Two-Faced Part 12 (By: CaptainPringles89)

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This post is brought to you by some Nintendo vibes.

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Yesterday I was running on like 3 hrs of sleep. Do not recommend. Don’t worry about me, I normally get more than 8 hours of sleep.

EDIT: Oh yeah, sidenote, I’ll be working on a project over the next few days for my summer school class. So I’ll be on temporary hiatus. Cheers!


I do like fluffy art that shows that fluffies have complex emotions and are basically very cute eternal children.


I like them as emotional creatures with a limited understanding of how to manage or reign in their own emotions.

Loving the comic dude


A fluffy up that high could easily fall to its death or break one or more legs.

Maybe that’s the plan?

Rudy’s not about to look over the edge and go “ah yes, this is a safe jump to make”. He may be dumb but he’s not that dumb.


(Ruby opens night stand and see mask ) DADDU WHAT DA FWUFF IS THIS (dad (I forgot his name or did he have one) reaction) Ruby I can explain (Ruby) FUCK YU ( pulls out ragging bull) (dad) NO WAIT ( BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG) (Ruby) awll fwucken done (walks out as house explodes)

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So adorable! This comic truly capsulates both sides of fluffy ownership - how fun they are to hurt, and how heartwarming it is to take care of them. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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(Bolt rolls up in a rolles roice)

Wets get de fuk outaa heree!

(Skkrts into the sunset)


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Why would you use a taurus raging bull for anything

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Because there big and powerful