The Specialist # 32 [by: FallenAngel]


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big oof


Poor guys.


Stomping smarty back to the foal phase.


These moral stories don’t really do it for me, in terms of content. It’s so safe and voyeristic. Wholesome, even.


But I like that the blue stallion is snot-crying in the penultimate panel. Nice!


I’d be hard pressed to call this wholesome, considering some innocent fluffies are about to be eaten alive by literal demons.


The fluffy hunter is in complete control. He summoned the monsters, he understands the monsters, he has casual conversations where he trades pure opinions with the “literal demons”, he shares knowledge and experience with the monsters. The “literal demons” only eat fluffies. The bad smarty was the only “evil” fluffy, and once his spell is broken the other fluffies turn out to be nice, caring little balls of fluff tormented by guilty consciences. What I’m saying is that the entry point character is in complete control of everything, and it is crystal clear who the “bad guys” and the “good guys” are, and the good guys are winning comfortably. A nice, wholesome, status quo story. Which is all right of course, just not my cup of tea.


Demons need to eat to ain’t nobody excluded the tears, blood, and crys of the dammed will only sustain them for so long


I still don’t see the wholesomeness you speak of. Innocent lives about to be terminated brutally, is kind of the opposite of wholesome. It’s makes the fluffies’ demise even worse. Had they all been literal hellgremlins, this would have been the retribution they had brought upon themselves.

The fact the ““specialist”” opted for calling the slenderman photonegative team as backup, when it was shown he had way more than enough knowledge about the smarty’s grip on the herd makes him unelegible to be the “good guy”.

Also wtf does “the literal demons only eat fluffies” mean? Eating only talking, sentient animals doesn’t make you a good guy just because you don’t eat the human aswell. That sounds like “well he did kill that man, but he spared the child, he’s a good guy”.


Hey man. It’s FA’s backstory on the “draaks”, not mine. What I am saying that this is safe, well packaged, status quo action stuff. I’m not going to say this is Mr. Rogers level wholesome, but in terms of the action genre it’s very tame, but effective. Heck, he even has dog around to garner sympathy and tug at the feels, so he can get away with a two dimensional good vs. evil story. It’s well made.


But who are the good guys exactly? As of now I could see the good guys being the farmer and the dog. Since they were simply trying to save the domestics.

Besides, I’d say the mare who got her foals forcefully miscarried, her legs torn and died after giving birth to be far more elegible than the dog when it comes to tugging at feelings…


You must be a lot of fun to watch movies with.

This plotting is as close to “Save the Cat” as you can get with fluffies, pretty much.


Nah, I don’t really think so.

But you do you, Bubu.


Yeah, keep up with the moral philosophy studies. I hear it’s a lucrative career.

The farmer is the individual who called the titular “specialist” in.

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Thank you for reaching out to me in DMs. If you want to continue this discussion I am happy to do so here in the open comment section, which is for discussing the original post.

Not sure who “Bubu” is, but it certainly isn’t me.

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There’s something always satisfying in seeing an unrepentant asshole being reduced to a infantile mess, fluffy or not (ala McGonagall’s Homewrecker series)


I know! Junk food for the soul and I love it.


Apparently I was mistaken, it should be spelled “Boo Boo”, though it’s also common as simply “Boo”.

I already told you, there’s no need to clutter a post section with a conversation that’s only between two persons.

I’ll reiterate it here, to help you with your paranoia, though.

As to what it means, google it, it’s nothing exciting.


ok listen here

  1. the strive of fluffus is an interesting story with complex charters
  2. the clear differentiation of good and evil is not very complex, and usually not very interesting
  3. there is nothing bad about the clear differentiation of good and evil. a simpler story doesn’t mean a bad story. it’s just not what fluffus is striving for