The Fluffy Discipliner - Chapter 15 [by LenexTLI]

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Micheal picked up the crying foals, they all cried in his arms at the loss of their brother and trauma. He glared at Princess who had not moved at all since he had entered the room and made his way upstairs.

“Fuck!” he muttered under his breath.

Crimson was waiting at the top of the stairs, seeing Micheal appear with an armful of four foals, all peeping and cheeping in fear, and immense sadness.

“Babbehs am otay’? dey hab owwies?” Crimson asked, concerned.

Micheal ignored Crimson, walking to his bedroom.

Chocolate was still in the makeshift pen Micheal had made for him. He did not know how many forevers he had been here now, and he dearly missed his Special-Friend and babbehs. But he knew that if he just stayed up here, and waited till daddeh said it was okay to go back, his Special-Friend would become the best mummah ever, which made him happy.

He suddenly shot up, hearing the distant peeps, chirps, and cheeps of distressed foals. The noise was slowly getting louder, Chocolate confused and scared of why he heard crying babbehs.

Suddenly, Micheal opened the door, Chocolate seeing his daddeh with a dark expression on his face and carrying Chocolate’s babbehs, all of them crying and having dirty rumps from making scaredie-poopies.

“Babbehs? What am wwong wiff babbehs, hab huwties?” Chocolate asked, desperately trying to find out why they were crying.

“Daddeh?” the small brown Pegasus filly that looked like Chocolate, which Micheal had named Cookie, cried as she saw Chocolate sitting there, recognizing his smell.

At Cookies mention of ‘daddeh’ the other foals immediately looked up, seeing a Fluffy which smelt like their father.

A parade of chirps, peeps, filled the room as the foals cried for their father, “Daddeh, babbeh nee’ huggies!”

Micheal quickly placed the foals into Chocolates pen, the foals wobbling over to him and crying into his fur. Chocolate was happy that his babbehs could talk now and see him, but he was extremely sad and confused because they were crying so much.

Chocolate hugged all the foals, trying to calm them down, noticing that Shadow, his small dark beige Unicorn colt was missing.

“Daddeh, whewe am smaww bwack wingie babbeh, nu can find?” he asked Micheal.

“Bwuddah Shadow hab gone fowebew-sweepies!” Sandy cried; her snout was still sore from when she had been hit and remembering the sight of her dying brother. “Mummah gib bwuddah sowwy hoofies on weggie an’ fwow babbeh, su bwuddah gu fowebew-sweepies!”

Chocolate was shocked. His Special-Friend had given a babbeh forever-sleepies?

“Nu twue, wite daddeh?” Chocolate asked, looking up at Micheal as he felt his eyes tear up and his heart hurting a lot.

“I’m sorry…” Micheal just responded in a sad tone.

Chocolate began crying heavily, making the foals cry even harder.

“Why daddeh nu hewp babbehs, babbehs an’ mummah nee’ daddeh buh nu dewe?!” the small Pegasus colt cried, Micheal having named him Snow.

“Daddeh am sowwy, hab biggest heawt huwties, am sowwy fo’ not bein’ dewe to hewp babbehs!” Chocolate responded, hugging Snow tightly and crying in sorrow.

The foals and Chocolate continued crying for a long time.

Joy had heard the commotion, hiding in a small cave in their cat tree, Hazel and Ray next to her, also scared.

“Sissy Joy, what am cwies outside?” Ray asked, hugging his sister tightly.

“Nu know, bwuddah Way, buh nu wowwy, daddeh wiww pwotect babbehs!” Joy exclaimed, trying to sound brave and not scared.

The foals did not know why they heard crying, but they knew it was not something positive.

Chocolate had finally calmed down, the foals all sleeping in a bundle, having fallen asleep due to exhaustion after crying so much.

Micheal and Crimson watched Chocolate as he just sat her, gently caressing his babbehs.

“Daddeh?” Chocolate asked.

“Yes, Chocolate?”

“Daddeh gib mummah huwties fo’ gibin’ babbehs biggest heawt huwties an’ makin’ shadow go fowebew-sweepies?”

“No, not yet!” Micheal replied, planning to do just that.

“Pwease nu gib mummah huwties!” Chocolate asked Micheal. “It am Chocowates fauwt fo’ mummah huwtin’ babbehs, nu mummah fauwt.”

“But she hurt your children, Chocolate, and killed one of them?” Micheal responded, shocked, “It is her fault!”

“Nu, it am Chocowates fauwt, Chocowate shouwd hab been dewe fo’ mummah, bu’ nu was.” Chocolate sadly said.

“If anything, it is my fault, Chocolate!” Micheal said, crouching down, “I brought you up here and forced you to stay!”

“Buh Chocowate agweed wiff daddeh in weabin’ mummah awone when mummah nee’ Chocowate dah most, it am Chocowates fauwt!”

Micheal did not respond. He felt horrible hearing that Chocolate did not blame him, but himself for what had happened.

Micheal knew he had fucked up! He had anticipated Princess becoming mad and sad at Chocolate leaving, treating her babies badly, but he had planned to take them away from her, dye her fur brown, and tell her she had become a bad Fluffy because she was so mean to her babies, and because of that had lost Chocolate now too, alongside with Crimson who had heard she was a bad mom, hating her now too.

He had expected her to then, slowly, start regretting everything that had happened, having lost both the Stallions she liked, having killed an innocent foal, losing the babies she loved, and not wanting to be the best Fluffy in the world anymore. He had then planned to make her foals appear again overnight, alongside Chocolate.

He planned to tell her that because she had truly regretful of her actions, she had been considered a good Fluffy again, now having her babies and special-friend back.

It was the perfect plan, but Micheal had failed to take into consideration just how far this all would push Princess, never having expected for her to kill one of her own children.

He sighed. He had truly fucked up, and now had to fix it.

Princess was still lying in her bed. It had been a while now since the human had come down and taken her babbehs away.

Princess should have been feeling happy at that, as now there were no more annoying babbehs calling her mummah, demanding huggies, or asking about where daddeh was, the room completely silent. The silence was deafening, and Princess was finally truly alone, like she wanted.

But she didn’t feel an ounce of happiness, but only a deep, aching feeling of despair and sorrow in her heart.

The dreaded peeps and chirps that had plagued her ears for so long had vanished. The disgusting word ‘mummah’ the foals always called her was nowhere to be heard. The sound of her babbehs giggling and their hoof quietly tapping against the padded floor as they played with each was now gone too.

Princess felt a sharp pain in her tummy, she was hungry. She slowly rose, looking up into the pen, which devoid of any life other than her. She walked over to her bowl of kibble, leaning down to eat when the smell awoke a memory in her head to a time shortly after Chocolate disappeared.

“Mummah, what am that?” Cookie asked curiously, smelling the kibble.

“That am nummies fo’ mummah.” Princess explained, giggling at the foals adorable curiosity.

“Nummies awso fo’ babbehs?” Cookie asked, looking up at her mom in excitement.

“Nu, babbehs too smaww fo’ nummies, nee’ miwkies!” Princess explained, her heart hurting a bit as she saw Cookie looking disappointed and sad.

“Otay’, babbeh undewstand, nu num mummah nummies.” Cookie spoke, sad.

Princess quickly nuzzled Cookies stomach, making the filly giggle.

“Babbeh wub mummah!” Cookies words echoed through Princess’s head as she just stood there staring into the food bowl.

She no longer felt hungry.

Princess began walking back, noticing something shiny in the opposite direction to her bed by the wall. She slowly walked over to it, seeing the red dried blood on the floor. She could smell it was blood, she could smell Shadow, her small dark beige Pegasus colt, but she also could smell something else. Death.

That was where Shadow had laid as he was going forever-sleepies.


Shadow went forever-sleepies…

Calling her, his mummah, desperately as he did.

“WHY MUMMAH NU WUB BABBEHS? BABBEHS DO NOTHIN’ WWONG! BABBEHS WUB MUMMAH!” his sad and desperate screams echoed through her head, remembering her ignoring his cries.

“Nu wan go fowebew-sweepies, nu wan die, nu wan die, n…nu…nu wan…fowebah…sweepies…” she recalled him whimpered as she laid down in her nestie, her babbeh dying just over here.

A wave of emotions started swelling up inside Princess.

She had given her babbehs hurties. She had made her babbehs have wawas.

Her babbehs hated her now…

She had made Shadow go forever-sleepies…

She sat there in silence, staring at the small, dried pool of blood. Shadows small, adorable, innocent smile playing in her head whenever he looked at his mummah.




“Huu…huu…” Princess choked, breathing hard.

“HUUUU! HUUUU!” She began crying heavily, tears starting to stream down her face, staining her white fluff.


“HUU! WOSTEWS’ MUMMAH GIB BABBEHS WOSTEST OWWIES, NU DESEWBE TU BE MUMMAH!” she cried with all her heart, sinking to the floor and rolling around the dried pool of blood, “WOWSTES’ MUMMAH GIB BABBEH FOWEBEW-SWEEPIES, MUMMAH DESEWBE FOWEBEW-SWEEPIES TOO!”

She stopped shouting, “Mummah am sowwy babbeh…am sowwy…am su su sowwy!” she quietly whispered to the dried pool that smelled like Shadow, pressing her cheek hard into it. “Mummah am su su so sowwy…”

She curled herself around the dried pool of blood into a ball as hard she could, almost as if embracing the non-existent foal there she was smelling. “Pwease fowgibe mummah fo’ bein’ wowstest mummah an’ Fwuffie ebah!”

Micheal stood on the staircase down to the basement, having heard all of it. The anger and rage he had felt when he had originally started walking down the stairs was gone now, replaced by a mixture of feelings. He had come downstairs to punish Princess, mad at her for killing yet another foal, but there she was, genuinely upset and regretful.

The once prideful, egotistical, and selfish Mare, who looked down on anyone and all Fluffies she didn’t believed worthy of, now lying around a dried pool of blood, whimpering in agony and crying, begging for forgiveness from a deceased foal that both she and Micheal knew couldn’t give her an answer.

Micheal felt conflicted, wanting to ignore Princess’s please and punish her regardless, but on the other hand he was aware he was the one who had pushed her this far, and drove her to killing her baby. He slowly sank to his feet, putting his face in his hands.

“Fuck!” he sighed, not sure on what to do next.

Snow was falling hard from the sky now, starting to cover everything it touched in a white cold powder. Lavender was lying in the nestie her special-friend had made, it not bringing a whole lot of warmth, but enough to not let her freeze to death.

Her foals were shivering too, peeping and chirping due to the cold, but also hunger. It had been a day since Lavender had last ate something, and so she had not been able to produce enough milkies for all her babbehs.

She had been able to feed the small purple Alicorn colt and black Pegasus filly but did not have enough for the green Unicorn colt, who was peeping and chirping due to hunger.

“It am otay’ chiwpy-babbeh, daddeh bwin’ nummies soon su mummah hab miwkies fo’ aww babbehs!” Lavender softly spoke, nuzzling her snout into the green Unicorns head, it temporarily stopping to whine and smiling and cooing.

Just as she had said that, the green Stallion walked back into the bush, carrying a few pieces of grass that had not yet become completely frozen and inedible. He placed them down in front of her, Lavenders smile fading.

“Sowwy speshuw-fwend, nu can find mowe den dis.” he apologized, sad and his pride hurt at not having been able to find her more food.

“It…it am otay’,” Lavender said, forcing a weak smile, “Fank 'ou Speciaw-Fwiend fo’ nummies!”

She greedily munched down on the grass, it tasting soggy and not good at all, but it would allow her to produce some more milk, if not a lot. She finished eating, smiling at him, noticing he was not looking at her anymore, but instead her babbehs.

“Why gween chiwpy-babbeh hab tummy owwies an’ munsta-babbeh nu hab?” he questioned, upsetting Lavender.

“Puwpwe chiwpy babbeh nu am munsta, am Awicown, nowmaw chiwpy babbeh!” Lavender retorted, angry at his remarks. “Gween chiwpy babbeh hab tummy owwies ‘cos mummah nu hab nuff miwkies fo’ aww babbehs! Nu am Puwpwe chiwpy babbeh fauwt!”

The green Stallion frowned at her answer. He didn’t understand why she didn’t see the purple for what it was, a monster! A monster that now was stealing milk from the green babbeh that looked like him, the bestest baby!

This made him angry.

“Munsta babbeh steaw miwkies fwom bestest babbeh, nu wike!”

“What Speshuw-Fwend say?” Lavender asked, eyes wide open, staring at him.

“Speciaw-Fwiend say that munsta babbeh-” he wasn’t able to finish as Lavender shot up, smacking him in the face with her hoof, hard.


The green Stallion didn’t respond, shocked by having been hit by her, and now her shouting at him.

The sudden screaming made the foals cry, all chirping and peeping for their mothers embrace.

She quickly ran over to them, hugging all of them and rolling around them in a protective and warming blanket, “Sowwy babbehs, mummah nu wan’ scawe babbehs, hab biggest heawt-owwies!”

She looked away from her crying babbehs, staring daggers at her special-friend.

“Meanie Stawwion gu outside, nu wan’ hewe in nestie!” she snarled at him, disgusted by his words.

He couldn’t respond before she screamed, “GU!” pointing to the outside of the bush with her hoof.

He didn’t try to fight her, simply walking outside into the cold. The wind brushed against him as she stood there, walking to another bush nearby, crawling inside it and lying down.

Why did she hit him? He thought to himself. He had just told her the truth, nothing else? He felt his heart cry as he rolled into a ball to keep himself warm, lying there all alone in the cold, freezing.

Back in the basement, it had been an hour now since Princess had broken down crying, still lying by the dried blood, still asking for forgiveness and saying she was sorry.

Her throat was dry, and her stomach had the worst hurties, but she didn’t stop or move. What was her pain and discomfort compared to what she had done to her babbehs. It was nothing compared to that, and she knew that, thus accepting the pain she was experiencing both in her throat, stomach, and heart.

“Speshuw-Fwend?” Princess suddenly heard from behind her, recognizing the voice, her head flipping up and looking behind her, Chocolate standing there.

Anger, resentment, sadness, and so many other emotions swelled up as she laid her eyes on him, jumping up and running at him, crashing into him hoofs first causing him to fall backwards landing roughly on his back.

“Ouchie!” he groaned, Princess standing above him before he was able to get up, hitting him, although not very hard due to not having eaten anything for a while now and being extremely exhausted.

“HATE ‘OU, HATE ‘OU!” she shouted as she beat him, Chocolate just accepting her hoofs weakly hitting his chest. “WHY DUMMEH SPESHUW-FWIEND WEABE, WHY?!”

She began crying again, just repeating the same question over and over again, “Why did he leave?”

She suddenly heard crying, seeing Chocolate cry beneath, but not because he was hurt, this making her stop.

“Am dummeh speshuw fwend, weabe mummah awone when mummah nee’ Speciaw-Fwiend dah most, am su sowwy!” he started apologizing, crying dearly. “Am at fauwt fo’ babbeh fowebew-sweepies, am su sowwy!”

This made Princess stumble back and away from Chocolate.

He was at fault? But she had killed Shadow, not him. SHE had made him go forever-sleepies out of anger, not HIM! So why was he crying and apologizing? He should have been screaming at her, telling her she was a bad mummah, telling her she should go forever-sleepies too, but he wasn’t!

Princess started crying again, confused and sad, “Dummeh Speciaw-Fwiend, why say 'ou am sowwy, 'ou nu gib babbeh fowebew-sweepies, Pwincess am bad mummah! ‘ou no say am sowwy!”

Chocolate noticed her crying now too, quickly getting up and running towards her. Princess closed her eyes, expecting a headbutt, wowstest hoofies, and forever-sleepies!

But he just hugged her. She opened her eyes wide, trying to push him away, but he was stronger.

“Nu gib bad mummah wawm huggies, nu desewbe, am wowstest mummah!” She pleaded, still trying to push him away.

But he didn’t let go, simply hugging her tightly.

This made her heart hurt even more.

“Why gib bad mummah huggies, bad mummah gib fowebew-sweepies to babbeh who onwy gabe wub to bad mummah?” she cried, “Nu desewbe huggies, nu desewbe!”

“Nu am twue,” Chocolate finally spoke, “Mummah nu fauwt, mummah hab biggest heawt-huwties an’ got angwy, nu wan’ gib babbeh fowebah-sweepies, just bewy angwy at Chocowate nu am dewe!”

“Buh…” Princess stammered, crying heavily.

“No buh!” Chocolate interrupted, “Pwincess am gud mummah, gib babbehs su much wub fo’ su wong befowe hab angwies, Chocowate an’ Pwincess hab biggest heawt-huwties babbeh am gu fowebew-sweepies, buh nu am Pwincess fauwt!”

Princess didn’t respond, just wailing in sadness. Chocolate keeping his hug tightly around her as she cried and cried.

“Pwincess am su sowwy, speshuw-fwend, nu wan’ gib babbeh fowebew-sweepies, hab biggest heawt huwties, am su sowwy!” she wailed, Chocolate crying too.

Micheal just watched, having decided not to intervene.


Well this series has taken a traumatic turn I wasn’t expecting.

I’m intrigued.


Damn and i was hoping she’d get a mane and tail shave with a dye makeover.

Also now i hope the green stallion doesnt pull anything on lavender or harm the alicirn cuz at least she knows to love all babies.


Yeah, I’m actually kinda rooting for poor Lavender now. She’s accepting of all her babies and knows to put her foot… er, hoof down and stand up for her babies.


Chocolate is too nice for his own good. I’d kick that bitch in the tits.

Those outdoor foals are fucked.


Yeah I had mixed feelings too ngl, but I think this way is the best one

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Princess may revert to hier bitchy ways at anytime. And the outside fluffies are better off bring another animal’s food, even as I want to male to die horribly for hating alicorns and wanting a best baby.


Just wanna clarify something.

So many people portray Fluffies as either Good or Evil, and sometimes in between but then also more leaning towards either good or bad, not really being redeemable or rarely so.

But not many actually portray Fluffies as what they are, unfinished, not finished, and flawed products that have many many issues both physically and mentally. Which is what I wanted to show in this series.

Yes, Princess killed both Brownie and Shadow, and also was a massive asshole bitch, but not because she loves killing or wants to see her foals in pain, or because she was naturally like that.

Brownies death stemmed from her racism and egotistic feelings of wanting all of Crimsons attention, killing Brownie solving that.

Shadows death came from anger in the heat of the moment and extreme sadness at Chocolate leaving her (not actually), plus exhaustion from having to take care of her babies all by herself, which pushed her to kill him by accident in the anger.

Her behavior and bitch like personality also stemmed from how most Fluffies become naturally due to outside factors.

However, in the end of the day, after coming to her senses she felt insane regret and despair at her actions, breaking down and hating what she had become.

In my story, Fluffies are not GOOD OR EVIL and instead are just like how sentient and flawed creatures would be, although there are Fluffies that are inherently more bad than others ofc.


I like this view on things. People often equate a Fluffy to the intelligence of a toddler or small child. We wouldn’t blame a toddler if a baby animal died in their care… because we would never entrust the care of a baby animal to a toddler.

So we expect Fluffies to have both the determined instincts of an animal, and the intelligence/morality of a human. In reality they have neither. They are dumb aberrations of science/nature whose existence almost certainly breeds suffering without human intervention.

Anyways. Very well done story! Love it and can’t wait to binge your other stuff.


Dude, if I’d killed or let a young animal die in my care when I was three, I’d have got the full punishment! Children do have a concept of right and wrong. We can’t forgive fluffies for being “unfinished” any more than we can a child who beats or throws a younger child to death. This goes double if they’re related.

Princess knew that forever sleepies are permanent. She brutally murdered two infants, one of them her own, due to blatant racism, as well as rage at an entirely different fluffy. I can’t brush that off as her being unfinished. It’s entitlement, cruelty, a complete lack of empathy (even if she regretted one of the deaths after the fact), and a sociopathic sense of superiority.

Aren’t children unfinished? They’ve been known to be tried as adults for the very same things Princess did. What makes her different from Robert Thompson and Jon Venables?


100%. I’m not into this ‘well she felt bad so she can get away with it’ attitude, especially since that’s what happened after she murdered Brownie, and it clearly didn’t change anything with how she murdered Shadow soon after.

Even children get punished when they do something blatantly BAD and WRONG, because it teaches them to not do it again.


I’m staying out of the argument regarding Princess, but I will say this: that green stallion needs to go away. Alicorn-haters are not welcome around these parts.

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While I certainly enjoy seeing bad fluffies get their comeuppance in a physical sense, this certainly works too. Seeing Princess have genuine remorse and guilt is honestly extremely satisfying, even more so with her not taking it all out on Chocolate. She seems to have finally learned something. The means we’re traumatizing sure but will probably have some lasting effectiveness. And oh lord am I worried about Lavender and her babies. She’s actually gotten the memo on Alicorns not being monsters and yet she has to deal with an idiot in early winter who doesn’t seem to get that. I would not be surprised if we end up with several casualties on that front.