. Generally, brown isn’t a desirable color. It only really works well with a few mane colorations like black and maybe white, perhaps red, but it’s very vulnerable to looking like shit on a fluffy. Hence why the sorter was waiting to see the mane color before passing judgment.


That’s some hardcore industrial abuse going on here.


That’s more purple than what I consider pink to be, and that is a very drab dull brown. Perhaps you should be more specific when describing colors because when I think pink and brown I think of a more red toned pink and a rich brown color

Well, that’s fine. But the fact remains that The fluffy’s fur is pink and it’s mane is brown. Going into the exact details of hue, value or saturation when describing the fluff color of the foals would be a waste of time, since the narrative value of the foals isn’t in their appearance, but in how they make the protagonist feel, and how the other characters react to them. The foals were pink and brown in a certain way, creating what the sorter felt was an ugly appearance, leading to their rejection. If you think that some tones of brown and pink can go together to make a good looking fluffy, that’s fine, but not relevant to the story because it didn’t happen with the foals. And now that 49’s got herself thrown into E-block, they’re going to die in a pretty awful, yet profitable way.

Honestly, they probably would have died outside of e-block too, but at least then 49 probably wouldn’t have known about it.

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I kind of think it does matter to be more specific when describing colors if you want the readers to properly picture the scenario.

Delicious. DELICIOUS!

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This line was way too cute lol


Damn, super good start

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