Cowd Tyms Bwues 3 ( by: FallenAngel )

Title: Homsie


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Ha ha, wow! I fell for the switcharoo sadbox ending so hard!!! Beautiful.

Also never stop drawing those climbing foals”, because I need them in my life.


Yet another falls to lady winters embrace


They died happy, in a way.

That last dopamine rush before the end, better than how most Fluffies go


Idk if you’re open to suggestions but heres an idea that just occured to me… a small herd or family or micros resorting to cannibalism out of desperation. They are snowed-in and cold except for some exposed piping that leads to a main house not too far away.
Sorry if im awkward trying to paint a picture, picture the herd not only trapped with limited resources but only one small place is warm because of a generator’s pipes. Tensions are an all time high especially if a family or singular fluffy hogs the warm spot and food scarcity they become something like a Fluffy Donner Party resorting to eating each other or their own waste to survive.

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A little Match Girl moment. Genuinely sad.


You’re alive!


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Once again nature shows us that these shitrats will not survive the world


Damn, that’s cold.

Get it?


I’ll give them a home.

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Fell for this but still pleasantly surprised lol

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The climbing is super adorable. It makes me rage in the best way. =)

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imagine if it ended like this.

“nice mistah”: ah so here’s where I left my wallet.

Orange Mare : Nice Mistah Am BaKk YAY!

“nice mistah”: huh? Your still here?

Orange Mare : Yus nice mistah, but babbeh’s and speciaw fwen go Fowebba Sweepies bu, Mummah stiww hew. wiwwu tak fwuffy to nu homsie?

“nice mistah.” : yeah, raising a whole family of fluffies is too much effort for me; see, I found out micro fluffs are a lot easier to raise. you’re no longer my preferred pet.

Orange Mare : Bu… Fwuffy waited fo yu…Famiwiy waited for fo you. we awways waited…

“nice mistah.”: I’m sorry but I just don’t need regular fluffies anymore. ( nice mistah walks away)

the mare fell on her frozen rump, held out her hoof, then falls on her face as she succumbed to the harsh winter.

( yes I got it from a vgcats comic.)