The American Dream (Part 9) by DreamMLP

The crows came and went, and soon enough a pile of small bones was all that was left of Green. Mummah had cried the rest of the day, saddened, but not destroyed. She still had two babbehs after all, her Yellow and Blue.

The message you received was clear. Humans were dangerous.

The day began when you woke up at sunrise. Inside the pile of garbage, you all slept, Yellow always in the warmest place, below Mummah. You always slept next to her, after all there was only room for one in the coziest spot. You didn’t mind, you were in a better place to dart away should trouble come anyway.

When day came, Mummah and Yellow would spent their time on the sidewalk, begging more humans for homsies. Instead, you spent your time looking in the alleys for nummies or just sitting against the wall behind Mummah, out of harm’s reach. Mummah never paid much attention to you, so you could easily get away for hours at a time without an objection from her.

You had some rules set for yourself when you “hunted”. You would find a safe place to settle yourself, one which also had a good vantage point to look around for nummies. You would also look for any safe places within arms reach that you could use in case you heard something. Any sight of monsters or humans meant you hid, and stayed there until they were gone.

If any nummies looked too dangerous to get, you’d look for something easier first. If any were too big and couldn’t be torn apart, you’d bring Mummah to the nummies. Unless of course it was too dangerous.

After a good several hours of looking for nummies, you’d bring them back to Mummah and watch her happily devour them. Afterwards you and Yellow would fill your tummies with milkies.

From then until sunset you’d rest around. Sometimes napping in the trash, or sitting against the wall watching Mummah and Yellow in their fruitless begging.

This was your average day for awhile.

Until one day you were again searching for nummies. The alley was quiet, and you had found nothing. Your tummy was hurting.


You stopped in your tracks. The hissie monster.

It walked across the alley in front of you, holding something in its mouth. A piece of hot dog, a nummie.

All your thoughts told you to run. But your stomach growled, and you kept your eye on the nummie. Were you about to risk it all for some food? You hadn’t eaten in two days, it was a conflicting but quick decision.

You let out a scree, just enough for the monster to hear. Then you rolled over.

The monster only heard a squeal of a dying fluffy foal, and looked over to see one. Flipped over on the ground, it’s tongue out, not moving. A much more fine dinner, it dropped its hot dog and sprinted towards its new meal.

You kept your eyes open, focused on the monster. As soon as it started at you, you righted yourself and dove for cover in a nearby hiding spot. Going as deep as you could, you heard the hissing of the monster behind you, but you knew the hole was too small for it to get through.

Now came the hard part: escaping undetected.

Without a sound, few of which you ever made anyway, you came up against the wall. Darting through open spaces, and making your way behind cans and dumpsters, you made your way back, and emerged exactly where you wanted to.

The monster was still clawing at the hole you had gone in, but you were far from it. You darted across the alley, grabbing the hot dog as you did, straight to the other side. Now to bring it back to Mummah for some milkies.

Hide-and-go was your tactic, all the way back to Mummah. But as you neared the final stretch, you noticed something in front of the trash pile, a car.

A small human walked to it with two yellow fluff balls in her arms. Mummah and Yellow.

As she sat down inside, you dropped your hot dog and darted as fast as you could.

Just before she could close the door, mummah shouted out.


“Another one?” A voice said, “she never mentioned a second baby.”

“Byu babbeh back! Nee’ wait fo’ byu babbeh!”

“Don’t go yet daddy! He’s almost here!”

“Alright sweetie, pick him up when he gets here.”

You stopped at the curb, not sure what to make of the situation. The human in front of you was small, a little girl. In her lap Mummah sat, cooing to her petting.

“Byu babbeh! We find nyu mummah!”

With a smile the little girl reached her hand down, pulling you up to join her.

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I’m worried. Good human? Bad human? Oooh!


Bad. I’m hoping they get rid of the mummah and bestest first.


I’m sorta hoping for salvation here, considering there’s a kid. Hopefully they’ll see that Mummah is awful for not even mentioning her blue kid and save him from her neglect.

Or they’ll butcher all three, either way is plausible


I would go at least they are a good family and learn the mare’s shitty attitude.

And seeing blue resourcefulness. Love his tactic on other feral animals for food.

Cant wait for the next chapter @DreamMLP :+1:

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5% chance these are alicorn babbeh’s owners and mother will pay for her crimes against her family.

95% chance this is some rando family adopting the fluffs and mother will pay for her crimes against her family.

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