Ted and fluffys! Dumbest poopie babie (by:eded_ted)


Those are the shortest legs I’ve ever seen.


The shorter the better


-50% off would actual be more expensive than the regular amount.

Nice abuse though!

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Wait wait wait…

Lets assume that the fluffie was 10 bucks.

50% of 10 is 5, so it would be 5.

5 is less than 10.

Im confused…

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The 50% is off of the legs.

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Yes that’s 50% off, you’ve got negative 50% off, meaning instead of subtracting 5, you’d add it and it’d be 15$.

I think…

That face is me shitting my brains out after taco bell

You are talking about 150%. “take 50% of it” and -50% is the same thing

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Wait waaaat???

Looks like i did not study math lol

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Ya but -50% off is a double negative, they cancel out.

Do you have any idea what you just said?

…yes… “taking -50% off” is a double negative, making a positive, meaning that instead of taking, you add.

You… you know this doesn’t work with procents, right?

…ya I think it does. x-(-50%) doesn’t equal x/2, it equals x+50%

50 percent of what did you add?

It’s a rethorical question. You can’t add procents to numbers

Wait what?! I feel our conversation has definitely clogged the comment section by now, so if you’d like to continue, you can dm me. Or we could agree to disagree. Your call.

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I will dm you tomorrow. it’s already late for me

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