Who's Poopie Now? Pg 8 (Broken-seams)

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LIke I said on Reddit, the fucking gall of the bestesh to complain that ‘mummah nu wub nu mowe’ despite a literal rope holding her back is absolutely delicious and I fucking love seeing these two suffer because of their own idiocy.


One of the few ways it could be better is if the rope was slowly pulling the mother into a meat grinder.


If i did that Blossom definitely would have died, and we can’t have her doing that… yet


I thought it was odd the baby didn’t move using its two legs, then I noticed the green stuff around its mouth and front hoof. I was wondering if this is meant to be glue, rather than mucus. If so that would explain why this baby always has its foot in its mouth.

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It’s snot. Momo’s been so spoiled as the bestest that the thought she might have to do something to get what she wants, rather than it just being given to her, is a foreign and absurd concept in her miniscule mind.


Glue crossed my mind too, then I started thinking how great it would be to glue the pink bestest to the mother’s chest.
Position it so they are face to face and the baby can’t reach to drink milk.
Then continue forcing her to let the brown one feed every day while the pink one slowly starves while looking into her eyes.
The best baby would blame the mom for feeding everyone else, probably use one of it’s remaining front legs to smack her in the face often.


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Hahahaha also a second leg, hahaha.