Fluffle Cakes (The 2nd Great Breadfluffy Bakeoff Entry) (By: GreaverBlade)

Fall is a fantastic time to get out to the last fairs and carnivals before winter comes in. Today we’ll discuss a fair-favorite-food, the Fluffle Cake!

A fluffle cake is a deep fried batter-foal coated in powered sugar. A classic treat loved by young and old, the are surprisingly simple to make.

First, a sweet-roll dam is required. Set her up on a clean surface and position her back end over an open deep fryer. Ensure the fryer has come to a rolling boil.

Though awaiting a natural birth is possible, it’s generally unreliable. Sweet-roll dams are generally eager to get their babies in to human tummies, so an induced birth is generally the preferred method. With practice, and experienced fry-cook can give a single sharp squeeze and get a single foal out at a time. Be prepared to gather any extra, as the dam may go in to distress of a dough-foal is wasted. “Babbehs am best nummies!”, after all.

Leave the dough-foal in the oil until the edges start to brown. Remove from the oil with tongs and pad with paper towels. Cover with a liberal smattering of powdered sugar, and serve on a large napkin!


I both love it and am deeply disturbed.
I don’t want my food talking to me, let alone asking me to eat it lol.


I feel like, more than usual Fluffy pregnancies , this one requires some safety glass.

Unless you wanna explain that you got third degree burns from helping your bread loaf give birth


I prefer to eat each leggie, then the tail, then work my way to rear and save the head for last. The tiny smile before it goes in my mouth is always a day brightener.




So, no Restaurant at the End of the Universe for you?


(ooc: I think I wouId have enjoyed this more if my internet didn’t have a hiccup and it had to do a Iong reIoad so I went t take a shit myseIf before reading. xD )

WeIcome Aboard Contestant #3. ~Hands paper~

MeanwhiIe im picturing abuser/industriaI versions of this with these dams at up 5+ surronding a cyIinder that they birth into that HoIds the foaI batter and then they just hoId a button to drop out bits as needed (potentiaIIy mixed foaIs or partiaI foaI bits etc).

Wait until I work up cream-filled fluffy-Twinkies, on sticks, and deep fried.

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I want it.