Abandoned - Part 2 - By Hornlarry

During the night, the baby woke several times, making its horrible shreiking noise each time. Yellow would cuddle and sing to it, and eventually offer it some more milk. That seemed to work, and the fluffies and baby fell back to sleep. During the night, Yellow heard Piglet eating some nummies, and then heard him burping and tooting, before he snuggled up with them both and fell asleep again.

Yellow woke up from a wonderful dream. She had dreamt that her babies were born, and that they had been the most wonderful, adorable and beautifully coloured babies ever. Luigi had come back from Italy, and fed them all sketties, and they had all lived happily ever after.

When she properly woke up, she felt the warm hoomin baby next to her, but saw Piglet had got up already and headed out somewhere. She didn’t worry, as he often went looking for “early morning nummies”. It was just before dawn, and the rain had finally stopped. She got up and went outside to make poopies, then crawled back into the safebox, dragging her heavy tummy babies with her, and settled down to sleep a little more.

“Waaahh!” the hoomin baby cried, “Waaaah!”

“Dun wowwee wittew babbeh, mummah is hewe,” she said, snuggling up to the baby. It was hungry again, so she offered it her nipple, and the baby started to suckle. It was hungry, and drank all of her milk from one fluffy bosom, so she offered it the other. That seemed to settle the baby, so she snuggled up to it.

Piglet was gone for a long time. The bright ball was rising now, so Yellow decided to find some nummies. She waddled over to Piglet’s side of the box, to choose something from the feast that Luigi had left for them to eat.

“Wha?” she said to herself, “Whewe nummies gone?”

Yellow looked at the pile of nummies. All the salad and tomatoes had been eaten, and the giant carton of sketties, easily enough to feed four hungry fluffies, was empty. All that was left was stale garlic bread and pizza crusts. Just then, a ray of early morning sunshine illuminated the bottom of the safe box, revealing a trail of hoof-prints in the sketti sauce, leading outside.

Piglet had eaten all the nummies!

“PIGWET!” Yellow yelled, but he was nowhere to be found. Her yelling woke the baby, so she had to help it settle again. Later, she ate some pizza crusts. They were rock hard, but she had tummy owwies, so she ate them anyway.

Piglet felt very ill. He had woken in the night, and felt hungry, so he ate some sketties. They were cold, and not very fresh, but they were delicious nummies! He nummed and nummed and nummed, but still there was more sketties. So he ate some more. Then, he settled down to sleep, but kept waking himself up with burps and toots. Every time it happened, he thought it was a munstah, but then remembered, it was just the sketties, trying to escape.

Later, he got up and went for a walk, and made the most massive poopies he had ever seen in his life. It was enormous, and Piglet was proud.

“Pigwet am bestest fwuffy!” he told himself, and strolled toward the bakery, looking for donuts.

When Piglet arrived home, Yellow was mad for some reason.

“Eeeeew…” Piglet said, as he wandered back into the safebox, “Nu smeww pwetty… why nu smeww pwetty?”

“Babbeh hav made bad poopies in da nesty,” Yellow told him, looking angry.

“Bad-poopies?” Piglet asked, “Babbeh must make gud-poopies, ow get sowwee hoofies!” Piglet told the bad-babbeh, raising his hoof in the air.

“Nuu! It am ownwy wittew babbeh!” Yellow said, covering the sleeping baby with her fluff protectively, “Can nu make gud poopies yet!”

Piglet was confused, “Why Wewwow nu giv wicky-cweanies?” asked Piglet, wondering why.

“Wewwow can nu wick up dat much poopies… it am big babbeh.” said Yellow, snuggling its bald body.

Piglet blinked.

“Bu-bu-but big babbeh can make gud poopies…”

“Nu! It am too wittew fow gud poopies!” yelled Yellow.

It was all too complicated for Piglet’s brain to process.

“Babbeh am wittew… an big… at same tiem?” asked Piglet.

“Ye… yes,” his special friend told him, “It am big wittew hoomin babbeh!”

“uh… otay,” he replied.

“Anyway, Wewwow am angwy wif speciaw fwiend! Pigwet have nummed AWW da nummies!”

Piglet looked over at the carton of sketties. It had seemed so limitless in the dark of the night. Had he really eaten them all. It looked that way. Yellow would be mad with him for sure. Maybe she wouldn’t give him any more special huggies! Maybe she wouldn’t love him any more! He had to come up with an excuse, and quickly.

“Nuuu! It am nu Pigwet dat num aww da nummies! It am da babbeh!”

This time, Yellow blinked.

“Pigwet, da babbeh am too wittew fow eat da nummies… it nu have teefies yet…”


“Nu!” was Yellow’s curt reply, “Pigwet hav nummed dem. Pigwet am a bad fwuffy!”

“Pigwet nu am bad fwuffy,” said Piglet sniffling, “It am da babbeh… it towd me it am num aww da sketties…”

“It nu am tawky babbeh yet!” huffed Yellow, “Pigwet am a BAD FWUFFY!”

"Nuu! Nu! huu huu huuu… Pigwet am sowwee… pwease nu caww Pigwet a bad fwuffy… pwease speciaw fwiend… huu huu huu…

Yellow’s only response was to puff out her cheeks.

“Huu huu huu… Pigwet am sowwee!”

“Sowwee is nu gud enuf,” Yellow told him, “Dose nummies was sposed to wast… a week.”

Sniff How wong is a week?” asked Piglet, snuffling back his tears

“A week is…” Yellow began, “A week is… a WONG TIEM. Wooweegee is visiting hewd in Itawy fow a week. An dose nummies is aww da nummies fwuffies hav, an Wewwow need nummies for tummeh babbehs, an fow make miwkies for da nyu babbeh!”

Piglet sniffed again. He knew he had been a bad fluffy. He did not know it, but the word was ashamed.

“Wat can Pigwet do so speciaw fwiend wiww wuv Pigwet again?” he asked.

“Give babbeh wicky-cweanies,” was Yellow’s response.

“Bu-buu… Pigwet nu wan num babbeh poopies… it nu smeww gud!”

Yellow just stared at him until he started cleaning the baby.

“Huu huu… nu taste gud!” he cried to himself.

For the rest of the day, Piglet went out, looking for nummies, while Yellow stayed in the safebox, with the hoomin baby. Yellow had a brilliant idea. She found a pile of old napkins that Luigi had left in the alleyway, and put one of them under the baby’s poopie place. That way, next time it made poopies, she could drag out the poopy napkin into the alley, and replace it with a new one. They could give the baby wicky-cweanies without having to num too many poopies. Hoomin poopies did not smell pretty.

Yellow ate some garlic bread, and chewed on some more rock hard pizza crusts. She hoped Piglet would find some more nummies soon. She loved Piglet, but he was as dumb as a derped fluffy sometimes. Once, he had got his head stuck inside a bag of potato chips for a whole bright tiem.

Still, she hoped he would find some food soon.

“Fwuffy fwiend!” the big blue fluffy was saying.

Piglet looked at him. He knew some fluffies could be mean, but this one was saying “Fwiend.”

“Fwuffy name am Bwue, wat am fwuffy name?”

“Um…” Piglet said, “Bwue?”

“Fwuffy am cawwed Bwue? Dat am fwuffy name too!” said the Blue fluffy, “But fwuffy am gween… dat nu make sense.”

Piglet blinked again. “Fwuffy am nu gween. Fwuffy am Bwue!”

This time, the blue fluffy blinked.

“Nu! Fwuffy am Bwue, and Fwuffy am Cawwed Bwue! Fwuffy am gween… am fwuffy weawy cawwed Bwue?”

Piglet looked both ways. Something strange was happening inside his head. He had no idea what it was.

“Anyway,” said the Blue fluffy, “Wat am gween fwuffy doin?”

Piglet looked over his shoulder. Where was this green fluffy the blue fluffy was talking about. Then, it dawned on him.

“Ohhh… Bwue mean Pigwet, dat what fwuffy am cawwed.”

“Otay Pigwet fwiend,” Blue said, “Wat doin?”

“Pigwet am wook fow nummies for speciaw fwiend. Speciaw fwiend am cawwed Wewwow. Wewwow am soon mummah” Piglet told him.

“Oooh, dat gud. Bwue hav speciaw fwiend too, cawwed Wosie. Wosie hav babbehs awweady,” Blue told him, “Come wiv Bwue, Bwue know whewe find bestest nummies!”

Piglet looked at him sideways, then started to listen. He did not know it, but the word was intrigued.

Back in the safebox, Yellow was worried. Piglet had been gone for a whole bright tiem! It was dark now, and she was scared. Maybe meow munstahs had nummed him! Yellow remembered the meow-mustahs. They had come in the night, and nummed her brothers, and sisters, and her mummah! Yellow had been the only one to escape. She had been alone for the longest time, eating trashy nummies and crying herself to sleep. Then she had met piglet. He was a good fluffy! He found her nummies, and then he found Luigi.

What if he just didn’t love her any more? She shouldn’t have been so mad at him. What if he had a new special friend? And new babies? What if he never came back?

Yellow cried for a long time. She nummed the last pizza crust, but he still didn’t come back.

Yellow woke up. It was Piglet! Piglet was back.

“Pigwet! Pigwet back! Wewwow had scawedies! Whewe am Pigwet been?”

Piglet looked at her, and vomited all over the entrance to the safebox. Yellow was shocked, but then she realised, it smelled like, burgers! Piglet had found burgers, and carried them back to her in his tummy! Piglet was a smart fluffy sometimes.

Yellow nummed the tummeh-burgers, even though they tasted a bit funny. Piglet had also dragged back a box of fries, which they both ate together. Piglet told her about his new friend Blue, and Yellow showed Piglet her plan for keeping the baby clean.

“Wewwow wuv Pigwet!” Yellow told him, licking his face and giving him bestest huggies. “Wewwow am sowwee fow be mad. Pigwet am gud fwuffy fow find nummies.”

Later that evening, they both snuggled up with the baby and Yellow fed it milkies and sang to it again. All the baby did was sleep, eat and poop. It couldn’t walk or talk yet, but it was just a little baby, so that was to be expected.

“Wook! Wewwow! Babbeh hav open its see-pwaces!” Piglet told her excitedly.

The fluffies looked down at the ugly bald baby. It was smiling and gurgling a bit.

“Awwww… Wewwow wuv wittew hoomin babbeh,” said Yellow, “Wewwow wuv it wots and wots.”

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Well. The gross level increased dramatically in this chapter.

Also, I really thought that blue fluffy was going to trick him.


How the baby gonna learn to walk or even not even get sick from living in a ally


It only has to live like that for a week! Then Luigi can help think of a better plan


Sooo doomed. Or miraculous. This reminds me of a story I think @Oculusfluffy did. Did this one inspire you?

2 days down. 5’ish to go. :slight_smile:

Also anyone else think that piglet didn’t even mean to bring back/share the burgers in his stomach and just gorged himself? Was probably only gonna give her the fries till he threw up and then decided to split that.


@Chikahiro Just saw it, and a bit surprised. When I was combing the booru, I saw another story like it but it was a one-off. I don’t think it was HornLarry’s, as it was a one-off, whereas HornLarry;s story here has four parts. I think aprt of the reaosn may be because I was looking for stories that tagged with “humab-baby”.

Mummah Lucy was actually based off four pictures that I saw on the booru back in the day, as well as the overall concept of motherly love. I’ll have to reupload them soon. Also, that story ended a bit different from how Abandoned ended.

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