Cinnamummah, Star of FluffTV (Ace)

Imagine something as being less than a fluffy. No, really. What pathetic creature could rate less on the scale in significance? Who could actually be cowed and pushed around by the existence of one of those biotoy freaks? Why, only the human co-star of FluffTV’s biggest celebrity, Cinnamummah.

His name was Jake. Not that anyone knew that, though! Whenever the credits rolled for each episode of ‘Cinnamummah’s Happy Babbehs’ he wasn’t even credited by name. Instead they listed him under his character…Bad Mummah. You see, the program was incredibly standard by anything you would expect from FluffTV. There was the ‘good mummah’, played by Cinna, and she would do all the things expected out of the role. Patiently fed ‘her’ foals (actually just pulled from random litters and had been market tested to Hell), taught them how to use the potty, and would sing songs and play simple games. The draw to the show and what made the fluffies apparently go wild for it though was Bad Mummah. It was Jake squeezed into an incredibly ill-fitting pink fluff suit, trotted out and made to do all the things bad mummahs would be expected to do. Talking back, being rude to babbehs, generally causing a ruckus. This would cause all the real fluffies in the room to inevitably give him hooves and shit all over him as a reprisal.

Cinnamummah was a cash cow, Jake was just a loser in a suit. Even now as he sat in the studio breathing in the dank fumes of shit and sweat which would never leave it no matter how deeply it’d been washed, he could barely look at her. The fat fuck waddled around before the cameras came on, demanding this and that from everyone she came across.

‘Skettis, nowsies!’ She pranced across some poor boom operator’s foot.

‘Teww Cinnymummah compwiment!’ The mare demanded of one of the people stocking a craft services table. He mumbled out something about how pretty her mane was before she was satisfied, seeking out her number 1 victim.

Everyone who worked for this production had been told to just give the fluffy what she wanted. To put up with whatever nonsense she came up with because she made too much money. There were product lines ranging from diapers to foal formula with her mug plastered across it, a full animated movie, whatever they could put her into, they would! Most people were mildly annoyed at the bitchy creature but there was one person she really loved to stick it to.

“Bad Mummah so uwgy! So poopy, stinky, ugwy!” Cinnamummah sang out in a mocking, lilting tone at Jake’s feet. He regarded the chestnut-furred mare clicking a perfectly polished, pink sparkly hoof against the floor. It took everything in his power to not say the obvious: That she would have been kicked into a dungheap by her littermates if God actually existed.

“Hi, Cinna.” He mumbled from behind the heavy pink felt shoved over his head.

“Name am Cinnymummah! Say name wite!” She sneered, giving him a look that he wanted to rub off her face with a belt-sander. Yeah, once the cameras were rolling she could put on the most innocent and angelic expression but when they weren’t? A purely pompous, grandiose face that he didn’t even know fluffies were capable of before this.

“Cinnamummah. Let’s uh, have a good show huh?” He asked. Good guy Jake. Trying to make things go smoothly along even as he felt something like an acid wanting to leak through his stomach with the pure hate which was building up.

“Ou gun git wowstest poopies.” She assured him, holding her head up high with her nose pricked to the air as if she’d just come across a particularly loathsome bug.

So the show began. The foals had to be brought in from a separate area, mildly sedated. Why the need for the separation and drugs? If the cameras weren’t on and she wasn’t acting, the star of the show would beat the absolute piss out of the babies and subject them to any abuses she saw fit. They were normally terrified of her. If they weren’t souped up on a happy pill previously, they would be shitting themselves out of fear and trembling.

“Mummah wubs babbehs, babbehs wubs mummah!” She cooed and prattled on to the foals who were allowed to suckle from her teats, eyes glassy and movements somewhat stiff. “Oh nosies! Cinnymummah see…Bad Mummah!” That was Jake’s cue to shuffle onto the scene, ready to deliver whatever half-baked evil had been cooked up for todays episode.

‘Am Bad Mummah! Hate babbehs!“ He delivered in a high-pitched squeaking voice, kicking over a pyramid of blocks and doing a tiny dance of celebration. Dancing like a jackass was a trademark of Bad Mummah, along with what came next.

“Cinnymummah ‘n babbies gun git bad mummah!” The overprimped lard creature announce, standing up and shepherding the foals over the man in the suit. He stood there, arms flailing around. “Nu can wun! Move weggies move!” Came his defeated cry, dreading what would inevitably come. Turning around, tailing lifting, he would get blasted by a rancid blast of fecal matter from the brown mare. The foals each took turns leaving a turd on his furred feet, and they would do a celebration dance of their own.

The show was over. He’d been sprayed down with a hose like a dog while still in the suit, the higher-ups not wanting shit to be tracked everywhere. Once in regular clothing and breathing a sigh of relief, he went to the craft services table. Well, beside it. You see, people didn’t want the guy whose job it was to be shit on to be eating from the same table as them. Gathering a plate of fingerfoods from what had been allotted to him, he went off to find the star of the show.

‘Hi, Cinnamummah? It’s Jake. I just wanted to say, great show!“ They were in her safe room. She lived at the studio and rarely left except for tours to sell merchandise and do meet and greets with her audience and the insane people that owned them. The safe room was decked out in all sorts of stuff with her face on it. There were also various television awards scattered around, glinting mellowly in the soft light of the room.

“Can I ask you to do something though? Can you, uhmm, be a little nicer? I mean, it would really help me a lot.” Jake gave the nicest smile he could muster at the butterball gremlin, who was now seated on a silk cushion.

“Nicesies? To Bad Mummah? Hmm….Cinnymummah hate bad mummah.” She told him with a smile that basically said: ‘Go eat a bowl of nails’.

There was nobody here. And he needed this fucking job, but it wasn’t going to last much longer if he had to take this on a daily basis. Lowering his eyes to the ground, he’d ask: “Please?”

“Bad Mummah say pweasies? Su su funny! But Cinnymummah…is good mummah…so maybe if you gib hoofsies a kiss.” She said, waggling out a sparkly hoof. Jake would eye it. OK, the fluffy version of kissing a ring. Hasbio were sick fucks, but he was about to throw away his dignity anyways for a chance of peace. Bending down, he pressed his lips to the hoof while thinking about anything else. It was just then that she let out a piercing screech.

“NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! BAD MUMMAH TOUCH CINNYMUMMAH NO-NOS!” She screeched, rattling around the cushion as if someone had put a livewire to her. Jake looked to her, shocked. Dumbfounded. What. The. Fuck. The screaming had quickly summoned a few of the staff. “Bad mummah touch no-nos! Cinnymummah say nu, not nice!” She sniffled to the crowd which had begun to gravitate to the area.

Jake felt hands clap around his shoulders. He had any kind of chance to redeem himself by punching a few of her teeth out seized away. “N-No….no, no, no! I didn’t do it! I…she’s a fucking liar!” The man called out, as security hauled him off. The waterworks issuing from Cinnamummah’s eyes immediately stopped as she got what she wanted. In fact, since everyone was so focused on Jake, they didn’t get to see the smile she gave him as he was hauled off. Be nice to Bad Mummah? This is what you get for even asking.

“No! I don’t fuck fluffies! I didn’t do it! NO! NOOOOOO!” He screeched, trying in vain to defend himself.

Cinnamummah would have a new co-star and maybe this one wouldn’t try and stand up for themselves.

Special thanks to @AmbitiousLeather8309 for the art. I love it and it fits the character perfectly. Thank you for reading and if you’d like more of this, please tell me!


NGL I had an idea for a fluffy reality star like honey boo boo that like “sgetti buttah” and this is giving me inspiration.


Yeah … uh… anyone got the following

  1. Sleeping pills
    2.rat poison
  2. Bomb
  3. Hammer …
    Cause b!tch gonna get it

When the good man breaks, the devil shivers.


He did not have sexual relations with that fluffy.


She really need a visit of mr sorry combine harvester


Said in the voice of Bill Clinton.

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Wonder where it all went wrong :money_mouth_face:


I wonder how many times she has done this before, and how many times she gets away with it, haha.


That’s it cinnamummah is becoming real mummah get me a stallion some duct tape and a lemon


She will age soon enough, when she wont be “pwetty” enough for the TV, then the alley ferals will soon set things right, oh the sweet moment she prances into a feral herd demanding compliments.



I would like to see a story where Cina somehow ends up in the real world, maybe her next co-star doesn’t take her bullshit lying down and make her “disappear”?
It would be funny to see her trying to throw her perceived importance around while interacting with feral fluffies and then when she’s at her absolute lowest on the verge of going “wan die” she’s taken in by a nice human…who turns out to be an abuser.


Funny thing is she is a real mummah, but is too much of a bitch to even want her own babies


Fuck that, send cinna straight to THE ENFIEDOME


Off with all their fucking heads.


Good lord, she’s insufferable!


Way to smart for her own good. Dude brought it on himself though, approached a TV star in an attempt at being treated like an equal.


Well I did…

Not my cup of tea.