WHAT'S YOUR HEADCANON? ep6 10,000 special (by eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)

Welcome baaaaaack to WHAT’S YOUR HEADCANON? the show where I ask YOUR headcanon!

today is a very special episode, a celebration of 10,000 post in “image self-posting”

and to think, at one time we only had a handful of posts here, a handful of art and stories that some may still see to this day,

who know this may just be the first thing someone sees on this site!

but anyway all in all, we at WYH wanted to ask not about fluffys for this episode but about YOU! yes YOU! reading this on your screen right now!

here is what we ask…

  1. how did you start off in this community? tell us all the detail!

  2. how did you end up where you are now? share all your best and not so best stories!

  3. what changes have you seen in the community and want to talk about?

  4. what goals do you have for the future of the community?

  5. if you could say one thing to someone just starting the community what would you tell them?

that’s all folks. see you next episode!

bet you fell for it


1.Thread in random about fluffies. I was morbidly curious and just perused through the abuse comics/art. But it was the feeling that there was a great deal of lore that kept my attention.

2.Wrote some stories on my own before finding this place last June I think and started writing here.

3.Sadly some of my favorite creators have come and gone.

4.No real goals beyond a continuation of the fandom.

5.Create content because it’s fun, not because you feel obligated

  1. I started off as a lurker in Reddit and became more active in the community when I joined the website.

  2. I’m subscribed to “The Click,” so the first time I saw fluffies was when he made videos about it. At some point, he stopped making videos about them, so I went searching for more and ended up here.

  3. We went from anarchy to democracy. Depending on when you joined the fandom, some might consider this a good thing or a bad thing.

  4. I want to write more, maybe attempt to draw a fluffy again at some point.



Was opinionated about it, questioning why anyone would ever enjoy abusing small defenceless animals.

Then I got sucked into it lol.

A user named Dvli posted one of Mcgonagal’s works, it got me interested when the smarty was punished for his crimes of rape. Guess that’s where the Sadbox part of me grew.

Mainly growth, defining fluffies, and hugbox superiority. People on the subreddit started making fluffies only cute, look less like fluffies(Dragon fluffies, dear god…) and liking only hugbox, which is why I left it. Now due to our growth a bit of it spilled into the website, but the mods manage it well enough, so it doesn’t overwhelm the feed.

Live passed two years.

Have fun with every box. You miss out when you only focus in one category.

  1. I found r/fluffycommunity through r/yiffinhell, no idea what post but I know I spent the rest of the night digging through the sub, fascinated by these fucked up cartoon horses. I didn’t get to spend much time on the booru, but it was enough to mourn it’s loss.

  2. I wrote some really basic, entry level hugbox that never got published, Brookshire farms was really my first story. I thought it was shit, kinda burned out but from comments I’ve gotten recently and rereading it myself it’s less shit than I remember.

  3. The difference between the communities reddit, the booru, and this site is astounding. Totally different vibes. Personally I like it here much better.

  4. More. Just more, in general. More everything, more images, more stories, more discussions. Give me more.

  5. Just post it, even if it’s shit. Perfect is the enemy of good, and you godda make some garbage before you can make something good.

  1. I was searching for some art gore inspiration when I saw some fluffy art. First I was weirded out (it shits and pisses so much?! Why is it so ugly and dirty?!) but I looked at some art and text and liked it. I visited booru about 4 times I think

  2. As many, I come from The Click. I immediately recognised fluffies and after seeing the new art I decided to join the reddit and start creating! First just memes, then art and now comics!

  3. I’ll actually make a separate post I was planning. However as goes for community, the people are way kinder ^^

  4. Get people interested in my comics. I know it might not seem like it, but I actually have a large world in mind. Sadly, school is not allowing me to be as productive

  5. If you like cute but are repulsed by gore, or the other way around - stick with us. Us Creators are nice people. Mute tags you don’t like. Don’t be weirded out or offended - it’s all only fictional!

  1. I was looking for something in images, don’t remember of what and I came across an image of a fluffy. Lead me to the old site and then the Reddit. Then jumped into the rabbit hole.I

  2. I drew a fluffy being hung by their teeth and my AU grew from there.

  3. I wasn’t part of the old site. But I hear this one is healthier. People come and gone.

  4. Goals for the community. None. Myself. To get better.

  5. Just do your own thing and not what others tell you.

Question one

All the details you say? Hmm

I knew of 4chan thanks to internet historian and a /k/tard classmate who frequented the board that shall not be named before it became edgy 12yr old central. I couldn’t get into it because im a zoomer and couldn’t handle the UI. Don’t remember why but I went on 8chan bareback (no tor or vpn so my isp wasnt too happy) to see if it was any better and I spot of a very odd name for a board: Fluffy

Needless to say I clicked and because again, zoomer brain that can’t handle anything that looks like it was made before 2012 I didn’t really see anything so off to google images. I didn’t get it either but I liked seeing fluffies in anguish, the pic I remember most is of a foal begging for a human not to burn his teddy bear.

I forgot about it for probably a year, went back to google when I was somehow reminded of it and boom forgotten again.

Im not sure how I got to the community, I don’t know if I saw a video of someone talking about FC and how ABSOLUTELY HARAM it is or something else made me remember but yeah.

I found some of santanon’s work on derpiboru and loved it so much I tried to draw my own fluffies. Posted it on another similar boru and got recommended here by a very helpful user!

Question two

I tried to draw but I was never much of a creative drawer, not to mention i’m very much a perfectionist so I was rarely satisfied with my work, its why I used a whiteboard. Some point later, reading the work of Karn and BFM among many MANY others inspired me to try and write my own shit.

I mentioned earlier im not the creative type, I don’t know how to put it but im kinda like a creative leech. I take something someone else made and I really like and just kinda self-insert/fanfic it into something else. Obviously those works were so warped by my power fantasy they didn’t resemble the original and were nowhere as good. I also tried a few ideas of my own but I pretty much just typed what came to mind on my phone with no rhyme or reason. I for some reason also started multi work series which i never finished.

However not that long ago I asked the single question that has improved my writing and interest in writing (not just fluffy content. Writing as a whole): how much detail is too much? And thanks to the very VERY helpful insight of Ryou, SqueakyFriend as well as my two biggest inspirations for writing in the first place: Karn and BFM. As well as some very wise words from Virgil; I made my best work: What luck!

I’m very proud of that just because of how much better it flows, more fun to write and just overall better it feels compared to my other works, even if it does contain some mistakes because I never proof-read.

I hope to make more stories but being a university student (a very disorganized one at that) doesn’t make it easy.

Question three

Changes in the community? Well compared to my other paragraphs this answer will be short. I’ve been here for about a year but i’ve taken many breaks from fluffies, (Don’t want to make my post even longer with going into detail but basically I was obsessed and that was not good) so I’ve not really noticed any changes in the community itself.

Question four

Don’t know if this counts as a goal for the community but I have been imagining community works for quite some time. Things like a community made fluffy pedia, where we can write things like references for fluffies such as breeds, a collection of tropes, notable contributors and characters as well as just being a general guide to fluffies that can be used to find generalized and specific information for newbies and veterans of fluffies.

Ive also wanted to make like a collab that involves the whole community pitching in with their own style of work on a big story. A bit like sfm colabs if you know what im referring to.

Finally I think that a contract like section could be cool. Like a dashboard where people can just throw ideas for content from a single event to entire stories and authors and illustrators can do even more with them. Perhaps even voicing comics or making audiobooks? Especially if it’s well done with sound effects and all, I think it would make an excellent medium to supplement comics and stories.

Question five

Don’t hide your work from the world because you don’t think its good enough. Differing styles not only help distinguish your work but also make the community as a whole more colourful. Sure the “quality” is different but that does not make it any better or worse.

  1. Fluffy Pony General on /mlp/ in 2012 or so. Lurked for a year and became vocal/started making content in mid 2013. Was on The Fluffcast a handful of times.

  2. Came back to things last summer after curiosity struck, and was immediately impressed with the new heads of state. I saw The FluffCast was gone so I contacted Menthol who rung up all the other old men and we continued right where things left off. For my content creation I use a lot of my own difficulties and trauma to fuel the stories and characters I write, and use my half-assed drawing capabilities to explore the funnie side of floofies.

  3. Virgil and his cronies are the perfect staff. Balanced in boxes, soft-spoken and mature; these are top men. The community itself is overall nicer and far more open to newcomers (and women lol) than it used to be. I will say that fluffies have been flanderized to a degree, smarties and poopie-babies especially, and that’s a bit upsetting.

  4. Just more homies getting together and having fun. I hope the interest stays niche so the people that stay are the ones that are real “ride or die” mo-fos and not meme chasers.

  5. Fluffy pony is made for huggies and wuv. Fluffy pony drowned. Go watch The FluffCast.

  1. I’ll be honest I can’t remember how I ended up on Fluffybooru back in 2018, but I went through the usual thing. Disgust, then a strange curiosity followed by obsession and a strange love for the little community. At the time I was working at a certain popular pet store I probably shouldn’t name for legal reasons and it was so boring and dreaming up fluffy stories helped deal with the monotony of it as well as all the shitty facts about working there. After the booru died (May it Rest In Peace) I would myself wondering google looking at old images before the Fluffy Community was established- and I’m so, so happy about that fact.

  2. I’ll be honest my first story, The Life and Times of Bailey, was kind of trash. I’ve reread it and a lot of it was throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what stuck. Since then I’ve really furthered my writing style and I love my current story, Fluff and Co. I’m proudest of my art style, before my drawing was basic chicken scratch and now I’ve got an art style I’m really proud of.

  3. The community seems, less toxic than on the booru. I mean, Fluffybooru was great I miss the amazing archive who’s stories haven’t been completely refound yet- but the people could be really toxic sometimes- especially for the smallest things.

  4. I’m eager to see what else comes from the community, both the republishing of old stories and images from the booru and for the new ones. It’s great to see new life in the fluffy community.

  5. I’d say, welcome and- yeah we all went through that phase of “what the fuck is this?!?” but go with it, just go with it and don’t think about it too hard. Also there is no real headcanon if you don’t like it, make it your own!


1: Someone was derailing a thread on 4chah with ginger_fig’s stuff, and I couldn’t not go down the rabbit hole.
2: Browsed the booru for a while, posted a couple of very short anonymous works, then fluffies fell off my radar until last year, when I decided on a whim to check out the booru again, which is how I learned about it going down and came here. Lurked for a while, then made an account and started writing my first proper story, and everything else just sort of happened.
3: The site going down was the biggest one, I think.
4: For all missing content to be restored as quickly as possible, preferably before the world ends in nuclear armageddon.
5: “Proofread, proofread, proofread!

  1. A very disapproving post about fluffies on Buzzfeed. At first I was disgusted as hell, but then I decided I wanted to make an actual deep story involving fluffies. What I saw on the booru was at the height of trolls and p much only abuse, and I didn’t appreciate the fact that most of it had no story to it. So I developed more and more stories until I came to love fluffies.

  2. I considered posting the stories to the booru, but decided I wouldn’t be able to handle all the anon hate that happened back there. So I refrained from joining the community officially until about a year ago. My writing and art has evolved since then, and it’s all thanks to fluffies and the community.

  3. I’ve seen far less of a war between hugboxers and abusers. That is something I’m grateful for. People are way more chill here.

  4. No real goals for now p much, the community is genuinely chill.

  5. Have fun, use your imagination, and don’t be a jerk. And mute stuff you don’t wanna see!


1 and 2)
-Be me
-Look up memes on TV Tropes
-See their page on Fluffy Ponies
This meme sums the rest up nicely

  1. The recent death and revival of the site. Sadly a couple of artists I like (@Bad_Roomie and @FluffyOD) have not come back yet

  2. Hope people like my stuff. Also, get off my ass and make stuff.

Well, I randomly found some comic dubs in my YouTube suggestions. And they creeped me the fuck out. Which impressed me as I’m pretty numb to shocking content due to many years of heavy internet use. When that channel shut down, I went to the Reddit sub to get my tiny horse fix. Eventually that lead me here. And I don’t really have any goals. I’m just here for extremely melodramatic tiny horses.

And for new people, welcome to hell.


1: I found the subreddit by pressing random page and was curious about what the hell these things were. It was MagentaDemon’s Smarty Party which piqued my curiosity, watching these adorable little things be utterly horrendous to each other tickled my interest in the right way.

I read a bunch of comments about ‘The Booru’ and went on a search to find it, not realising it was already dead and gone. But I found this place instead and the rest is history.

2: Since my artistic talents are less than zero but I enjoy writing I started with a little abuse story about a mad scientist called Josef. That obviously grew way more than I expected and I’m happy that it did.

Personally I think my best story is Josef & The Technicolour Smarty Herd, it balances the best and worst of my Fluffy characters with Josef in his abusive element.

Worst is maybe Broken, I was still new to FC when I wrote it so I think I rushed the ending. In hindsight I might’ve been able to add a chapter or two to ease into the ending better

3: I think the biggest changes I’ve seen have been short term, someone comes up with a new Fluffy idea (I.e. Bread Fluffies) and everyone takes the concept and runs with it. These little theme moments brings the community together to alight the creative spark and try something new.

4: My personal goal is to finish, or at least get a good way through, Before The Storm. This is the biggest series I’ve done in any medium and I want to see it through.

5: This is a weird place, but that’s by design. Respect all the boxes and do t be a dick.

  2. Depression :v and the amount of attention that activity brang (and still bring) to me
  3. The content and the over use of some tropes and the vanishing of others
  4. To create a second serie that’ll finish even though it would not be as popular than the first one. (or just try to finish one I already began)
  5. Maybe propose more than just oc’s ? Don’t align with what people want. Give what people needs, not what they ask for.

Tell them not to look at your gallery when it’s November as well. (becky from WYH)

  1. how did you start off in this community? tell us all the detail!

i followed The Cringe Channel on facebook because it was 2013. they posted Ginger Fig’s abortion comic and as usual, the comment section was horrified. A comment said to never google “fluffy pony” so i googled “fluffy pony” and i found the booru!

I read through art, comics, and The Fall of Cleveland mega-story before finally drawing my own comic about fluffies starting a forest fire. For no reason, i wrote THRASH in the burning trees on one panel, and i went “ok, i guess that’s my signature!” and created my booru account.

  1. how did you end up where you are now? share all your best and not so best stories!

I’ve been off & on through the years. In 2020, public accounting & religious deconstruction swallowed me whole. But in November of 2021, i checked the Reddit and jumped back in!

  1. what changes have you seen in the community and want to talk about?

I’m glad it’s less toxic & more chill than it was on the booru!

The community has gotten huge! I remember it being great if your post got 30 likes, but now that’s more like 300.
Now there are Spanish fluffies too, which is crazy! Though i am not fluent in Spanish myself, even though i should be since i’m Hispanic, it warms my heart that the community is growing to encompass other languages! I am excited for a future where fluffies of all nations will sit at the table.

I remember when a Buzzfeed article came out in 2014 about this terrible new type of MLP fanart of fluffy ponies. I remember that a lot of us were so mad at the author for talking shit about us. Idk how many people the article brought in, but more recently y’all got the ear of The Click, and i feel like so many of us now came in because of The Click’s videos. That’s been super cool to see!

  1. what goals do you have for the future of the community?

For myself, i want to use the fluffy community to improve my arts and my understanding of the ways that we as humans are like and unlike fluffies. Some of the most poignant stuff i’ve read has been about these dubious cartoon horses.
For the community, i would love to see it keep growing and gaining publicity among curators of cursed memes.

  1. if you could say one thing to someone just starting the community what would you tell them?

Welcome to FC! I will echo y’all about headcanons being open. Pls be respectful & let’s build each other up!

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1 : Found out about fluffies sometime in 2018.
Don;'t ask me too much about details it’s hazy but i stumbled on the booru and was morbidly amused by the HTF like antics and lurked a good while.

2: Commented anonymously in 2019 a few times.
Drifted out of fluffies again in 2020 because of reasons and on a whim in september 2021 i wondered what fluffies were up to these days.
Shock and horror the booru was dead !
But I found this place in it’s stead and after some consideration decided to sign up and draw my own horrible fluffy abominations.
And here we are now.

3: The community is growing and the venom and spite of the booru is ebbing away.
There are no anon accounts anymore so people can’t comment and run anymore.
Either you decide to sign up to the community and become a part of it or become an island and get left behind.
Fluffies are becoming more then dumber then a sack of bricks and instead become somewhat smart but naive.

4: i dont have any goals really.
I’d just like to see the community grow, fluffies go in unexpected places.
And that we all have a good time here.

5: Just be excellent to each other.
Post fluffies have fun makes some friends along the way.

  1. how did you start off in this community? tell us all the detail!

A blog post that talked about how the booru was disgusting and depicted really horrific stuff, but also said that the bad quality of most of the art kinda dulled any impact. I just really wanted to see how bad the art was. (It was pretty bad.)

  1. how did you end up where you are now? share all your best and not so best stories!

After looking at a bunch of the art, I just started thinking “those guys are kinda cute actually”. Itched to try and draw one myself just to try it out, so I made some doodles and posted them anonymously. And then a bunch of comments fell in love with them so …

I had no real reason to stop coming by the booru, really. My interest waned and I wandered off elsewhere, is all - came back because Oculus contacted me and turned out to have loved my content, which I’d assumed had been forgotten.

  1. what changes have you seen in the community and want to talk about?

I’m glad there’s a better balance now! I remember I fell out of fluffies for a little bit, and when I posted new stuff people clung to me like an oasis for apparently being the only non-abuse content around. I felt bad for ceasing to visit again after that.

  1. what goals do you have for the future of the community?

Goals? I’m just along for the ride, really. I’ll draw if I want to, write if I think of a fun idea, and leave when I feel like it.

  1. if you could say one thing to someone just starting the community what would you tell them?

If you make a new OC, don’t draw them just standing there. Give us a way to see what makes them unique!