Tiny Lives (Part 13) by emo_trash

Part 12

You’ve just gotten home from work, and you lock your door behind you. Slipping into the nearby chair, you pry off your shoes, dropping them haphazardly aside.

You were pretty useless at work all day today—your eyes were practically glued to your phone screen, upon which you have a live video feed of your fluffies rolling. Again and again, you had to bite your lip to keep from laughing out loud right there behind the counter.

You had to make a stop after work to pick up something extra special for today, and the line was a lot longer than you would have liked.

Once you get home, you place the box on the counter and then fly through your after-work routine, eager to see your horny little pets.

As you burst into the safe room, you are greeted by a sight that you will think back upon for years to come—you really wish you had a camera right now.

Both fluffies are huddled close together in the middle of the room. Ellie is sobbing hysterically, face soaked in tears, standing in front of her companion with her ass pressed right up against his face. With every hu-huu, she tilts her hips back, presenting her special-place to the useless stallion over and over and over again.

Dummy is crying just as hard, his eyes rolling around wildly in his skull. He has been off his daily aphrodisiac injection for two days now. By this point, he should still be completely overwhelmed by his heat—too overwhelmed to speak or move, yet able to think (relatively) clearly.

The poor creature never even had a chance here, as fluffies need to be standing upright in order to reproduce. Even if he had managed to mount Ellie somehow while you were away, his efforts would have been fruitless thanks to the diaper that you made sure to strap on extra tight today.

“Mummah!!” Ellie wails as soon as she sees you. “Ewwy feew sickies! wan speshew huggies, bu’ Dummeh nu wiww gib dem tu Ewwy! Pwease teww Dummeh dat Ewwy wiww be gud mummah! Wan hab babbehs, Mummah!” As she speaks, she continues to rub her ass in Dummy’s face, and he gladly sticks his snout in deeper, inhaling the scent of a mare in heat.

“Dummy!” you snarl, and the crippled stallion visibly cringes. “Don’t you remember what I told you, you bad fluffy? You are in very big trouble!”

He begins to sob, hips still pumping rhythmically against the floor. The thing he needs so desperately is so close, is literally begging for it, and yet there’s nothing he can do to satisfy either of them.

It reminds you of an old Greek myth about a man named Tantalus. In punishment for his crimes against the gods, he was made to stand in a pool of fresh water up to his chin with ripe, delicious fruit overhead, and to be plagued with a never-ending hunger and thirst. Every time he bent to drink the water, it would recede away from him; when he reached for the fruit, it swayed out of reach.

Every time Dummy thought that he was going to catch a break in his miserable life, he turns out to be sorely mistaken.

“Dummy, I am going to punish you later. For now, I want you to sit quietly and watch very closely. Do you understand?”

It takes a few moments, but eventually he gives you a delirious nod.

Throughout your exchange, Ellie has been crying softly to herself and weaving her way around your ankles, much like a cat would. Now, you bend down and scoop her up, hugging her close to your chest.

“Ellie-belly, you said you feel sickies? What’s wrong?”

She wiggles in your arms. “Hab itchy-sicky feewies, Mummah!” she whines. “Speshew-pwace am wawm an hab wots ob weiwd feewies! Wan speshew huggies, Mummah!”

Gently, you rub her head. “I’m so sorry that Dummy is such a meanie to you,” you croon. “We knew that he was a bad fluffy, but I guess it turns out he’s a bad friend, too.”

“Dummeh am bad fwend,” she echoes absently, wiggling her hips. “Mummah, pwease make weiwd feewies gu ‘way! Ewwy nu wike!”

You glance at Dummy to make sure he is watching, and he is, through tear-filled eyes.

“Ellie-belly, I have a surprise for you. It’s going to make your sickies go away, and it’s going to do a lot more than that, too,” you promise.

At this, the beautiful white fluffy in your arms begins to smile. “Wan supwise, Mummah! Wub yu! Can hab suwpwise, pwease? Nu wike sickies…”

You set her gently on the floor. “Wait right here, little one. Mummah will be right back.”

You exit the safe room and click the door shut behind you. As you walk to the box on your counter, you can’t keep the grin off your face. You hate to rope Ellie into the abuse by drugging her, but a few hours of discomfort are going to be well worth it for you to see the look on Dummy’s face when he sees what’s about to happen.

Holding the contents of the box in one hand, you scurry back to the safe room. Standing in the hallway, you tap on the door. “Close your eyes!” you command, and wait a few moments before coming in.

You click the door shut and place the surprise on the carpet in front of Ellie, whose whole body is wiggling with excitement. “Alright, open your eyes!”

You watch her face slowly start to light up, and, out of the corner of your eye, you see Dummy begin to cry harder.

Standing before her is a gorgeous, sunny-yellow pegasus. His fluff is freshly washed, almost chinchilla-soft. His mane and tail are a shining white, his eyes a light green.

He blinks up at Ellie through his lashes, his nose twitching. “New fwend?”

She takes one look at him and begins to quiver. This is the first fluffy other than Dummy that she’s ever seen in person, and he’s gorgeous! Thanks to the (much more mild than Dummy’s) aphrodisiac you’d slipped into her kibble that morning, there was no way that she could resist this new fluffy’s charms.

“Namsie am Ewwy,” she introduces herself.

[color=faf369]“Dat am pwetty namesie,” he responds, trotting up to her and beginning to sniff. “Namsie am Way!”

Ellie reciprocates, and the two spend a brief time sniffing each other. Before long, Ray makes his way over to her special-place, burying his snout in deep and inhaling.

Ellie begins to shudder, her eyes rolling back in her head as her new friend explores her pheromone-reeking hole. Standing behind her, you can see Ray’s no-no stick begin to peek out from his legs.

“Nyu fwend Ewwy smeww wike hab sickies,” he informs her. “Wan hab speshew huggies an make aww bettew?”

Ellie gasps, her tail wagging behind her slapping her companion repeatedly in the face; he doesn’t seem to mind. “Way wan gib speshew huggies?!” she repeats. “Can Way gib Ewwy tummeh-babbehs?!”

“Yus! Way awways wan hab babbehs! Du Ewwy wan be Way speshew fwend an make a famiwy?”

Immediately, Ellie turns around and presents to Ray proudly. As he begins to nose around her, she coos happily. “Ewwy wub nyu speshew fwend Way! Gon gib bestest speshew huggies an make bestest tummeh babbehs!”

Quickly, he moves on from nosing and gently mounts Ellie. “Am dis okay?” he asks her before entering, and you chuckle to yourself.

And they say chivalry is dead!

Ellie is quick to nod, begging eagerly for more, and Ray wastes no time in sinking himself deep inside your beloved pet.

Unheard to the two copulating fluffies beside him, Dummy lets out a hoarse scream. Ever since he started eating again, you’ve been putting a blend of mild acid and hot sauce into Dummy’s food and water, and his mouth and throat are far too damaged for any sort of intelligible sound.

The scream he releases, though—muted, crackling, and ragged—is certainly intelligible enough for you: that’s heartbreak.

Heartbreak, betrayal, overwhelming desire, rage, dismay…

If you were a man, you’d probably pop a boner.

That poor idiot—he probably thought that Ellie was his special friend! That could be the only explanation for the sheer amount of betrayal in his sunken green eyes.

“Enf, enf, enf, enf!” Ray grunts, thrusting his hips rapidly. “Speshew fwend feew suuu gud! Enf! Enf! Way wub! Enf!”

As Ellie squeals out beneath him about “bestest speshew huggies” and “wub speshew fwend”, Dummy continues to scream. He screams again and again, each scream more broken than the last as his voice quickly starts to give.

Before long, as “his” special friend continues to get fucked by another stallion, his voice breaks and doesn’t return; he contents himself by sobbing as hard as he can.

Every sob and scream falls upon entirely deaf ears, of course. A few more minutes pass before Ray suddenly jerks to a halt on top of Ellie. He pushes himself in as deep as he can get and lets out a cry of “Gud feews!!!”

Exhausted, he falls to the side off of Ellie, and takes a few moments to recover. Meanwhile, Ellie is prancing around, tail wagging, entire body wiggling with sheer glee. “Mummah! Mummah!” she screams excitedly, butting up against your ankles. “Ewwy am soon-mummah nao!!! Can feew tummeh-babbehs!!! Ewwy am da happiest fwuffy in da whowe fowebah! Ewwy wub Mummah an nyu speshew fwend Way suuuuuu much!”

You bend down to scratch her behind the ears. “I’m so proud of you, Ellie!” you praise. “You are going to be such a good mummah, isn’t that right?”

“Yus Mummah!” she agrees. “Am gon be bestest mummah, jus wike yu! An Way am gon be bestest daddeh! Bestest mummah an daddeh fo bestest babbehs!”

As you straighten up, your smile turns dark. You cast your dark gaze down onto Dummy, who is still sobbing to himself. As soon as he sees the look on your face, you can hear him shit himself in his diaper.

With a terrified squeak, he tries to scramble backwards, but you are much faster. Like a hawk, your hand swoops down and swipes him up by the back of the neck; you snatch his tiny, wiggling body up into the air. He squeals, trying as hard as he can to escape his impending doom.

Pinching his scruff tightly between two fingers, you hold him up to your face. “And now, you bad, Dummy fluffy,” you whisper maliciously, “it’s time for your punishment!”

Part 14


Emily broke the rule and tried to have babies without mummahs permission…



The rule about no special huggies was only for Dummy


Also, who is this Emily that people keep speaking of, lmao


I hope it’s a long con where Ellie at her golden years happily living her final moments only for her final moments to be agonizing


Man, the brutality of this series has been superb. I love it.


Normal hugbox is cute and wholesome. Selective hugbox is infuriating


after the end of irrational anger caused by your story, I can now say that I thought that the rule was that she can have babies on the agreed day AFTER the owner came home. I guess it was just a misunderstanding on my side


I am glad I can cause such rage in you, my friend! Albeit, not in the direction I was intending, but rage is rage!


i love this series so much. can’t wait for more. will the owner keep the other stallion? dummy gonna get rekt. please moreee


(post deleted by author)


God, it’s fuckin heinous how unfair this is. Ellie’s got no concept of loyalty and seems to be oblivious of the fact that dummy can’t even fucking take off the diaper, instead blaming him for it. Holy fucking shit. It’s truly infuriating, as if you took everything unjust and stuck it in here. As an abuser myself, I hope an unforseen development brings in a little chaos here that doesn’t go in anyone’s favour.

All you’ve done is prove Ellie’s lack of empathy, only valuing others for what they can provide her.


I couldn’t have said it better myself


Well now Ellie is hated.


I feel a lil sorry for Ellie, mainly because it seems this behaviour came from the MC’s raising of her, trying to dehumanise Dummy at any point she could.


I’ve been eagerly waiting for the next installment of Tiny Lives and this did not disappoint! Ray seems like such a gentleman and good boy. “I’ve only had Ray for a day, but if anything happened to him, I’d kill everyone in this room and then myself” - me

I can see Ray and Ellie being such a cute couple! White and yellow is also such a good color combo. I’m sure their babies will be beautiful. But I hope that if one of the babies is ugly, they treat them right. Bad colors doesn’t equal bad! Ellie would see that with Dummy, as he is a “bad” fluffy but he used to have purple fur and mane.

I love stories like this that are a healthy mix of hugbox and abuse. As I enjoy both. “Balanced, as all things should be”


Dummy’s theme song:


Whenever you have two characters where one receives everything it wants for it’s entire life, and the other is subject to constant torture, people will want the one who receives everything to suffer. Especially in this stories case, pain inflicted on Ellie would be akin to inflicting pain on the woman, kind of karmic retribution. The fact that Ellie is so callous to Dummy doesn’t win her any sympathy points either.


The dude deserved it for being a simp all his life


Did I missed the moment when Dummy gave all of his money to Emily on twitch? Weird…