The Fluffy Discipliner - Chapter 14 [by LenexTLI]

(Don’t be confused when the Chapters are longer now. I have decided to basically start merging two chapters into one, to A: Give ya’ll more to read, and B: to progress faster with lesser chapters. Enjoy!)

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Micheal carried the crying and weeping Smarty back to his cage like pen, roughly throwing him in. The Smarty didn’t complain, but simply curled up into a ball on the floor, weeping as he began sucking on his hoof.

Micheal looked at the Smarty with a satisfied smile. Another job well done!

Micheal turned to Charlotte, who was standing behind him carrying a sleeping Sunshine. She had been extremely exhausted after the entire ordeal, and after having finally avenged her foal, she deserved some necessary rest.

Micheal followed Charlotte, watching her place Sunshine into her bed, quietly walking away.

“That was amazing!” Charlotte admitted, “I would have never come up with something like that!”

“Thanks!” Micheal chuckled. Charlotte really was adorable.

“Well, but considering you finished what you came here to do, I guess you’re going to leave now?” Charlotte said, clearly a bit sad.

“Yeah, I have to get back home to check on my Fluffies and the client in my basement.” Micheal responded, starting to walk away after waving goodbye.

“Wait.” Charlotte stopped him, “Ehm, could I maybe have your number?”

Micheal looked at Charlotte, who was blushing a bit, feeling a little jump in his heart.

“Sure!” He agreed, walking back over and writing his number on a piece of paper, saying goodbye again and walking away, taking one last glance as he left the Employee Section, seeing how giddy Charlotte was looking at the paper.

As Micheal said goodbye to the women at the front desk and walked outside, he looked up into the sky, a small snowflake landing on his nose and melting.

“Guess winter is already here, huh?” he thought to himself, walking to his car.

The green Stallion watched as his Special-Friend and soon-mummah was shivering, it giving him the biggest heart-hurties. In recent days it had gotten significantly colder, the bush they had used for cover and warmth having also lost a few leaves, becoming thinner, and thus allowing more cold wind to penetrate into its depths.

“Soon-mummah am scawedy, Speciaw-Fwiend, cowdies nu am gud fo’ tummeh babbehs, nu wan’ tummeh-babbehs go fowbew-sweepies!” Lavender cried, feeling her foals move around in her stomach, they would soon be born.

“Tummeh-babbehs nu go fowebew-sweepies, Speciaw-Fwiend wiww pwotect soon-mummah an’ tummeh-babbehs!” The green stallion declared, making Lavender smile a bit.

He thought of ways to make her happy, suddenly remembering the sweet round nummies they had always eaten. They had stopped eating them recently, Lavender preferring grassie-nummies over them as there was more of it to give her the strength she needed for her tummeh-babbehs.

“Speciaw-Fwiend wiww bwin’ soon-mummah wed nummies to make feew bettah!” he proudly announced.

“That wouwd be nice.” Lavender responded, excited at the idea of the sweet and juicy nummies.

The green Stallion quickly left the bush, not caring that it was daytime, and the mean human could maybe see him, he had to bring his special-friend some red nummies! He quickly galloped over to the Raspberry bush, searching for the berries, not finding any there.

He moved onto the next bush, and then the next, then the one after, and then the last one. There were no more red nummies, they were all gone! He felt himself starting to panic. Why were there no red nummies anymore? Did they eat all of the red nummies?

No, that couldn’t be it! He clearly remembered leaving some of the red nummies on the bush to keep some for later when Lavender craved some or when their babbehs had been born, so they too could taste them. So, he had left some on each bush, but they had all vanished?

He took another look, suddenly spotting something red on the ground. He gasped in excitement, quickly grabbing it. It was a red nummy! He happily bounced back to Lavender in the bush.

“Speciaw-Fwiend found wed nummie fo’ soon-mummah!” he happily declared, showing the berry off before giving it to her.

She happily munched down on the berry, gulping it down.

“That was tasties nummies of aww time, fank 'ou Speciaw-Fwiend!” she cooed at him, giving him a lick, suddenly feeling her stomach move, gasping in excitement. “Babbehs wub nummies too, Speciaw-Fwiend am bestest daddeh of aww time fo’ tummeh-babbehs!”

The green Stallion felt incredibly proud and happy to have made her tummeh-babbehs so happy, but he was quickly pulled out of his feelings of happiness by Lavenders groans of pain.

“HUUU! Wabendah hab tummeh-huwties!” she exclaimed, the green Stallion at once fearful.

“Nummies nu gud fo’ tummeh-babbehs?" he frantically asked, quickly running over to her.

“Nu, babbehs hab big heawt happies, su tummeh-babbehs wan’ come out!” Lavender breathed heavily, smiling as she entered contractions.

The green Stallions face lit up. She was giving birth!

He quickly jumped behind Lavender, getting ready for the babbehs.

“Huu! wabendah poopie-pwace hab biggest huwties!" She yelped, as another contraction hit her, releasing a splatter of shit onto the green Stallions face.

He recoiled, wrenching as his face was covered in shit. He felt like puking, and he smelt horrible, his eyes tearing up. “Nu smeww gud, smeww wike poopies!”

“SCREEEEE!” Lavender screamed in pain, the green Stallion swiftly running back behind her, “Babbehs am comin’!”

Lavender was in horrible pain, her stomach feeling like it was about to explode, and her special-place hurting a lot, nothing having ever hurt so much. Then, she felt something move, slowly sliding inside her, and then a very big contraction.

“BIGGESH POOPIES!” she screamed as a small foal slid out of her vagina, plopping down onto the cold ground.

The green Stallion simply starred at the foal. It was a green Unicorn colt, just like him. He felt his heart having the biggest happies and tears forming in his eyes, when suddenly the colt started to peep in fear and distress at the sudden cold feeling that was engulfing its whole body.

He acted quickly, picking it up and running over to Lavender, placing the colt on some leaves in front of her. Lavender groaned, opening her eyes a bit at the peeping coming from in front of her, seeing her babbeh for the first time.

“Babbeh am su pwetty, wook wike Speciaw-Fwiend!” she cooed, looking at the green Stallion, quickly getting back to the foal, who was still in distress when suddenly it started feeling warm and cozy as its mother licked her. “Nu taste gud, buh mummah wub chiwpy babbeh.”

Lavender gently licked the foal, when suddenly, “SCREEEEEE!” she screamed into the babbehs ear, dropping it.

The colt landed hard on the ground as its mother dropped her, peeping and chirping in distress and feeling cold again, a sharp pain lingering in the newborn colts ears.

The green Stallion had no time to tend to his peeping colt as another babbeh was coming.


The 2nd foal fell out, this one looking exactly like its mother, being a black Pegasus filly. He quickly picked it up, bringing it over to Lavender, who began cleaning it. He then quickly picked up his still peeping, but now shivering green foal, placing them both next to their mother, the two nuzzling into her warmth.

“Am it obewwwweeeeehhhhhh?” Lavender tried asking as another foal forced its way out of her.

The green Stallion quickly ran behind her to retrieve the horror, stopping in his tracks just as quickly as he had started running. The foal lying on the ground there, peeping and chirping, was a purple Alicorn colt.

He watched in horror as it wriggled there, calling for its mother, and then, it reached for him, noticing his presence.

“SCRREEE! MUNSTA BABBEH NU TOUCH STAWWION!” he screamed, falling backwards, scaring the other two foals who were now crying and chirping in fear from the sudden loud noise.

The foal suddenly froze, not knowing what his daddeh had said, but the word ‘munstah’ made his heart have the biggest hurties, making him cry, peeping and chirping with the biggest heart hurties, coldies, and tummeh-hurties.

The colt painstakingly pulled himself against his mother’s fur, smelling and feeling her soft and warm fluff against his snout, making him a bit happier.

Lavender finally turned around, exhausted, confused at what her special-friend was talking about.

She looked down upon the small Alicorn desperately clinging onto her, peeping for its mothers hugs, lickies, and milkies as it laid there in the cold, hungry and scared. “That nu am munstah, that am babbeh, pwease gib babbeh to mummah, nee’ to gib nummies fo’ tummy-owwies!”

The green Stallion stared in disbelief at his special-friend. She wanted to feed that monster babbeh?

“Speshuw fwend?” Lavender asked, confused at why he was not bringing her babbeh.

The green Stallion swallowed hard, carefully approaching the monster babbeh, roughly picking it up by its scruff with his mouth and quickly tossing it over in front of Lavender, backing off again from it.

Lavender was too exhausted to get angry at her special-friend for treating her babbeh so roughly, quickly cleaning it, its fur already being cold from not having been cleaned sooner and just lying there for so long. She awkwardly got up, placing the Alicorn colt and Pegasus filly on her teat, feeding them.

Lavender looked down at her babbehs feeding, having the biggest heart happies, the green Stallion doing the same with the other two foals, still feeling scared of the monster one, but calming himself down for his special-friend and two good-babbehs.

Neither of the two new parents noticed the snow that had started falling down from the sky, turning everything a beautiful ice cold white.

Princess was in the basement, lying in her bed as her foals awkwardly played with each other. They had slowly started opening their eyes and could say a few words now, often playing huggies, hidies, and other games of their age could play.

When she had first seen her babbehs, she had the biggest heart happies, liking the one that looked like Chocolate actually the most, but now, even looking at her babbehs made her angry.

Chocolate had been gone for so many forevers now that Princess knew he had run away, which could only mean one thing, her babbehs had not been the bestest babbehs. This made Princess incredibly sad, but also angry.

She knew that the human had told her that Chocolate had been the bestest Stallion in the whole world, but she now knew he had been lying. If Chocolate really was the bestest Stallion in the whole world, he would have given her the bestest babbehs, had not run away, and also had not been so brown.

That annoying and disgusting brown poopie colored fur. She had hated it when she had first seen it but had gotten used to it and even started liking it after some time, but now, she hated it again, everything brown reminding her of Chocolate and how he had abandoned her.

“Mummah?” A small voice spoke up from behind Princess.

She turned around, seeing the small light beige filly Earthie sitting there, which the human had named Sandy.

“Am mummah otay’? Nee’ huggies?” Sandy asked, smiling innocently as she opened her tiny arms to hug her.

“Pwincess nu wan’ huggies, an’ nu caww Pwincess mummah, nu wike!” Princess responded, kicking Sandy in her snout.

The kick wasn’t hard enough to break anything on the fragile foals face, but it still hurt and had enough force to knock her backwards, falling on her back.

“Huu, huu, huu. PEEP. Am sowwy mummah, nu mean to gib mummah heawt huwties.” Sandy cried, peeping, and rubbing her snout with her hoof.

There it was again, calling her mummah.

Princess got up, Sandy looking up at her as Princess raised her hoof. “Mummah?”


Princess slammed her hoof into Sandy’s stomach, throwing the young foal quite distance away, landing hard on the floor, now heavily crying and chirping in pain and distress. Curling up into a ball.

“Babbeh hab wowsted huwties, nee’ huggies an’ wub, why gib huwties, mummah?” Sandy cried loudly with tears streaming down her small face, not understanding why her mummah had hurt her. “Babbehs am made fo’ wub an’ huggies, nu fo’ huwties!”

“‘ou nu desewbe huggies an’ wub, dummeh ugwy babbeh!” Princess snarled at Sandy, the foal releasing a spritz of scaredie-poopies and then releasing a storm of tears, Princess looking over to the other foals, who were all now looking at her with scared expressions, some having made scardie-poopies too, “Aww babbehs hewe nu desewbe Pwincess huggies an’ wub!”

This made all the foals cry. They didn’t understand why their mummah didn’t love them. She had been so loving to all of them when they first were born, giving them huggies, love, lickies, and playing with them, but now she was so mean and always angry.

However, one foal was not crying, although sad, the small darker beige Pegasus colt, Shadow. He quickly lifted himself up, which was very slowly, and wobbled over to his sister, Sandy, who was sitting there crying relentlessly after her mummah had called her ugly and dumb and had given her hurties.

“It am otay’ sissy sandy, sissy nu am dummeh an’ ugwy, mummah nu mean that!” Shadow tried consoling his sister and hugging her, sitting down on his rump next to her, making Princess angrier.

“‘ou am ugwy an’ dummeh too, dummeh ugwy babbeh!” Princess hissed at Shadow, who flinched at her hurtful words.

“Mummah nu mean that, mummah onwy angwy, mummah stiww wub aww babbehs!” Shadow reputed, not wanting to accept that their mother hated them.

“Pwincess teww dummeh babbehs,” she shouted, approaching Shadow, “NU CAWW PWINCESS MUMMAH!”

She slammed her hoof down on Pegasus back left leg, shattering it.

“SCREEEEEE! BABBEH HAB BIGGEST WEGGIE HUWTIES!!!” Shadow screamed in pain, pushing his sister accidentally way out of instinct, making Sandy land hard on her face and stomach.

Sandy’s face had biggest hurties, and as she opened her eyes again, she saw a small pool of red liquid underneath her. Her nose was bleeding quite a bit.

“HUUUU! HUUUU! Babbeh nosie am habin’ boo-boo juice!” Sandy cried, her cries of pain being drowned out by Shadow’s.

“NU CAN FEEW WEGGIE!” Shadow cried, tears streaming down his tiny face and down on his shattered leg, blood slowly streaming out from it.

The other foals had now curled up into a ball, hugging each other as the screams of agony continued.

Princess looked down at Shadow, a small piercing pain in her heart as she heard both of her babbehs cry. She had a shift of emotion, picking Shadow up, who looked up at her in fear, but also a trace of hope and love in his eyes at the thought of her giving him huggies and saying she was sorry and loved him.

“Mummah gib huwt babbeh huggies, fank 'ou mummah!” He smiled, still sniffing from his noise running due to crying, opening his arms to receive her hug.

Princess hugged him, her heart crying at what she had done. Shadow cooed, nuzzling into her fur and warmth.

“Mummah?” Shadow asked, crying into her fur.

“Yesh, babbeh?” She replied, tears starting to form.

“Babbeh wub mummah an’ daddeh!” he softly and lovingly spoke, “When am daddeh back fwom findin’ nummies? Babbehs miss daddeh!”

All the sadness that she felt suddenly disappeared. Princess saw red.

“Daddeh…” Princess said, biting into Shadows scruff harshly, the small colt yelping in pain, “nu…” she said, standing up with Shadow hanging her, “AM COMIN’ BACK!” she yelled as she put all of her strength into her head, forcefully swinging her head forward, letting go at the very end.

Shadow was sent flying.

“SCREEEEEEEEEE! MUMMAH!” Shadow screamed as he flew through the air, when suddenly he noticed his wingies twitching.

“WINGIES, SABE BABBEH!” he screamed, using all of his little strength to weakly flap his wings up and down as tears streamed down his face.


Shadow crashed into the wall hard, falling down to the ground with a loud CRACK.

Shadow didn’t know what had happened, he was lying sideways, his ears ringing, and his vision blurred. His body felt hot and cold at the same time, and he had no more strength left in his body. Shadow glanced over to his mummah, who was walking back to her nestie, and then saw his sister Sandy, who was staring at him, crying heavily and screaming something he couldn’t make out.

Shadow noticed her horror struck face, looking down at this body. Shadow weakly moved his head, seeing his mangled and twisted torso and leggies. He saw something white coming from beneath his pretty grey fur, but he didn’t know what it was.

He then noticed the pool of blood forming under him. The warm and bit painful feeling he had been feeling was now fading away, being replaced by a cold damp one instead.

Shadow realized what was happening, he was going forever-sleepies.

He began crying quietly, “Babbeh nu wan’ go fowebew-sweepies, babbeh am too smaww, su much weft to num, nee’ to gib sistews an’ bwuddah huggies, an’ daddeh too once am back!”

He mustered all his strength, “Mummah, pwease hewp Shadow babbeh, hab biggest owies, nu wan’ to go fowebew-sweepies, babbeh am sowwy gib mummah biggest heawt-huwties, gib babbeh huggies pwease!” he begged, “Mummah, am sowwy, nu wan’ go fowebew-sweepies!”

Princess ignored him, lying back down.

Reality hit the small dying foal.


He suddenly had no more strength to scream, going quiet, now only being able to whisper softly, “Nu wan go fowebew-sweepies, nu wan die, nu wan die, n…nu…nu wan…fowebah…sweepies…”

He stopped breathing, looking at his mother’s back as a tear ran down his soft, little and plumb cheek. The noise of crying and distressed chirping filling the silent room as the foals watched their little brother go forever-sleepies right in front of them.

“SIWENT! PWINCESS WAN GO SWEEPIES!” Princess screamed at the crying foals.

The crying immediately stopped, turning into a quiet parade of cheeps and chirps, silently sniffing and crying.

Crimson, sitting in the Livingroom watching Fluffy TV, had heard the noises coming from the basement, as the screams had been loud enough to echo all the way through the door and upstairs into the living room.

In that moment, Micheal entered the house, smiling. His smile, though, quickly faded as he saw the distressed Crimsons face.

“What’s wrong, Crimson?” He asked the Stallion.

“Cwimson heawd wooud noises an’ scweams comin’ fwom basement!” Crimson alerted Micheal.

Micheal quickly opened the basement door, also now hearing the soft whimpering and cries.

“Uh oh…” Crimson said, standing next to Micheal.

“What?” Micheal asked, confused and concerned at what exactly was happening.

“Cwimson smeww boo-boo juice fwom basement…” Crimson uttered, scared.

Micheal quickly ran downstairs, receiving a parade of “DADDEH, BABBEH NEE’ HUGGIES!”, “Babbeh has scawedies!”, and “Bwuddah am go fowebew-sweepies!”

Micheal looked into the pen, seeing Princess lying in bed, not moving, and in the opposite site, his heart stopping as next to the wall, Shadow was lying there motionless in his own blood.

Micheal didn’t breathe as immense anger filled him.


Oh Dayum!!! Princess evolved into a BBC Mare
(Bitch Be Crazy) She is somehow worse than before the Brownie incident!
Also on a side note i hope the stallion doesnt harm the alicorn foal and for once the mare diesnt think its a monster which is a breath of fresh air.


Princess needs a big, happy dose of arsenic. It’ll fix her.

Poor Shadow. And poor outside foals.

But mostly Shadow.


any fluffy named princess to me Has a chance of devloping bitch mare syndrome


Screw the consequences, fuck up Princess. And frankly the fluffiest outside might as well perish since they’re likely not gonna last long.


God, poor Shadow.

Princess deserves the worst punishment, unimaginable pain with almost no end.

Two babies dead, because she’s such a bitch.


it’s Michael’s fault. I shouldn’t have taken my father away