Foal In A Can production guide by Carpdime

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This is the guide Carpdime drew regarding how Foalcan Inc works, which can also be seen on the reddit.

I am uploading this to complement the story of Avocado’s birth in the factory. It also serves as background for my tribute series to Avocado, of which I will upload the first chapter in a few hours.

(the Complementary piece will be linked ehre later)

A minor note - the standard amuptation procedure was one written and illustrated by jberg.

Edit: The Jberg picture can be seen here: Rack-mount fluffies (Artist: jberg360) (Fluffybooru id: 22696)


This really shows how pitifully helpless the little foals are in the gears of business, right from the birth. Callous an impersonal tragedy at its finest.


Thats what makes the story of Avocado even more beautiful, at least for me.


Awesome as always from Carpdime. I’m pretty sure that gestating fetuses don’t produce urine or feces, though, since nutrient and waste exchange is handled by the umbilical cord. Artificial lifeform or not, I’d think this would still hold true for fluffies.


Why get rid of foals with patches of different fur color those may sell for a lot


Your newborn are so cute. I really liked the one in the discard illustration. I wanted to take it home to love. Not sure why it was unacceptable, but I guess that is just the fluffy verse/world. Still they can make money on the discarded ones somehow.? God, I want the pink one with purple spot on belly.


Would have thought the mares would be tube-fed. If they went into ‘wan-die’ mode they would stop eating from the tray, or if it was fluid enough try to drown themselves.


That’s a good question. I suppose the additional labor isn’t see as justified versus potential ROI. Probably easier to just have a homogenous product line that’s predictable. Marketing and accounting informing management that’s mass producing a product.

That said: for story and art ideas it opens up a lot of fun possibilities for every Box preference.

A fluffy could have coloration similar to a late, beloved pet. There could be “hot” patterns and color combinations (Siamese fluffy please!).

Another could have an unfortunate one that causes it to be rejected (there was a great old Elf Quest comic about a human adopted by an elf with a big birthmark on it’s face). Maybe humans don’t like it. Or fluffs don’t. Or nobody does.

Maybe it’s a sign of a prophecy or something, real or imagined. Maybe it’s a bad omen. Maybe it’s a good one!



@Thatmotherfluffer @Libra @Chikahiro

The way I see the foal-in-a-can production is that it is the epitome of the complete industrialization of the fluffy pony as a commercial pet. I have seen the story as a progression from an earlier story that Carpdime did called The Last Baby. That concept is not exactly new as writers like Mayclore and artists like Meh, Fillialcacophony, Ginger_fig and KMEB al depicted the difficult nature of fluffy mills, and how they’d mirror real life puppy mills. But the foal in a can takes it a step further, by having mares completely deprived of everything in order to churn out foals in as industrial a method as possible, and “canning the foals”, making no better than a toy.

So if we consider it from a harsh utilitarian and productivity-oriented focus that sees fluffies as only a “product”, a defective product would be discarded. Yes, we should feel sorry for the discarded foal, but the reality is that in an overly-industrialized scenario/narrative, the product that does not “fit in” is discarded.

And yet, I feel that Avocado is special as a character because he develops despite this origin. He becomes more than “just” a product.



This is just horrible