The Herd 31 (by: FallenAngel)


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Every violent act collects a debt.

And the debt is fucking due you Smarty prick


Sorta want bestest baby to end up dying in the end or at least Finding a owner. To end this cycle .


amazing details as always bru

I’m curious to see how those gonna be devoured


At this point I kinda wonder if either history repets itself of the baby is actually the smarty but with time-travelling


Been a while, good as gold, like always.

Hey, as a final insult Zorn “offers to spare Red’s remaining herd” A.K.A replace his lost cattle/crop, and orders them to beat and shit or Red before killing him XD

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You are failing cause you are fighting a thing you BARELY can begin to understand, your quickly loosing numbers and its already found the babies, you and your friends are dead. GAME OVER, NO RETRIES.


To be fair, I kind of feel bad for the smarty.

I mean, he was just a baby when he witnessed his whole family being butchered by otherworldly monsters, making it out of the meatgrinder because of Tank saving him.

He was then likely grown being fed ideals of revenge and becoming the strongest, seeing pity and kindness as weaknesses he had to rid himself off to make it where his father had failed: destroy the monsters who had made him an orphan.

I am sure as heck Tank didn’t tell him about all the horrible things the old herd did and if he has, he likely painted it in a different light, likely ingraining the foal with a “the end justifies the means/might makes right” mentality.

Sure, he is a sociopathic asshole, but he was bred into one by the only semblance of family he’s ever had.

While I obviously condemn that regardless of his upbringing , I kind of wish he could avenge his family before going. Zorn and his species do not deserve a happy ending, only to be hunted down and destroyed like the monsters they are.

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Be kinda cool if the government was hunting those interdimentional beings for.extermination… And to wipe out fluffies with powers to keep the spieces weak.

Or catch them to study why the fook they have laser horns and how to use them to make some real snazzy laser guns that go pew pew.

Better to kill before they can use it to kill people in an assault.

Kill the red foal. The same mistake must not be repeated


Love the simultaneous: 1) repetition of the harvest cycle with bestest foal 2) contiuned defiance of smarty 3) how the old mentor deflates as he recognizes the scope of his failure.


Most fluffies are like that isnt it? if something special came along the way their simple minded thinking that it can overcome anything now like the smarty having a glow horn. Which it did on fluffies though. :joy:

Love how “Well hello there!” just gives off a polite tone

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