The Spaghetti Experiment: Aftermath [By BFM101]

Theodore Hudson was in the kitchen when he heard his phone go off, he quickly pulled it out of his pocket but was surprised to see there was no notification. Then it went off again and he realised it wasn’t his phone.

Well… technically it was, but not the phone he should have.

Taking the pot off the burner, he dashed through to his cupboard under the stairs and answered the encrypted call.

“Timing is impeccable once again Jonathan, I was just in the kitchen.”

“Bit early for dinner ain’t it Ted?”

“I wasn’t… I’ll explain later, what can I do you for?”

“I’ve sent you a dead-drop of my last experiment; saw how Fluffies reacted to selfishness. Wasn’t perfect but the details are in there if you wanna take it on yourself, since you’re more… forgiven than I am I figured it might be something you’re interested in.”

Ted sighed, recognising the telltale signs of Jonathan post-extermination tone. “I’ll take a look at it, might be interesting. You not putting this one up onto the website?”

“I did, took me some goddamn time too, I swear cyber security has beefed up quite a bit since I was inside. But you know what I got from it, a bunch of fucking numbskulls calling me a Nazi edgelord.”

“Those fucking pricks.”

“No, no, they had a point. I did kinda turn a decent experiment into a snuff film once it was over. Turns out the people prefer the slow burn, which I why I’m giving you the notes, you might be able to do some good with it.”

“Like I said John, I’ll take a look, but it might have to wait a while.”

“Why, what’s up?”

“The house got hit by a feral herd yesterday, some Smarty fuck broke in, wrecked the garden and tried to break into the house to rape Robin.”

“Jesus, they still there?”

“They’re off the property but I can still see them, they’ve made a little nest in the trees, I think they’re planning something.”

“I’ve seen Fluffies planning things, it never ends well.”

“See though that’s the thing. When they ran off they left behind three foals, still just chirpies, each of them has some kind of physical disability, broken leg, bad back, shit like that. And Robin’s… Robin’s taken them all without question, adopted them as they were hew own. Now I don’t know if the herd is waiting for their foals to come back and if they are, should I break Robin’ heart and give them back.”

“The foals not given off a runt smell?”

“She’s not mentioned it.”

Jonathan thought for a moment. “Alright, I’ve got a couple things to work out on my end, I’ll try and make my way down to yours as soon as I can. Since I still owe you one for the jailbreak it’s the least I can do.”

“Cheers John, I’ll keep an eye on the herd and let you know what I’ve got when you get here. See you soon.”

“See ya Ted.”

Ted heard the quick sound of a snap as Jonathan disposed of his burner phone followed by a sustained beep before he hung up. Putting away his own equipment, Ted made a quick stop to the safe-room where he saw his Fluffy Robin, a powder-blue Alicorn with a yellow mane, looking over the three chirpies left behind by the heard.

There was an orange Pegasus colt with a green mane and an undeveloped back right leg, a light green unicorn filly with a blue mane and a blank space where her left eye should be, and a purple Alicorn colt with a red mane and an obvious kink in his spine making it damn near impossible for him to keep himself steady.

And Robin was looking after them all, hugging and loving them like nothing was wrong. Sensing Ted in the room, Robin looked up an smiled.

“Hewwo daddeh, am miwkies weady yet?”

“Not yet hun, I just needed to call a friend quickly, they’ll be ready shortly.”

“Ok, Wobin keep babbehs safe tiww den.”

Leaving her to her adopted children, Ted returned to the kitchen and put the pot of water back onto the burner while he continued mixing up the formula for the foals. From his kitchen window he could see the faint shapes of the herd moving about in the tree-lines.

Silently he prayed that Jonathan would arrive sooner, rather than later.

Jonathan Mongola Will Return In Scorched Earth.


Good ol’ BFM, turning the criticisms in the comments of the previous chapter to cannon material that gets addressed. That’s some pro shit right there.

As for the story set up…I’M READY FOR THIS!

I love stories that have the potential to be abusive or brutal (even if it isn’t my cup of tea) and balance it with a a possible hugboxish or nice side.

Death to the herd! (if they deserve it) And protect Robin and the flawed foals!



Can’t wait to see how this Ted works. Will he annihilate through sheer brute force or methodically employ the scientific process to put the rapist smarty to… good use?


With a title like “Scorched Earth” I could easily see Ted getting more than he bargained for, and Jonathan losing a relationship/contact after.

Totally not canon

Gangrel_WW_not_WWFail looked at the forum. That one guy posted again, some experiment on “fluffy selfishness.” It was an experiment based off the older “Sketti Experiment” using stocks. It was kind of boring, honestly, with the only good parts being at the end.

Stupid pseudo-intellectuals trying to make fluffy abuse into some sort of pretentious science. It was an art form! Not data points for some college essay. And of course, he was getting blasted for the only good part of his experiment by the wanna-bes.

Ugh… and NapHip was posting. As always.

“Twy uz difernt saus nxt tim3.”

Probably some 8 year old in another country. Horrendous. And they dare allude to NXT. A pale imitation to the Monday Night Wars Attitude Era. Bah.

“Twy pezto, awfewdo, maebe cabonawa.”

The roleplaying NapHip did was so infuriating. Did they not understand this was a place to destroy fluffies, heart and soul? Not to celebrate them by communicating in their inane psuedo programmed language?

“Mebbeh see if wabiowi ow wasagna work.”

Bah, foolishness. As if the shitrats deserved to eat better than he did. Granted, his three subscriptions to “Ramen Of The Month” was a sublime luxury that only required boiling water. The less time spent cooking the more time looking up Rule 34 Crimson doujin.

“I curse you, NapHip! If not for your contributor badge of $10 surely the mods would have banned you! But clearly they have accepted your payment, those Judasi, and are spending their ill-gotten silver already.” he typed furiously, hitting SEND with extra oomph.

There was a pause then the forum updated. A private message appeared.

From NapHip. The subject line was a simple: “No bad meanie” Undertaker sneered, scratching his neckbeard thoughtfully. Attached was a photo, simple, plain, and of him. “No be meanie to uncwe.”


Kind of glad to see that Jonathan may not be the main human focus for the upcoming series. Unfortunate that somebody new helped him break out of jail since the shift from killing fluffies to humans seems to becoming more consistent with Jonathan.


I think that Jonathan’s willingness to kill humans might be his long term demise. Or something for him to grow out of. There’s a lot of potential for growth between fluffy massacres. BFM has done one decent into madness, so the question is will this be an improved version of that journey? Or something else?

All I know is that while not everything will be for me, it’ll be well done. So if a story/story-line is too much for my tastes (and its happened), I’ll just sit it out and wait for the next one. In the meantime I’ll enjoy my ponderings and my silly peanut gallery in the comments.


Oh I’m pretty sure I’ll be alright with Jonathan focused stories. It just felt to me that having Jonathan be the main human in fluffy experiments felt a bit off character when you think about his past. Realizing that his actions were at least partially from interactions with Ted makes the actions make more sense, and also can build up more curiosity regarding what Jonathan’s time in prison is like.

Jonathan moving from killing fluffies to humans wouldn’t necessarily keep me from reading future stories where that content is present, though it could feel like the story could be moving further away from fluffies depending on Jonathan’s motivations at the time. I guess it would be unfortunate if some of his stories ended up having to be moved elsewhere based off of interpretation of where its focus is.


‘They keep calling me a nazi edgelord!’ ‘Well, stop BEING a nazi edgelord.’

Despite what he says, Jonathan is still using fluffies as acceptable targets for his anger issues and unresolved trauma, the same as many hate groups use as targets. For his many many flaws, his brother still recognized that individual fluffies could be better or worse than the mass. That’s why Josef kept Crimson around, and raised Sweetheart ( in between abusing/tormenting them both of course ). Jonathan would have dropped a brick on both of them once his sadistic ‘experiments’ were concluded. Jonathan does not care about how an individual fluffy acts, they’re all just eventual torture fodder to him- which bodes poorly for his friend’s fluffy and those abandoned foals, but now that makes things more interesting!


Yep. But keep in mind this is a starting point, not an end point. Maybe he’ll grow. Maybe he’ll regress. Maybe he’ll get better. Maybe he’ll get worse. Maybe a little of each in different ways :slight_smile:


oh yes. I’m just saying this story is a far better jumping off point than the spaghetti thing, as it has more potential than just him being cruel to random fluffies.


Wow Ted’s mare sure just adopted them without questions.

These ferals sometimes gets to me especially shitty one especially a bad smarty.

Man if its Jonathan id say to those feral “see you in skettiland hell for the shit you did!”


Nice Epilog but after I read

My head went haywire and came up with this.

Slow but intense 80 action Movie music starts.

“In a world were your beloved pet Fluffys are at a constant treat to be raped by feral Smartys, there is only one hope For them…”

Musik gets more intense scenes from Fluffy on Fluffy brutality are seen.

“… And he is there worst enemy.”

Jonathan walks in on the scene drest in full action hero gear an loads pump gun.
" did some body asked for Tumyscetties? "
Than starts to massacre ferals.

“BFM productions proudly presents its new upcoming season with Jonathan Mongola staring in…” Music goes ape shit"…
… Scorched Earth!!! "


Yeah I’m not far into any of this lore at all, but that was my favorite. Creative and done well.

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This gave me ‘brood parasite’ vibes. ie - Ferals realize domestics might have chance at recieving ‘human magic’ and being healed via the vet. So if the human kills the cripples, no big loss. But if the human/domestic raise their fluffies and they turn into semi useful adults then they’re prime candidates for abduction~er integration into the herd and they didn’t have to put in the hard work/resources of raising the disabled all that time.