The Reddith83r Reddit Reposts (Part 1)

For those who don’t know me,

I think my art is more telling than anything I can write.


I can’t reach it


yeah, can you just upload it here we can’t see it


It has been done.




But why would Doomguy kill a Fluffy?

That’s the singld thing he’s least likely to kill. His backstory is literally “They killed my baby bunny, so I killed every demon in hell and time traveled to put hell in a timeloop of me killing every demon until they dropped a pyramid on my head because the fucking angels got involved and I had to kill those fuckers too.”


Like he said, he’s not THE Doom Guy. He’s a Doom Guy rip-off.

And it took a shit outside his door while having Baby Heart Syndrome.


He just loved his pet bunny that much.

I get it.


Does Baby Heart Syndrome mean simply being too naive for their own good? Because that definitely is a punishable offence. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Awesome art in general. Pissing on the already dead fluffy was a great touch - like death still wasn’t the end of its degradation. :laughing:


It means being too much of a little bitch for life in general.

The piss fluffy is the oath breaker himself, Marty from Marty’s Story!

Thank you much.







Inspiration for Abusebox Endgame.

Hey, that’s me. I appreciate the feature.

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some of these are new to me
really nice work!

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Do not have the time to do new submissions and I do not want to make a new topic for a repost of a repost. @Virgil

For Consideration

Abusebox: Endgame.
Reason: As clear a tribute piece as any, although my context for these creators was limited to the constant reposting stream that is the subreddit, with the exception of @Marakasaya1. When this was drawn, he was still new. And no one could have foreseen what else dwelled inside a mind so deranged.

Anyway, his work makes me l go haha funni fluffi go ded and I did my best to emulate the art styles of the sources listed here.

Headcanon: Deviana22
Reason: It isn’t because that they adopted “nebula fluffies” into their headcanon about fluffy maladies. But, I do appreciate someone taking an idea, itself inspired by an OC on the subreddit that didn’t push the concept as far as it could have gone; IN ME OPINION; and extrapolating lore for their own internal logic. @Deviana22 since you’re here too!

I wasn’t around for the 4chan and Booru days; BuzzFeed’s attempted hit piece on the following is how I wound up in this hell; so from what I was able to gather in the midst of petty bitching and box-conflicts on the subreddit, a major drive for the staying power of fluffies was how ideas fed more ideas until the general idea of a fluffy cemented itself in people’s minds-- from which they proceeded to bitch and argue about which cherry picked features of the hivecanon should be THE canon for everyone, completely missing the fucking point.

So this piece lives up to that old spirit I think. Also a fluffy dies in Italian.


@Great_White_Nope for Hammer Man

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That would be Epic but sadly some of those people are long gone