Cinnamummah's Unhappy Babies #2 (Ace)

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Cinnamumma, Star of FluffTv

Cinnamummah’s Unhappy Babies #1

Customary shoutout to @AmbitiousLeather8309 (who has done all of the art for this series!)

After the death of Boco, the two remaining foals took it hard for the next few days. They loved their brother! He was always brave, knew the best ways to play, and they felt an empty place in their lives. After a few days of moping around and the fact that Cinnamummah had taken on more responsibilities with filming and couldn’t be around as much, they were given a gift. Their very own pillowmummah! Her name was Lacy and was bright pink with a scruff of a yellow mane and tail. At first Ziggy and Cinnamini were wary of her but they grew to like her quickly enough.

“Ziggeh ‘n Cinni su su gud babbehs!” She always told them, and meant it. Whether they were excitedly playing and rolling around or being instructed to use the potty, her heart blossomed with love as they learned and grew. She was there as they ate their first kibble, she was the one who always gave them wicky-cweanies so they would always be the cleanest little foals in the whole world.

“Wacy mummah, Ziggeh do twicks!” Said the little green foal, the male chasing his tail around excitedly. It wasn’t a trick and it wasn’t that impressive but Lacy wobbled back and fourth to show her approval. The only problem was that whenever he got excited, well, he began to shit himself. He tried his best to get to the litterbox but he had poor control over his bowels. The pillow couldn’t do much to clean up the mess, all she could do was give little Ziggy licks and at least try to keep him as clean as possible.

“Ziggeh pwease use ‘tu widdabawks bestest. Otay?” She asked him, Ziggy nodding excitedly.

“Yus! Ziggeh make mummah happy!” That being his true spirit but it wouldn’t stop him from constantly shitting all over everything. A staff person would be in to clean up the area, and the setup seemed to be for the best.

That was for all except Cinnamummah herself. You see, Cinnamummah didn’t like Lacy. She didn’t like the fact that her babbehs loved her more, despite her having nothing in the way of affection for them herself.

“Wowstest nu-weggie munstah! Nu care ‘fu babbehs wite!” The fat mare screeched during after hours. The shows staff had gone home and they were all alone. “Nebah show wittabox wite!”

Ziggy was trembling beside Lacy, not his real mummah. Real mummah was scary. After Boco had gone away, she had gotten even scarier. She was always mad and never wanted to play. All she did was yell and give owwies. Cinnamummah bent down to take Ziggy up by the mane and dragged him away from his ‘new mummah’, pinning the male down with one hoof. The baby gave a screech of fright, shitting himself in the process and making the haughty mare that much more angry.

“NUUUUU!” Lacy cried out, not wanting to see the precious little thing get hurt. She had really tried hard to have him do everything right. She didn’t have any weggies, or she would even clean up the messes he did make! “Nu huwt Ziggeh, he gud babbeh! Ziggeh wearnin’, nu huwties!”

This had been a process that Cinnamummah had repeated the last few nights. At first she had taken out her rage on Lacy itself, but it turned out you could give pillows lots of hooves or bites and they would mostly just take it. No, it hurt her a lot more if the babbeh she had stolen was hurt instead! So each night she came back and hurt Ziggy. Usually by pressing down on him with one hoof, sometimes hard enough for him to throw up and completely void his bowels.

“Dis ‘ou fawt! Bad nu-weggies babbeh thiefy!” More and more tears were streaming down Lacy’s face as she watched Ziggy being crushed. Cinnamini had tried to get her real mummah to stop in the beginning, but it was no use. Unless she wanted to get a hoof to the face, it was better to just hide and act like nothing was going on.

“H-Hewp! Mummah hewp!” Ziggy cried out to Lacy, looking to her pitifully. The pain and fear was evident in his eyes. Cinnamummah became even angrier over this. “Bad babbeh no wub Cinnymummah? No wub mummah who gib bestest milkies?” The hoof came down even further. More than it had any previous nights.

Lacy had wobbled over at this point. Was trying to wriggle and shake toward the two. “Mummah hewp! Mummah hewp gud Ziggeh!” As much as a pillow could, she would move slooooowly toward the two. It was too late though. Ziggy had been crushed. The foal was still alive, but his spine had been badly damage. He lay limply on the floor as Lacy got close, Cinnamummah stepping off of him and watching as the pillow pitifully gave him licks and nuzzles.

“Bad babbeh bwoken.” Cinnamummah stated matter of factly. No matter how much love and affection the pillow gave, he wouldn’t ever be stepping up again. His speech had been reduced to pitiful cheeps and chirps. The mare looked down to the pillow, nudging her with a hoof. “Bad nu-weggie munstah num babbeh now. Num ‘da poopies!”

Lacy gave a mewling ‘nuuuuuu!’, before Cinnamummah turned to look at her remaining foal. “Bad mummah make babbehs get lossa owchies! Cinnymineh nu deserb it, but…” The implication was clear: If the pillow didn’t do exactly what she said, the remaining foal would get hurt too. Closing her eyes, Lacy opened her mouth and began to nom the babbeh. She tried to think of it as anything else. Kibble, maybe. Or even spaghetti. When she had first got here she had almost gotten spaghetti. She had been so close to the bowl left behind by the show staff. So close yet Cinnamummah had marched up and gobbled it all up, despite practically eating a bucket of the stuff just moments earlier. Nummies didn’t chirp and peep though. Nummies weren’t something that had given you hugs and made your heart feel as bright as sunshine. Blood trickled from her mouth to the floor as she chewed up the helpless foal. Taste ceased to exist. All the sound in the world turned into a dim buzz. She refused to open her eyes.

“Wan die.” Was all she could say, or feel. ‘Wan die, wan die, wan die’. Over and over again. The pillow was broken. All of the hope or brightness in the world was gone.

Cinnamummah seemed happy with this. Trotting over to her basket (and scooping up the shaking, sobbing Cinnamini), she would curl up and wait for the morning.

“Holy shit…” A staffer mumbled upon seeing the scene in the saferoom in the morning. Both Cinna’s were still sleeping, and there was the pillow. Blood and patches of fur surrounding her. Still mouthing ‘wan die’ in a voice that had grown hoarse under such repetition. The staffer grabbed the pillow up by the scruff of the neck and hauled her out, sending another person in there to clean up the mess.

Twenty minutes later Cinnamummah and Cinnamini were awake, the older of the two clicking a hoof on the floor with agitation. “Ziggeh babbeh! Wan Ziggeh babbeh!” She called out, and just as before she was given the same explanation: He had been sent off to learn how to act just like Boco!

“Oh? Boocoo babbeh and Ziggeh togeda? Su su nicecies. Mummah su pwoud! Cinnymineh be actin’ babbeh tu?”

Cinnamini gave a shiver against her mummah’s side. “N…nu….” She said in a small voice. She did not want to go where they had.


Would you lend me cinnamummah to do horrible, HORRIBLE Stuff to her ?


We’ll get there. But first we need to find out what happens to Cinnamini :smile: I’m sure she’ll be just fine


Never did I think I would wish Mongola and Crimson on a fluffy, but here we are.

C’mon changing ratings and Cinimini taking her place while the sociopathic shitrat gets milkbagged…


You’re saying you want Cinnamini to go to acting school?

Careful what you wish for :foal:


I am here for her devastation. That is a HOOORRRRIBLLLEEE Fluffy. Please ruin her when you get to that point.



Lacy! Ziggy! Why! Why!


Rip cinnabitch’s tits off and take her to death. And even then that’s not enough. She should die slowly and painfully. Hell let her get eaten alive.

Sounds like Cinnamummah needs a very violent face lift, not enough to kill her but to make it so she can’t stand to look at herself.


Dude, brutal writing. Love it!


I’d shave the fat blob of a diva bald and have her on the streets… no even vetter id turn her into an enfie mare milkbag too… first by paralysing her limbs by jabbing a needle into her neck

“What are you thinking Crimson, how do we deal with this one?”

“Wittew wape an towtuwe am awways gud fing. Can chokies da kunt on Cwimson dik.”

“Hmm, too simple, she deserves a slow death.”

“How bout fwayin? Daddeh take dummeh bitsh skinnies tiww she pinkie dummeh.”

"You son of a bitch, I’m in.


What a loss. Qualities such as that portend a merry, extended fluffy life.

Pillowfluffs are Happy Fluffs!

Relatively basic, of course, but she has the right Abuse priorities :smiling_face:

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“Yu gon eat da skin?” Habanero asked, mouth watering. Howard Zimmerman was in the TV showing off Mexican fluffy chicharon versus Los Angeles fluff rinds.


Hopefully the Cinnabitch will get what’s coming to her.
When it comes the bitch better be awake and aware of every agonizing moment until she expire.

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I’m just WAITING for the day she gets hers. It’s gonna be worth it :sunglasses: I would suggest socially starving her first. Narcissists like her thrive off hurting and controlling others. Without that, they’re nothing.

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Uh oh… She’s gonna die, isn’t she? reads on She just wants to.