WE CAN REBUILD HIM (Federalchemical1728)

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He’s not brown, but I retro-fitted Rosco for BATTLE FLUFFS
I also didn’t realize that Toxic Fumes was already a flamethrower xD
i’m fine if he’s not allowed! im just vibing lol
(he’s supposed to be puke green but i only have so many colored pencils :skull:)

I figure someone found him in the trash & decided not to let all of his pit training go to waste :3c
  • Riley’s sorry poopies gave him an infection that cost him his eye and his lips (he’s constantly slobbering & can barely talk)

  • his knocked-out front teeth made the perfect opening for a flamethrower spigot & the skin on his tummy being scraped off allowed them to replace it with something stretchier

  • He’s got a pressurized gas bladder implanted in his belly to store the methane produced in his body & use it as fuel for his flamethrower (he smells TERRIBLE. ALL THE TIME. CONSTANTLY. he’s like the WORST farty dog you’ve ever met times a MILLION. also burning hair. literally just Do Not Breathe around him)

  • his terminator eye is just a laser pointer he uses to aim

  • the billow on his belly is an extensive skin graft that’s been tattooed (that means the skull & crossbones should be pink but i didn’t think of it until now :skull_and_crossbones:) the skin they used is super thick & rubbery, so when he’s deflated it looks weird & wrinkly

  • he don’t got a butthole no more. all of his poop is re-routed through his wiener so he can still give sorry-poopies, and he’s got robot legs to help him stand up & give sorry-peepee-poopies (no more bad enfies at least, THAT trauma stays nice & buried :+1: )

  • he has a braided rat tail

((i never actually thought i’d do anything more with the “antagonist” from Wumble in the Gumgle (still don’t have a better name for it RIP) but i was thinking about which of my ocs i wouldnt mind seeing fucking DIE & it snowballed from there & now i have a cyborg gasbag pirate with a terminator eye and a flamethrower in his mouth & i kinda love him. i have to move a Cali-King mattress tomorrow, pray for me :pray:))


Think this is simultaneously one of the nastiest and one of my favs

Also i absolutely adore his expression in the first pic

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So round 2 then.


He looks rad

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Honestly im thinking of letting the brown requisite go for Round 2
and instead go for lurid colors.
Like …,uh Xbox green

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CD was already talking about non browns for later stuff so that tracks.

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Oh yes xbox green, my favorite tone

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Awesome! <3

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bro i would be so fucking excited to enter him in round 2

i keep trying to think of a stage name for him & all of them are terrible

Burnie Brigadier
Rosco the Ruiner
Gasbag Gus
Firebreathing Fatass
Methane Menace
The Flaminator
Captain Blazebeard
The Jolly Rosco
Hameo Flotman (ive been watching deltarune playthroughs dont @ me)


so he shits out of his dick. pretty cool.

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i wish i could do that with my period