Avocado, the Foal in a Can by Carpdime

21878 - artist_carpdime can foal foal_in_a_can little_avocado released safe.jpeg


The first three images Carpdime officially dew of Avocado. SInce they flowed as a comic, I have decided to post them here as a group. The picture of Avocado entering his can, while the first to appear in the series, was drawn much later.


I’m fairly sure the first picture of Avocado in his can was the first ever depiction of a foal-in-a-can. I remember at the time there was a sudden surge in interest of this new topic. I had done a follow-up meta comic describing this new interest in foal-in-a-cans and it’s subsequent quietening down.

It still brings me a bit of joy seeing new foal-in-a-can works that follow the design I had originally come up with.


I plan to upload that! But it would be part of the “reunion” series, where Avo comes to terms with his own origin. I always felt that the story flowed when viewed as Foalcan Inc. dissipating, and Avo and his owner seeing the dilapidated factory

(also I haven’t gotten to that point in the story yet in my tribute Dx I’m still at Avo as a foal! )