The Harwell Homestead p17 [by Luciferthefluffyreaper25]

(Hey yall here is another chapter of the tale of Atlas and the Harwell Homestead! Hope yall enjoy as always and feel free to gove suggestions and improvements that I could do in the comments!)

(Also this chapter I’m going to try and shift things up with multiple perspectives in one chapter so I will say when the perspective shifts and who they are, they will all in 1st person as well but fluffies thoughts may sound 3rd person)

–Stevens Pov–
I woke up at what felt like the butt crack of dawn snuggled up to that bog adorable lug called my semi cute semi dumb roommate Atlas. Sure he’s a sweet guy but sometimes he just cannot take a hint. Boy troubles aside I soon roll out of bed to get ready for the day ahead of me. After a quick shower I got started in cooking breakfast. Atlas is a late riser as per usual so I figured id just cook it and then stick it in the fridge for later. Looking into the fridge and pondering for a moment I eventually decide to make breakfast wraps with scrambled egg, sausage, bacon, and some cheese and hot sauce. As I cooked I hummed along with the song that was stuck in my head and I just kinda thought back to yesterday. I honestly was surprised Atlas wasn’t mad at my experimentation with Guardian but at the same time I didn’t show him that Guardian cracked the small foldable tray with his head which is serious awesome. He’s everything I hoped for and more its great or atleast for now it is. Even so I doubt I’ll redo that experiment with any other house fluffy or a herd fluffy either. That herd seems just more trouble than they are worth I mean honesty I think we should shrink its size in half I mean sure they have a good leader with Lime / Berry but if they get dethroned and revolt they may break in like the other herd. Atleast we have Guardian to stop anything like that after all theres nooo way id wanna clean that Atlas mess this time as it’d get MESSYYY if they touched any of the fluffies he cared about. Honestly Atlas is such a weirdo sometimes he can be super smart and insightful one sec, and then emotionally dumb the next. I have been taking it slow as to not rush well us but like you know things seem fine as they are but hey it beats moving back in with my parents. Besides I may get the ball rolling with a nice wake up for Atlas someday. internal laughter
After finishing scrambling the eggs and blowing the sausages, I began to fry the bacon to finish up the cooking for breakfast as I continued to think of pasr encounters with Atlas. Honestly he is an enigma to me. As a kid I remember he was always so serious and intense to say the least but I guess that was before he met Bill who played stand in parent while his parents were off playing playboy millionaire lifestyle shit. Atleast his parents cared to check on him from time to time unlike mine. But I digress my living situation now is a lot better than months prior and that’s all that matters for the meanwhile but to be honest I doubt I’d find a situation better than this. Being allowed to do mostly what I please is nice and not worrying about soul crushing project deadlines, or money troubles, or failing experiments that just deepen my already bad depression, etc. Instead I now have no money trouble, some okish fluffy friends but they can be quite weird sometimes, a goofy roommate who’s awesome to cuddle with at but also gives me the worst raging fear boners sometimes when he flys into those random fits of rage. It is kinda scary sometimes though like he can just change on a dime and it’s never about something actually meaningful its more just he gets pissed at bad parents, but god that face his slight smirky grin that he gets with that gaze that could make any other weaker bottom squeak in horror. I mean honestly though all things aside Atlas is pretty great I could gush about his for ages about all sorts of weird of weird gay things. Like the fact he doesn’t realize how close he gets sometimes or that we have a big size difference. I feel like he doesnt realize im five foot two inches and hes like the hulking monster that is six foot whatever. Like seriously he’s giant to me, but I do wonder if he is big in other places as well…
After snapping out of my small gay day dream I finally finished up making the burritos for me and Atlas and after eating my own burito and putting Atlas’s into the fridge I headed out to the shed. It was still a mess after yesterday with hydrologic fluid and oil all over my workbench, electrical plugs scattered on the ground, and all sorts of metal scraps and pieces laid out all over the place. After a while of pondering I finally came up with an idea to keep those menaces out and that’s use my actual doctorate in science to complete now all I needed was a ton of power, lenses, and a could of sensors and servos…

–Atlas’s Pov–
I woke up at about 10 o’clock in the morning, by that point I figured Steven had been up for awhile and put my breakfast in the fridge like usual. Upon opening up the fridge I found a yummy looking breakfast burrito that after heating up in the oven I enjoyed a lot. After that I did my normal check up on the fluffies, first the garage, then the saferoom then outside.

The garage mare was doing fine and by the looks of it had semi accepted that bitch Sparkle but I guess that was Steven’s plan after all. Honestly I was all for throwing her to the herd and seeing what I got out of her for it but hey maybe like could possibly still breed her, he did make Angel after all. All the foals and the mare looked healthy even if we only fed her the bare minimum of food and with her foals and a ball she seemed relatively happy for now so all was well there.
Next was the saferoom my favorite place to stop on by during my daily check ups. I was always down for Angel snuggles, talks with Guardian, or even watching Orange Peel and Clover play happily. It always was a treat to me honestly however the one who would greet me but often not go close to me was Nursie but given recent events is understandable. After a half an hour of hanging around the saferoom and double checking for any unseen dangers or bad behavior I moved onto the herd which unlike normal seemed a bit in disarray when I arrived by their fence.

“Hey Berry where’s Lime?” I said being only greeted by Berry who was in Lime’s favorite spot.

“Wime watchin’ new babbehs, new mummah got sickies an’ went foweba sweepies… dewe am not much miwkies fo’ them wite nao…” he said with a sigh.

“Go get him and tell him to bring the babies I have a mother inside that could take the foals and lighten the load a bit.” I said with a smile as Berry seemed to cheer up a bit.

Soon a few minutes later a exhausted looking Lime appeared with 7 new born foals all their coats not very developed yet on his back.

“Mistah atwas am ou’ goin’ to take babbehs fwom hewd?” He said in a tired tone.

“Yeah for right now bud let me go get a small container to transport them to a mare who can take care of babies ok?” I said walking off to fed a small basket in the garage to carry them in and I set the basket inside the fenced area so Lime could put them in.

“You’ve done enough for now Lime let me take care of things from here.” I said confidently knowing Nursie could take care of things with ease.

He carefully set all the foals into the basket and let out a happy sigh.

“Fank 'ou mistah Atwas” he said before walking off to go take a well deserved nap.

I carefully took the babies inside and prepared the medication for Nursie to take before I introduced the new born fluffies to her. After her reluctantly convincing her to take it. I introduced the babies to her making her cheer delightfully. She soon scooped them up one by one and fed them making sure to keep a close eye on all of them. Nursie rarely talks to me but I guess she feels nervous around me after all the issues with Sparkle and her self blaming as the reason they occurred. Honestly I was just happy I didn’t have to deal with more foals than I had too.

I went out to tell him about Nursies new foals and to check how his inventing way going.
As I entered his workshop it was messy as always however it was a lot more than normal.

“Fuck! It won’t fully focus!” I heard him yell as he throws what looks to be a shiny stone onto the ground shattering it as he turns his attention to the feral fluffy he was trying to use the laser on.

“Oh hey Atlas!” He says waving to him with a soft smile.

“Yo whatcha working on?” I ask with a laugh.

“Oh im trying to make a laser cutting system but uhh no dice so far.” He said with a nervous laugh.

“Hey you’ll get it eventually I came to tell you that I gave Nursie more foals as the herd had a new mother die of sickness.” I said causually.

“Oh ok that’s fine with me as long as you followed the instructions.” He said as he threw the feral fluffy into a cage while ignoring its pleas.

“Oh who’s that?” I said with a smirk.

“Oh a little asshat who was having a snack in the flowerbeds out front so I figured he’d make a good test subject!” He said chuckling.

“Oh fair enough wanna hang out a bit or are you busy?” I ask Steven.

“Oh nah I’m not busy, honestly I need to take a break that was the 3rd crystal I cut wrong in the last hour.” He said goofily.

After Steven cleaned up and locked the feral fluffies cage we headed inside to chill out in the living room.

“Hey wanna let the fluffies out I wanna see Nurise taking care of her new foals” Steven said to me sounding excited as we headed inside to the house.

“Eh sure why not!” I say to Steven who happilly runs off to open up to the saferoom before I hear.

“ATLAS!” from a panicked sounding Steven. I immediately bolted to the door to see a stand off between Nursie and Guardian, Angel, Orange Peel, and Clover behind him with a large group of foals behind him with Coco shivering in fear in the corner unaware of what’s going on. In betwen them was something that made my heart drop, a blue shiny stallion unmoving and liveless… Upon my presence being known Angel, Orange Peel, and Clover immediately rushed towards me each with a foal on their backs obviously trying the little foals away from the conflict. To my shock 3 little foals on their backs where normal they were sparkling just barely while peeping and chirping in terror at the ensuing conflict. I moved Steven out of the way to let them pass and said. “You three into the living room, Steven you follow them I’ll sort this out.” I said in a serious tone before Steven could react or say anything I shut the door in order to prevent any harm to occur to the fluffies that got out.

“Guardian what is the meaning of this?” I barked in a commanding tone while his fierce gaze remained unwavering from his opponent in front of him.

“Bad mummah, gib gud babbeh foweba sweepies” he muttered in a angry defensive tone.

“Nu was gud babbeh, babbeh was bad munsta babbeh, spawkwy babbehs am bad, wowstes’ babbehs, onwy wite to gib them foweba sweepies, Nuwsie am gud mummah, onwy waise gud babbehs” Nursie said snapping at Guardian, as she kept a single foal behind her with a fur color similar to her own putting her left hoof forward in a defensive stance allowing me to see that it was covered in blood.

“Ok bud you need to calm down I got the foals out of the room you need to follow me out to the living room ok?” I said gently to Guardian as to not rile him up more.

“Buh what about othah babbeh? bad mummah am gon’ gib it foweba sweepies tu!” He said back sounding concerned.

“She doesn’t like sparkly foals bud I think the one she has will be fine, besides you’ve done your job perfectly already, you saved 3 pther beautiful sparkly babies, and right now they need their good protective daddy ok?” I said gently as I slowly began to open the saferoom for her.

I saw Nursie attempt to run to the door but Guardian was prepared for her to move first, he slammed his head into her check smacking her against the wall and then quickly snatching the crying foal from where Nursie left it and then dashed to the door as fast as his furry legs could take him.

He looked pleased with himself as he showed me the foal he had gently picked by the scruff with his teeth before I shut the door, and the began to hear Nursie begging for the baby back.

I then took Guardian with his newly rescued foal to the living room when I suddenly realized we were missing something.

“Fuck we forgot Coco…” I said to Steven as I saw Guardian spring up immediately at the mention of her name, in his he had forgotten his closest friend, and that made him pissed.

“You’ve done enough I will get her” I said confidently as I walked back to the door and while cracking it open I used my food to nudge the crying Nursie back.

To my surprised she actually charged at me, a menacing look in her eyes, showing she was going to put her frustrations into whatever she could and if Coco was left in her she would’ve done it to her. I walked over to Coco and swiftly picked her up as Nurise charged at me and in the last second I decided to be merciful for once I moved my foot out of the way causing Nursie to smack into the foal play place that was in the saferoom by the corner. Afterward I walked out with the shivering Coco who still wasn’t a fan of being picked up but she knew better than to scream at someone or something she couldn’t see. Walking out of the saferoom the banging on the door commenced again this time with even more fury than last. Disappointing as I was of her behavior I know she both wasn’t my fluffy but also that there were more pressing issues at hand. After Steven gave Coco the medication to allow her to make milk we set her to work and to my surprise even without eyes she knew where to put the foals to let them feed. Guardian did have to keep an eye on them afterwards but he was more than happy to do so now he was back to his normal cheerful self. After that me and Steven went out into the kitchen to discuss what had happened.

“So what made Guardian squash that foal and why did we seperate Nursie?” He said sounding initially confused but as my face soured he got the idea of what actually happened.

“She didn’t…” he said sounding in disbelief.

“Yeahh she definitely did, Guardian’s never had any aggressive tendencies towards good foals that young, he was even gentle towards Sparkle until she almost killed Orange Peel and Angel.” I said with a sigh.

“But also Nursie was the one with blood on her left front hoof too.” I said sadly.

“So… what do we do now?” Steven said sounding distraught.

“Well honestly… I don’t know she can’t live with the herd as unlike Guardian, Lime and Berry have no tolerance for baby killers and they’d pretty much murder her. But also those were Lime’s foals or Im fairly certain as he personally was taking care of them something even a smarty friend wouldn’t do willingly out of the kindness of their heart.” I said to Steven.

“Yeah and shes certainly not gonna be in the saferoom, not with Guardian he could tear she to shreds” Steven said thinking outloud.

“Well I guess she could live out in the shed for right now but it is your fluffy man your call” I said to Steven who nodded in agreement.

“Yeah we can do that for right now and see how things go, but honestly I didn’t think she’d ever do something like that… just she used to be so good… that damn entitled mare corrupted her morals turning her into the monster she is now…” he said with a sullen face.

“Hey man how about I just take her to your worshop while you watch over the others?” I offered to Steven who sighed.

“Honestly I don’t want her anymore she was once a good girl but not anymore because the likely hood of Guardian bonding with those babies is slim to none which means she went after angel or one of the other adolescent fluffies who got to close to her babies or something like that. All I know is after observing Guardian for long enough theres 3 things in this world that get him that worked up, threats to his babies, harm to his babies, and sketty. Those first two are wayyyy more lf a priority than sketty I’ll tell you that.” Steven said confidently.

“He’s got a good mare with him too one that cant harm her babies on purpose and a mate who watches her moves so she doesnt make accidents. I think Nursie is both irrelevant and out of line, was she aggressive towards you or was she atleast calm when you went in to get Coco?” He asked.

“Uh aggressive… extremely aggressive…” I said with a resigned sigh.

“Do you want to um take her out back and give her one last sketty meal before we die? She was a good fluffy before this?” I said to Steven who seemed unhappy with the idea all together.

“No… she threatened our indoor herd and even ended the life of an innocent child, for all we know she spoiled Sparkle rotten and caused that whole mess. Maybe she wasn’t the same Nursie I remembered from a long time ago…” Steven said with a sigh.

“Do you want to give her a grave atleast?” I asked trying to console him a little.

“The only grave sue deserves is a unmarked hole to be buried alive unless you wanna donthe quick and painless route.” He said coldly.

This startled even me, he’d gone into his sciencey type mindset now the one that throws emotions aside and only focuses on facts.

"Steven your very upset right now how about we handle her tomorrow? I don’t want to make any hasty decisions ok? I’ll handle her, you handle the others ok? Besides some cuddles with Angel and Orangle Peel could cheer you up a bit " I said with a soft encouraging smile.

“I-i suppose your right… w-we can wait i guess…” he said with a sigh as he kept looking down at the ground.

I reached out and grabbed his hand gently.

“Don’t beat yourself up about her actions they arent often the smartest you know.” I said consolingly to Steven.

“Here I’ll go take her to the garage and giver her a temporary pen to be contained in ok?” I said moving to get up from the table.

“J-just be as gentle as you can…” Steven quickly blurts out before I leave the room.

“Of course I will she is your fluffy after all” I say gently as I headed to the garage to grab a flufy carrier before I went into saferoom to handle the situation at hand.
After I cleaned up the corpse of the dead foal I slowly approached Nursie who was sitting in a corner curled up a ball muttering things to herself. As I got closer the more confused I got as it seemed like Nursie wasn’t even acting like a shadow of her former self. She’d completely flipped personality wise and when she finally noticed my presence she actually snapped at me, gnashing her teeth angrilly at me like a feral animal not even fluffy like.
“Hey Nursie I need you to come with me~” I said gently as I opened the fluffy carrier.

“Grrrrr nu wike monsta hooman, gib babbehs!, gib sketties NAO!” She said with a crazy look in her eyes.
As she continued to yell gibberish about sketties, babbies, and other fluffy obsessions she tried to lunge at me with her mouth open ready to bite, however me being a human I had the upper hand and was able to grab her by the scruff after moving out of the way. Even after grabbing her and picking her up by the scruff she didn’t give up and whine like a normal fluffy, no she continued to try and bite me until I got her into to the carrier. Once I got her inside the carrier she continued to thrash about and growl wildly. Afterwards I quickly took her out to the garage and covered the carrier in a blanket so she’d go to sleep eventually.

“Hey Steven I think we gotta check out the saferoom as she was acting wild and crazy.” I said making my way back into the kitchen.

“What do you mean?” He said sounding puzzled.

“Like she seemed more animalistic than fluffy she growled and tried to bite me and even after I grabbed her by the scruff she kept fighting me like crazy.” I said to Steven.

"Well what are you thinking caused it? He said still sounding puzzled.

“I think another critter or fluffy got in and exposed her to something like a plant or substance.” I said as me and Steve made our way into the saferoom.

Me and Steven searched the saferoom for a good solid fifteen minutes but weren’t able to find anything until I noticed a shit stain on one of the foam pads in the corner that seemed out of place.

“You clean the saferoom atleast every other day right?” I asked.

“Yeah most of it what about it.” He said as he continued to look under things.

“Well there’s a shit stain here that looks fresh but that’s also where I think Nursie was sitting last but she didnt shit herself like a normal fluffie when I picked her up” I explained to Steven as he joined me next to the odd stain.

I next lifted up the pannel and to my surprise I found a small tunnel large enough for a adult fluffy to fit in.

“Do you have any moving camera we could put into this hole?” I asked Steven who just laughed.

“Of course I do! I am currious how they gnarred through the floor though?” He said as he looked closely at the hole.

“Maybe Nursie broke it with her weight and then found some friends?” I said with a shrug.

“Eh could be I’ll go get the camera device.” He said as he walked away leaving me to keep an eye on the hole.

Not long after I heard the voice of a fluffy come from the hole as I backed up and hid in a corner out of any fluffies view.

Soon afterwards a whole group comes marching their fat asses up and out of the hole andd then began to cheer in triumph and then gather nearby the door!

“Speshuw fwend helped herd into housie hurray!” They all cheered stupidly unaware of my presence as they began to gather by the door.

“Nao hewd waits at dah doowsie wike speshuw fwend towd smawty an’ when dah dummeh hooman opens dah doow we gib foweba sweepies tu dah dummeh hooman an’ dis becomes hewds wand an’ we get aww dah sketties an’ enfie mawes to ouwsewbes!” I heard the smarty said with a conniving tone.

Then it dawned on me Nursie was mad she had to take care of the other foals but didnt want to upset Steven. She was going to have ones of her own which triggered the bitchmare behavior. Him that FUCKING LITTLE SHIT was the cause of all of this. Oh well to bad they didn’t think to not shit themselves onto the floor when they left.
I pulled out my phone to tell Steven to leave the door shut as I snuck behind them and as soon as I was sure that they had all came up I shoved the foal playset across the hole preventing escape trapping them in with me.

“Well~ well~ well~ It looks like you fuckers made a big~ big~ mistake now haven’t you~?” I said cackling at their stupidity causing most of the herd to peep in terror and rapidly turn around to face me.

In retaliation realizing they were trapped the smarty rushed me but being such a tiny whimp he wasn’t even able to put a scuff mark on my boots let alone hurt me.

“Your all trapped now and whether you like it or not. So be good fluffies and listen closely if you ever want to be able to have sketties or even see the outside again you will listen closely. Or I will give EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU PATHETIC FUCKS FOREVER SLEEPIES FOR THINKING ID LET YOU TAKE OVER MY HOUSE!” I said in a furious but cold tone making all of them flinch in fear including the smarty and his toughies.

“N-nu nu huwt hewd pwease…” a mare says shyly.

“Do not beg for sympathy because you will not find any pathetic bitch, now all of you back away from the door and you stay out in the center of the room and do not move at ALL and I will give you sketties, if you don’t listen and move at all i will give half of you forever sleepies as a punishment am I undersood?” I said intimidatingly. Even the smarty himself obeyed as I saw true fear in his eyes, the fear of seeing a monster, a true monster who is uncaring and willing to do anything to protect what he loves. I would murder them where they stood right now but theirs no fun in that~ I wanted revenge just the same way I wanted to protect, they ruined something I loved I will now ruin them. After walking out of the saferoom I had work and planning to do but first I had to fill in Steven…

(Hey all sorry to leave this one on a cliff hanger but I felt that this chapter was both long enough and also had a ton of detail to wrap your head around and while I do love solving problems in a single chapter after making them this bastard herd may be a sign of feral fluffies becoming even more convincing and damaging to non feral ones or just more destructive in general. But that aside I hope you guys liked the Steven pov attempt as I 99.99% might be doing more of him in the future as I did enjoy writing it quite a bit. Anyway thanks for all the kindness and support! Lucifer out!)

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Poor nursie she gotten into feral bitch due to these fuckers!

It puzzled me how the heck these asshole slip in ? The house and area wasnt fully fenced? :thinking:

Or this is the cause of the said feral infestations?

(Tbh Nursie was to trusting of other fluffies even feral ones) They got in with Digging and for the cause of that is the growing lack of food, fluffies and a ton and over eating causes lack of vegetation so they would migrate for more food.
Basically my head cannon is that as food supplies dwindle the scarier and more desperately they try to surive after all only the strongest survive in the animal kingdom / in nature


Looks great although stevens pov felt a little more like a movie interview but thats just me. Maybe making nursie watch as daddy steven kills the fucking smarty that caused her to be a bitch with snap some sense back into her, if not i hear foal kebabs taste great, maybe nursie would even get to try one or two. Hell the only reason to keep her if shes completely bitch mare now is if she produces either all sparkly, a bunch of rare colors, or a couple alicorns. Loving it so far, and excited to see what Atlas does to those farels, maybe even keep a few mares for the herd even if they become relief toys as punishment.

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Man looks like your lore have a good amount of future exterminators just to cut their population down.

Its frustrating enough gobbling your garden and knocking at your door,now they can like dig underneath your house and pops in your house. :scream: Unless the walls and floor are thick cement.

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Well she might be kept around as a living lesson to others, if you trust ferals you will become a bad mom or something like that but not in to bad of condition or Steven might feel bad for her.

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Well they will find out how the hole was made as fluffies arent designed to dig and the house is old af. A bit of spoiler but since their county has forests and fields of crops left they will begin to flock that may result in a change of career path for the duo as breeding might be unwise given the rising populars but it will depend on other things as well. (Good thing ammo is cheap and plentiful)

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Reading it i thought at first it was a long term effect of the milk pill that they gave her and made her more like a raccoon. Loving this story so far

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Thanks! In my head cannon fluffies have lots of different genes in them which results in some genes being more prevalent than others in different fluffies I just haven’t explored it as much recently