The Tale Of Giovanni Rossi Or: How I learned To Stop Worrying And Love Being Reincarnated As A Fluffy Chapter 2 part 6 A Little Less Conversation (FluffySadist)


The first thing Lucia does is hit me across the face and after she speaks.
I slow raised my face speaking with a pissed tone.
Lucia with a snarl hits me again than turns back talking and looking at her henchmen preparing the equipment.
"C’mon fastew! Am awweady gettin’ sick bein’ neaw dis piece of shit!
While Lucia’s back is turned I speak again.
“Am one bittah son of a bitch ‘ou know. Wucia dah past am nao in dah past! To the outside wowwd whewe wong dead. Nathan ouw son, giobanni found him he wowks fo’ me an’ if 'ou do dis he wiww nebah fowgibe 'ou su think just stahp dis!”
Lucia turned her head and looks at me, for a second it looked like my words had an effect on her like she was turning the gears in her head but she just snarled and spoke.

“It’s to wate fo’ that… Nao 'ou get am punishment!
The first punishment I was going to get was the bat. Once of her henchmen grabbed it and with her command, started to approach me giving a grin. He took the bat and hit my my right leg I scream.
I could feel several of the bones in my leg crack as I start breathing heavily and Lucia speaks again.
“Nao dah othah one!”
And without hesitation he hit’s my left leg breaking it I scream again even letting out some tears.
Holy Fuck! Tears were now streaming down my face, the pain felt so unbearable I felt like I was going to faint! Lucia speaks again.
“gud nao get dah tasew!”
I speak once hearing about the taser.
“NU! NU! NU!”
Lucia cackles as the henchman brings out a taser ready to inflict a world of pain.

The henchmen starts to approach my chest activating the taser and with a swift swoop he hits me and the pain is excruciating.
Things got black for a few seconds as I faint and awaken in just a few short seconds. My vison is blurred and I vomit starting to cry from all the pain. Lucia speaks.
“Fucking pathetic! Otay ou Can stahp nao I nu wan death to cwaim him eawwy, Wucia wan’‘s dis to be as swow an’ painfuw as possibwe! An’ thinkin’ about swow an’ painfuw, go an’ gwab th-
I could start to hear a phone ringing not far and as Lucia walks away I could hear hoofsteps getting closer to the ringing, with her sounding annoyed and picking up the phone speaking.
“What am it, am busy!”
She had put the phone on speaker so I was able to hear what the person on the other end had to say.
“Wucia dah buyews am sayin’ dah cwothes am knockoffs, dey think wewe not associated wiff ‘ou! dey wan’ to see 'ou in pewson!”
Almost immediately Lucia started screaming and spoke.

“Dah Awwmaw twins”
I could here a sudden moment of silence as a few seconds later Lucia spoke now a lot more calm but still annoyed.
“Whewe dah heww am 'ou.”
They respond.
“Neaw dah abandoned cownewstone on wakebiew stweet.”
Lucia speaks with a slight anger to her voice.
“I’ww be dewe in 10 minutes, 'ou shouwd hab towd me dah Awwmaw twins wewe hewe befowehand…ugh!”
I could feel my vision start to get better as I saw Lucia heading to the exit speaking.
“Do I wook pwesentabwe? Ugh who cawes, just get my dwibew! An’ awso 'ou watch Giobanni wiff am wife!”
Lucia speaks the last part to one of the henchmen and they nod, and just like that she was gone and I was alone with just one henchmen watching me. Only a few seconds after Lucia was gone he started to approach me with a mocking tone.
“She’s got whowe wowwd of gib owwies tu waitin’ fo’ 'ou!”
He gives the most obnoxious inbred laugh I ever heard before finally I decid to talk having an… Idea.

“hewwo ‘ou dummeh sack of shit! Giobanni been awound fwuffies enough I know am type, wow bwow, showt nose, an’ eyes dah scweam insecuwe! Wet me guess? Am inbwed an’ nebah knew am daddeh? yeah sounds about wight!”
That struck a nerve the henchmen now has a look of pure rage as he grabs the bat and begins to approach me rapidly as I laugh at him. He speaks.
Just as I planned as he starts to raise the bat I swing the chair as hard as I could catching the henchmen completely by surprise as I knock him over now laying on him. Knowing I only has a few precious seconds I close my eyes attacking the only way I could think of, grabbing his throat with my mouth I bite as hard as I can as the henchmen tries his best to get me off but it was to late… Feeling his blood gushing inside my mouth and with him going limp I let go seeing the grisly site. Getting off his body roll over until I find a nail sticking out. Using it I get the ropes untied freeing myself, now trying to get up I was able to walk a few steps before I felt excruciating pain and had to stop. So only using my front legs I began to walk to the other side of the room until I reach it Lucia’s phone. Grabbing it I activate it and see that I need a password requiring a pin, thinking for a for seconds I enter something .1… 2… 3… 4… Bingo now with the phone open I immediately go to contacts and enter his phone number and after a few seconds he picks up and I speak.
Nathan it’s me! Am stiww awibe, an’ Inee’ am hewp!” Fin

Thank you for reading my story! I hope to have the next part done in at least a week, and constructive criticism is always appreciated.