the micro baby page 8 (by Ms_Random)

it been two days and after taking a day to set a small barrier for them. the first meeting went far better then he thought it would. both seem pretty happy together. he starting to get excited for them to be allow to breed

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Aww he’s a handsome boy


It’s a cute first meeting, Bubblegum’s curiosity is fun, a nice difference from the usual Fluffy who instantly knows what humping is


Lemongrass is being showing a lot of patience towards Bubblegum. He just got hit with ‘monster’ and ‘poopie’.


Bubblegum seems to use those words as descriptive only- no malice, just ignorance; so her tone is probably pleasant or simply curious here, and this alicorn may pick on that (it seems smarter than the average fluffy)


Honestly Lemon Grass is an adorable name fitting for that fella.


you are right and lemon grass was raced by a good breeder who original plan was to teach him basic stuff to have him fixed to his future buyer but then our breeder asked for him not fixed when he was much younger, he well known for having (mostly) well behaved micro. so with a bit of trade he gave up two pair of his best mirco pair for one young stallion to be train to handle a mare who may or not freak out on him


this is bubblegum first time meeting a stallion, her owner did everything in plan to not want a specials friend, cause any stallion he could get, could be bad tempered so he would have to do things differently, luckily he got a good deal on a sweet alicorn (even if it was a poopie one)

Considering that Bubblegum knows what babbehs are and wants to be a mummah, she’s in for a surprise when Lemongrass teaches her the missing equation - Special-Friends + X = Babies


Then with introductions out of the way the sounds of thunderous fluffy cheek clapping begin.

Not me super curious as to what their foals are gonna look like.:eyes:
Edit: foals not goals lol


aww cute