The Herd 26 (by: FallenAngel)

The revelation.

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hmm… Wait aint that the Specialist story demon?


Love how you deform smarty’s legs into cones, to sell how he plants himself in panel two.

Also, with the benefit of hindsight, I thought it looked cyclical that smarty has a foal that looks exactly like him. At the time I assumed that was so the favorite foal could die in front of smarty for some good old revenge porn. Now I’m thinking this is more of a harvest cycle.


Oooh now its all coming together- So maybe instead of watching his precious bestest die he gets to watch him run away to continue the cycle of creating new bratty herds for the draak to chew down without interference? A sort of ‘make-your-own family nemesis’ deal?

Nah, I want to watch him beg for bestest’s life before smashing it and letting some random filly escape instead, keep things interesting. Or maybe let that greyish blue barrel-rolling toughie win the bloody gladiator fights that they’ll get forced into and he gets to be the next ‘marked smarty’.

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Flash back before the final fun begins. Noice.

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Loving how red smarty tries to keep up the brave facade but Fluffdraak just sweeps him off his metaphorical feet every single time


Nice going “smarty”. you just fucked yourself, jackass

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Oh shit? OH SHIT!!

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hazlo en manada 432156743213456432

i am LIVING for Draaksmarty’s whole design bruh

also i love how you draw fluffy’s mouths, they look like deranged furbys especially when they scream :heart:

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Well damn didn’t expect a callback that far back owo glad i came back. Pinched nerve in my shoulder put me outta commission.

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