the micro baby page 7 (by Ms_Random)

of course, after he did a poorly job of bandaging the leg. he return turn the shit to bubblegum, he told her a lie but it could be a good test to see how she can handle an baby who got hurt by mistake. he clean up the miss in the room. happy to see the shit didn’t try running anymore likely cause of his hurt leg. after he left, bubblegum feed the shit rat and then settled in for the night happy to see shit rat staying in place

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A new stallion means competition, will the new guy resent Lil Shit for not being his kid?

There’s a lot of opportunities for the wee guy to get what he deserves, I’m still curious which one hits him first


I’m assuming they’ll throw the little shit out regardless when the time comes. He’s just a little shit of a microfluff who’s there to test Bubblegum’s possible skills at taking care of a baby, that’s all.

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Milk lil shit until his last breath(drop)


Great stuff as always with this comic. Hoping he actually starts to behave - 2 birds with one stone sort of situation. Meh, we’ll see.

I’m guessing the ‘pee’ is meant to be the ‘baby’ saying ‘peep’, but I love to think it’s so mad it’s just shouting ‘PISS!!!’ at the top of it’s lungs, in a voice similar to the Sniper from TF2.

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