Cherry and Brian, Chapter 8: Daycare Disaster (Star-The-Alicorn)

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During the whole moving-in process, Cherry and Switchy were left at a fluffy daycare center. This was so they wouldn’t get in the way of Brian and Gavin as they moved boxes, furniture and heavy objects.While Gavin and Brian worked, Cherry and Switchy walked around the large playroom.

Cherry’s eyes sparkled. So many bright colors! The walls were painted like a grassy field (But the lower part of the walls were padded in case any less-intelligent fluffies were to try and run through the imagery). There were balls, plush blocks, plenty of food and water, and other fluffies! It was like paradise.

Switchy’s first instinct was to survey the area and make sure the place was really safe. He worried about Cherry, who didn’t have as good an intuition as he did. Was there deep water to drown in? Abusive humans? Sharp objects on the floor? Switchy told Cherry “Stay hewe” and went to search the area. Thankfully, no danger was found.

The only intimidating thing there was a certain area bordered by a half-wall. It contained a time out corner, multiple sorry-boxes, and sorry sticks hanging on the wall. He heard one fluffy off to the side in an occupied sorry box sniffling. Thankfully that area was out of view of the playroom and the opening didn’t face the room, so fluffies wouldn’t be constantly intimidated by the objects. Switchy knew that as long as they were good, they wouldn’t need to enter that area.

Meanwhile, Cherry was bored. He’d gotten tired of waiting for Switchy to come back from looking through the area. His cheeks puffed and his smarty complex flared. He bet that Switchy had gone off to play on his own, and left him there! What a meanie! The red alicorn stomped off to find a toy to play with, his ears pinned back in irritation.

Not long after, Cherry found the doggy door flap to the outside area. It was so pretty! It was sunny, with plenty of trees and bushes to shelter fluffies from predators. There was soft grass that tickled his hooves when he walked on it, and plenty of outdoor toys. There was even a fluffy-safe jungle gym! Cherry began to race towards the climbable structure.

Practically blind with excitement, he didn’t even notice the large yellow earthie that stepped in front of him. “OOF!” He slammed into the huge earthie and practically bounced off of him. The earthie stallion puffed his cheeks and stomped his hooves, glaring daggers at the little alicorn that had crashed into him. The earthie’s two cronies (a medium sized dark purple unicorn mare and a burnt orange pegasus) snarled at Cherry.

“Wha’ dummeh widdle fwuffy wan’? Why wun into smawty? Gu ‘way ow get sowwy hoofsies!” The earthie stallion raised a neon orange hoof in a threatening gesture. The earthie’s underlings snorted and puffed, stomping towards the alicorn.

“Stoopie teeny fwuff, dis am Wemon’s wand!” The unicorn growled. Cherry guessed that she was referring to the yellow fluffy. “Widdwe babbehs wike yoo nu am wewcome hewe!”

“Nu am widdle! Am Chewwy!” Cherry shot back. Being called small made him angry with the other fluffies. He was a runt, sure, but the other fluffies didn’t have to point that out. It was rude. Cherry, being a smarty himself, began to snarl and hiss. His tail, bristling, swished side to side as he made a growling noise low in his throat like an angry cat. A desire to be the leader of these jerk fluffies arose in him. “Weave Chewwy awone! Nu do anyfin’ wong!”

The earthie (Cherry spotted a pink ear tag on his left ear that read “Lemon”. So that’s where his name came from.) pinned his ears back and snapped at Cherry, attempting a bite. Cherry instinctively lashed out with a hoof and smacked Lemon across the face, hissing again. Lemon jolted, dumbfounded that anyone would dare smack him like that. The underlings gasped. Then, the earthie seethed.

Lemon reared up on his hind legs, and knocked Cherry down, pinning him on his side. Lemon didn’t give a flying fuck that he was standing on Cherry’s ribs and making it hard to breathe. Lemon leaned down to Cherry’s ear and spoke through his teeth into it. “Dummeh widdwe awicown fucked up. Nu fwuffy EVAH hit smawty. Wemon am bestest fwuffy and yoo wiww weawn yoo pwace!”

The orange pegasus stomped up to Cherry’s face. “Wemon. Vewmiwwion wan’ punish dummeh munstah fwuffy. Wha’ shouwd fwuffies do?” The pegasus sneered down at him as Cherry was reminded of his past abusive mother. He felt a phantom pain in his leg and he whimpered. Memories flashed through his mind.

The purple mare didn’t help. She leaned down to his other ear and whispered “Yoo gon’ get wowstest huwties, munstah. Fwuffies gon’ bweak yoo weggies. Den hoomans gon’ haf to take ‘way yoo weggies so yoo can get bettah. Yoo gon’ be dummeh munstah nu-wawkie nu-weggie fwuffy!”

“N-NUUU! NU AM MUNSTAH! WEAVE CHEWWY AWONE!” Cherry wailed. “NU HUWT WEGGIES! PWEASE, MUMMAH! AM GUD BABBEH! HUU, HUU, HUUUU!” Cherry’s bad memories flashed in front of his eyes like he was at a theater.

Suddenly, Lemon’s weight was gone. Cherry shot up, gasping and heaving. His side would be bruised for sure, but he didn’t care. He shakily whipped his gaze around and was shocked to find Switchy in a fight with the bully earthie. He caught sight of Switchy battering Lemon’s muzzle with his hooves and gasped. The blood running from Lemon’s nose was as red as the earthie’s mane.

“WEAVE BESTEST FWIEND CHEWWY AWONE, MEANIE FWUFFY!” Switchy screamed. Cherry had never heard Switchy raise his voice before then. The lavender alicorn was a force to be reckoned with when he was pissed.

Eventually Switchy knocked Lemon far enough away to be able to run to Cherry’s side. The lavender alicorn turned towards Lemon, legs braced and tense. He snorted, glaring. No way was he gonna let anyone hurt his Cherry.

Wait, his…?

No time to think about that. Switchy shook his head of the thoughts and pawed the ground like an angry bull. Lemon got back up, eyes watering from the blows to his nose and charged, screaming in rage. Switchy wasn’t able to get out of the way in time. The huge earthie knocked him over, sending him tumbling. Cherry saw this and got absolutely pissed. He shot up and leapt onto Lemon’s back, clinging with his legs.

That’s when he heard a human voice on the other side of the large playground yelling “Hey, hey, HEY!”.

Lemon bucked to try and throw Cherry off, but Cherry bit down hard onto Lemon’s ear. The red alicorn tasted blood. The yellow stallion yowled in pain and tried to shake the alicorn off. Cherry leapt off, keeping his hold on Lemon’s ear. He dragged the earthie around refusing to let go, Lemon screaming the whole way. Eventually, Lemon gave in.


Cherry snarled but relented, giving the earthie a good hard buck to the hind legs to kickstart him. The earthie ran off crying, his subordinates following after him. Cherry limped towards Switchy, sniffling. Switchy was shaking, and trying not to cry.

Sniffle Meanie fwuffies am gone Switchy. Am yoo otay?” Cherry whimpered.

“Huu, owwies…” Switchy slowly got up, wincing. His pink eyes were teary, the fur just below them damp. “Chewwy an’ Switchy nee’ go see hoomans, make owwies bettah.”

They limped towards the building, making their way towards the doggy door as other fluffies stared at their injuries. On their way there, with one of the daycare staff running towards them, they realized something; If they were to survive, they needed each other. They were the only ones who could protect each other when there were such cruel humans and fluffies in the world.

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