Fwufftobah Day 8: Hope Art by:gr1m_1

Day 8 of Fwufftobah! Some (false) hope art! Definitely will come back to colour this eventually!

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Please, just one obvious panel…
That would be the cream of le creme…
The cheeks puffing, the enthusiasm…
I only ask for, the resolution. Thank you.


Such an unnecessary sacrifice… D’oh! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d imagine the water-wings will stand out quite nicely against the water?


Haha, typical fluffy stupidity.


Awesome all around!


~Human cannonballs into the pool ejecting both from the water as the foal barely survives~


Pfffttttt lmao well he had spirit


Dummeh mammeh, you weawing fwoties. You nu need hewp.

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I love you soooooo much

I’m new here. Beginning to understand why their instinct to have babies is so overpowering.

They’re too stupid to avoid extinction, only way the species could hope to survive is to have a way too strong need to reproduce.

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Well, that’s one foal less she has to food I guess.

Yeah that’s a thing and they hoping the next generation is a little bit smarter than the last generation. Sometimes can a stupid mare having a few really smarter foals. Mostly the stupid mare is to stupid for understanding that. Because if they are physically different then her (having wings or a horn or both) or have a colour she doesn’t like she gonna use them for abuse, or when the food supplies are low. Also if she decides for letting them live they become the “poopie babbeh” and later the “poopie fwuffy” of the herd. Only if the “bad babbeh” get enough food from the mare. If she didn’t get enough food from her mother first in form of milk, later solid food, the foal died. They gonna use them to let them eat the shit of the others because they don’t like them (otherwise it becomes their job for holding the nest proper). This is mostly the case if they have a brown, dark grey or dark green colour or something similar. If they have a brighter colour or no “poopie colour” then they become the “munstah” of the herd. They are in rank slightly higher as the poopie but not that better in privileges. If these are really smart enough then they mostly left the herd for starting their own herd or finding a new home if they left the herd or there mother on young age. Most of them have higher survival chances because their ability for survival is mostly better because there mother treated them poorly. So they mostly succeed in their mission. But the world is hard so they have also a possibility to fail and gonna die.

There are also other cases. Where fluffies never gonna get respect. Like the retards who are born with a mental or physical disability, mostly mental. They get in a lot of cases more respect then the poopie. Sometimes they are the same as the the munstah in rank sometimes, higher and sometimes lower. It depends how the herd treat him/her also it depends on their actions to. Then the last on the list that are the lowest in rank of the herd, they are the “enfie babbeh/fwuffy” or other term the “enfie pall”. In a lot of cases they lower as the poopie, sometimes the same rank as the poopie (it depends how the herd look at them). They get raped when they where foals by an adult fluffy. Then there phiromones they make as foal change in the enfie pall phiromone. This is something what happens if they are to young for “special huggies”. Also this happens when a adult fluffy is to horny and don’t find another adult fluffy. In that case they rape a foal. That make the unlocky foal the “enfie babbeh” even it was first the mare her “best est babbeh” if she didn’t look at the foal and it happened she gonna treat her “best est babbeh” as a “enfie babbeh”. That’s in their biosystem what a human never can change. Even the “enfie babbeh” was the victim they gonna treat him/her it was their fault.

I hope you like the information and if you find a typo fault or another grammar fault, I’m sorry because I’m typing this on my phone and sometimes don’t help autocorrector me. The second thing is, English is not my first language.

Pathetic, I love it