Two-Faced Part 13 (By: CaptainPringles89)

This post is brought to you by a really good webcomic (that’s on indefinite hiatus and that makes me really sad).

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It has been a long time. For those wondering, yes, I burned out last year. Turns out daily uploads of comics does that to you (who would have guessed?)

There is no way in hell I’m returning to the breakneck speed of yesteryear, so expect maybe weekly parts? This one took a while, mostly due to me trying to figure out what I was going for a year ago, but I wanted to get something out soon.


Its back! Nice! I always did like this comic, look forward to seeing it continued! :smiley:


Nose right back to the grindstone, wow! And yes, don’t worry about uploading content on a fast paced schedule, we’re all just happy for any of your content at all here!