The story of B. part 4/5 (Eded_ted)

The story of B.

Part 4/5

B wakes up. He is in the air. He feels pain in the back of his neck. Someone is carrying him. B struggles. An orange, fat fluffy is carrying him with it’s teeth. It is struggling, because b isn’t a foal anymore. B is a colt. B screams. The orange fluffy mumbles loudly: “Be quiet dummeh babbeh!” B is quiet. It is better to submit. B knows this. B is brought into a room of sorts. It looks like some kind of a container that has fallen over on it’s side. B is dropped on the floor. There are glass shards everywhere. As B is dropped, one of them hits him. It gets lodged into his front leg. B screams in pain. He cries. He doesn’t look what else is in this… what ever this place is. He is rolled into a ball on the floor. And he cries. A short while passes, and the same fluffy comes, and picks him up. It drags B into a different place. This place looks just like the previous place. Metal walls, and a metal ceiling. He is dropped yet again. “thumP”. It hurts a lot.
He looks up, and he sees a blue fluffy. It is very fat, and apparently a stallion. Its main is pink. It is spoiled, and its stomach is dragging on the ground. Probably lived all of its life in luxury. Its mouth is covered in orange goo, wich is propably leftovers from some candy. Fudge? taffee? B isn’t shure. Next to the blue fluffy is a purple fluffy. It too is very fat, but this one is a mare. It too looks very spoiled. Around them are fluffies. About a dozen adults, if B could count. Some of them look a little spoiled, but nowhere near as spoiled as the blue fluffy. The other fluffies in the room look… much less spoiled. About half of them look like they haven’t had proper food in years. The blue fluffy starts talking: “You am part of heard now. You am nao an enfy babbeh, an a wittahpaw fo speshul fwiend’s bestest babbehs.” The blue fluffy ponts to the right at the “bestest babbehs”. A couple of them are just foals, a couple are fully grown adults. all of them are Very spoiled, and can barely walk do to the fat on their bodies. B can see the “bestest babbehs” shitting and pissing everywhere. B looks at the blue fluffy. B says: “Why?”

“Because fwuffy am dah bestest.” The blue fluffy replies confidently. The “Bestest babbehs” and the “special fwien” agree in a disrespectful manner. B thinks: “I am going to be force-fed poo for the rest of my life and be raped until I die just because he is the “bestest”?” B looks at the blue fluffy trying to hide his frustration and says “But I don’t want that.” The blue fluffy giggles. It says: Well that am too bad!" It turns around. Slowly, because it is too fat to move any faster. “SLUPH” It shitted right infront of B. The blue fluffy turns around. Slowly. B can clearly see that it is struggling. It says “Go an num dah poopies, dummeh babbeh!” But before B has a chance to say anything, The blue fluffy notices something. B’s cloth. B’s “happy blanket”. B never let go of it. The blue fluffy forgets what it was about to do, and shouts: “Fwuffy wan dad happy bwankie!” “Wan nao!” B shouted “No!” in despair, but the orange fluffy behind B takes the piece of cloth away from B, and brings it to the blue fluffy. The blue fluffy attempts to hug it, and barely manages to do it because of the great amount of fat on its front legs. The blue fluffy raises it to his nose and smells it. It smells awful. It smells exactly like something that would be found in a pile of trash in an alleyway. The blue fluffy shouts “Eww! nu pwetty! nu wike!” The blue fluffy gets a hold of it with its teeth, and rips in in half. Just like that. No warning, and the only thing B ever loved was broken. The two pieces gently fall on to the pile of shit of the blue fluffy. B stared. There was nothin but emptiness in his heart. B knew that the blue fluffy knew how much “happy blankies” mean to their owners. B was crushed. He thought: “Why would someone destroy love?”

The blue fluffy shouts: “Dummeh babbeh! You gave smawty nu pwetty bwankie! Smawty was going to put you in poopies, bu nao am going to put you in poopies mowe! YOU AM DAH DUMMEH DUMMEHST BABBEH EBA!” The “Bestest babbehs” join the insult: “Yeah! You am the mostest dummehst EBAH!” “Stoopidest bebbeh EBAH!” B thinks: “I’m the dumbest just because I never had a chance to have a blanket that doesn’t smell?” B looks at the poorly fed fluffies in the room. They are not startled in any way. This agony must be daily to them. Almost all of them are occupied in eating the “bestest babbehs” shit. B sees the tiers in their eyes. The unnourished bodies covered in bruises and hoof marks. The rot in their wounds. But they keep on eating. They have no choice. B can hear the purple fat mare next to the blue fluffy shouting at them. B spots a pile of corpses in the far corner of the room. A bunch of brown foals, amongst piles of shit. There are many still alive. Suffering. B knows that the blue fluffy knows what it’s doing. it is in full controll. The orange fluffy behind B pushes B towards the stinking pile of shit. “Go in dah poopies awweady” it commands. B looks at the floor. The sheer, pure, obnoxious disrespect. A selfish piece of shit. Just like B’s mother. It makes B sad. Until he is filled with anger. B has never felt this kind of anger. He looks at his hoof. The glass shard is still in it. half of it is still exposed. The other half is buried deep in B’s flesh. It has reached deep into the bone. It hurts. It hurts so much. B looks at the blue fluffy with a blank stare and says “If you don’t let me go now, I will give you foewasweepies” There is a moment of silence. Until the blue fluffy bursts into laughter. “You? Foewasweepies? to FWUFFY?” “HAH!” “Put dah stoopid babbeh in poopies were id bewongs.” It says. B replies “Very well.” The orange fluffy pushes B into the shit, but just as it is doing it, B turns around in a flash. The next thing anyone notices is the blood. It is everywhere. And it is seeping like a sink from the orange fluffy’s throat. The orange fluffy collapses on its side. B tries to understand what he just did. B stares at the wound. It felt GOOD.




This is getting good
The next page i will put just some lisa the painfuly music when the massacre starts


Que buena se está poniendo la historia

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Oooh B is going full Ronin on these mother-enfers

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Oh my God I can just taste the justice


Doom eternal:The only thing they fear is you, starts playing


Wow fat shits rip B’s only comfort??? Time to die fat shitrat!!! :triumph:

Hope that shard will help him and hope removed from him when this is over.