The Top Hat's Shadow (By: DrExposition)

Based on “Entitled” by OtherCoraline "Entitled" or Happens More Often Than You Realize (Artist: OtherCoraline)

Topper Liquer was a man who often made deals with people. There was always something he could offer, for a price, of course. That was just good business in his eyes. After all, everything and anything was for sale. All that mattered was if the other person was willing to pay the price.

Coming into the local fluffymart, he looked at all the fluffy ponies that were on sale. Hasbio labs were truly amazing as they managed to genetically engineer these fluffy ponies. Marketed as ‘biotoys’, they were living, breathing and sentient creatures, capable of feelings and speech. Basically, they were living push toys. Unfortunately, mankind was generally not too kind to these creatures as they were now legally acknowledged as animals.

He saw a boy break the right foreleg of a black fluffy foal with a red mane. That was just too cruel. From what he witnessed, the boy was not allowed to get a fluffy and since he could not get the fluffy he wanted, then nobody could. Well, then he had something to say about that. He approached the small saferoom that was used to keep the foals and smiled at the black and red fluffy pony.

“Hey there, little guy,” Topper smiled, his teeth gleaming.

“Nu! Pwease, nu huwt babbeh!” it pleaded, holding its injured foreleg.

“Oh, I won’t hurt you,” Topper said gently as he patted the fluffy’s head. “You look hurt. What’s wrong?”

“Babbeh…babbeh nu can say…”

“Hm, I think I know why,” Topper frowned. “But don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.” His finger glowed and he gently stroked the broken leg. “There, it’s fixed.”

The black and red foal blinked and looked at its foreleg which had been broken and then smiled at Topper.

“Mistah fixed babbeh!”

“Yes, and I normally go under the policy of “you break it, you buy it”, but I think I’ll take you,” Topper said.

The boy who had broken the foal’s leg was out playing soccer with his friends in the park. He did not get the fluffy pony he wanted, but at least he knew nobody else would be able to get that fluffy. It was supposed to belong to him because he wanted it but since his mom said no then nobody would want it now.

As he ran for the ball, another larger boy came and barreled right into him. He fell and there was sickening crunch as he landed roughly on his arm. He let out scream, as his arm was broken. He cradled his arm and cried while his friends panicked.

Meanwhile, sitting on a park bench was Topper and his new fluffy foal “Shadow” was sitting on his lap, enjoying a treat.

“See there, Shadow? That’s karma,” Topper pointed.

“Wus kawma?” Shadow asked.

“Oh, it’s when bad things happen to bad boys, Shadow. Now, finish your treat and climb into my hat. It’s time to go home.”

Here is what Topper looks like:

Topper Liquer is a Multiversal singularity and also a merchant. He makes deals and sells specific items or services, but for a price and there’s always a catch. Do not cross him. Also, he does whatever he wants because he can and it’s usually on a whim. I hope to feature him in more stories.

Here is a short story about him:



Not sure how to feel about this guy.

But I’ll be contented with the boy breaking his arm.

Eye for an eye.

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Ow the edge

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Perospero from One Piece, is that you?

Not quite what I thought it would be

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