Cinnamummah's Unhappy Babies #1 (Ace)

This is the first part in a prequel series to Cinnamummah, Star of FluffTV

**I highly suggest you read that first. **

All art is by @AmbitiousLeather8309 who has been a wonderful help through all of this

Cinnamummah had her on-screen babies and her offscreen babies. The public had only been introduced to those who weren’t actually her foals. They were bright colors and had good temperaments, a perfect little market tested crowd. Her own foals were dull and somewhat stupid. They were born only because as a mummah she was supposed to provide milk, and it seemed for all intents and purposes she loved them. The staff thought so anyways. She would sing them songs and make sure they never got into dangerous situations as chirpies and actually seemed to take nicely to them. One would think her own babbehs would be the only thing in the world she would actually like.

There were three foals in all. A male brown alicorn named Boco, a shit-green male named Ziggy, and a reddish-brown female with a golden mane and tail just like Cinnamummah herself. Some ‘brilliant’ guy called her Cinnamini.

“Mummah, wook! Boocoo pway baww!” Her little alicorn chirruped excitedly as he rolled around on a ball, tiny wings fluttering. This was rather late at night after all of the shows staff had left. If Cinnamummah needed anything, all she needed to do was press a button to summon a security guard who could get her food or see to a problem. The two other foals were sleeping, and Cinnamummah fixed the winged baby with a sour look.

She didn’t like babbehs. In fact, the only thing she liked was herself. To Cinnamummah, being surrounded by all the posters and merchandise of her smiling face was the only companionship she needed. The mare was about to scowl but instead smiled just like she did every day for the cameras. “Oh! Su, su nice! Good babbeh!” She cooed at him, Boco giving an excited tail waggle. Making mummah happy was the bestest thing in the world, maybe even better than milkies. She was so pretty, and smart, and nice. The fat mare scooped him up gently with her mouth and led him over to a chair, clumsily climbing on top of it and setting him down on the table.

“Otay, big Boocoo babbeh! ‘Ou wan learn tu fwy?” She asked him in the same doting tone always used on television. It was a voice a million fluffies heard every day to instruct them on how to use the potty or how to be nice. Boco nodded excitedly.

“Boocoo wan fwy! Wan make mummah happies!” He said, as Cinnamummah nodded to the edge of the table. “Babbeh make biggest jumpies!” Getting to the edge of the table though, he would feel some of his braveness leech right out. That was a far way down! It gave him scaredies and made him tremble, but Cinnamummah licked him reassuringly. “Is otay! Boocoo have biggest wingsies! Fwyin’ su fun!”

With that, she gave him a tiny nudge. Enough to boop him right off the table. There was a moment of brief glory where Boco’s tiny wings fluttered with all their might as his legs kicked about, and he give an excited ‘Cheehee!’. This was shortlived however as gravity caught up with the poor foal and sent him plummeting to the carpeting below. There were small pops and a terrible ‘SCREEEEEE!’, but that was it. Not even enough to wake up his siblings. Boco was left a broken pile of bones and seeping blood at the foot of the table. One of his eyes bulged out, legs giving involuntary spasms. His mouth moved, but the only sounds that came out where hackish wheezes. Cinnamummah trotted back to the nest with her other foals, and that was it. Boco lasted an agonizing two hours on the floor, but he wouldn’t be interrupting her sleep again.

The next morning the staff came in early as they always did. They were always up before the fluffies and one quick-thinking staffer had scooped up the crushed body of Boco and spirited away before Cinnamummah could ‘find out’. After waking up, the other foals having a suckle, she called out:

‘Wewe babbeh? Wewe Boocoo babbeh? Huuhuu! Wan widdle babbeh! Nee’ miwkies and wuvies!“ She stomped her hooves impatiently as someone entered the room. The mare was a complete bitch, a well-known fact to everyone who worked here, but that didn’t stop the intern dealing with this from feeling some sympathy. Anyone would feel at least something for losing a child, right? Even one of those biotoys.

“Oh, honey. We had to take little Boco to get special training to become a television star just like you! Isn’t that exciting? He’ll have, uhmm, lots of good times!” Cinnamummah fixed her with a tearful look but nodded. In reality the little intrepid foal was currently stiffening with rigor mortis somewhere in a trashbag next to some old Chinese food that had been left in the breakroom fridge for too long.

“Mummah wub es’powin babbeh. But am su su happies ‘fo Boocoo.”


Is she lying about not knowing what happened to Boco, or is she such a narcissist that she doesn’t even register she killed her own kid because he was too happy for her.

Either way, someone needs to dropkick this cunt.


The sorry combine harvester ain’t enough for her…

Time to bring the sorry XCMG xsc30/1200 mobile driller on cinnamummah


As neurotic as she sounds, why not a mix of both? She sounds pretty delusional and ability to lie to herself about this wouldn’t shock me. Also, not lying to self but just not giving a damn about equally believable, plotwise.

So, for this distance to have that result would make sense if the foals are 10x more fragile than a kitten. Are they fluffy eggs or fluffy wineglasses? XD


Fuck that, let rain the sorry napalm on her


See, with her ego, better punishment is to expose her shit-nanigens on Youtube.
Let her get canceled, then ‘canceled’.

“Needs more blackmail”


I kinda want her punishment to reflect on her vanity… shave her bald and pump her full of growth and lactation hormones to turn her into a fat milkbag and surrounded by foals shes forced to nurse day in and day out in the studio.


Show a recording of what she did to the public

Gotta hand it to ya ace … your story is really good but now … i think its time for her final act ~ to be one of … how to put it … oh right showing her as a twisted monster she is ~ and what bad fluffys get when they hurt their own babehs

She knows exactly what she did. Boco being happy didn’t even register on her radar, just the fact he’d woke her fat ass up.


Her inevitable curtain call will be a crowd-pleaser, I think


It’s like the classic “Fwuffy nu know”… but instead of referring the action to another Fluffy… she’s referring to her designated role.

She’s clearly lying and being narcissistic. Fluffies Mare’s would say their name whenever they try to express themselves and would only call themselves Mummah as a pre programmed responses to what their role is.


Sorry white phosphorus


Boco!! Noooo! :nooo:

Better put up as many cameras around her as possible. And once everyone sees her shit behavior, fuck her up. Slowly.


Don’t worry he’s in Skettiland now


I guess I feel a bit better… Oh but reading this makes my gears turn about ideas of corporate espionage


That’s actually an interesting idea for a story, a fluffy with DID who at night does horrible things, but in the day her “prime” personality winds up getting punished for them, even though she legitimately has no idea what she did.

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Yet again, Hasbio™ bioprogramming fails in the face of true character. No sublimating into “bestes babbeh” nonsense here!


I remember reading an old story like that. When the plot twist came that the fluffy had DID my brain exploded lol