Headcanon Backstory/Scraps of a comic (AmbitiousLeather8309)

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Most people might not know that Dr. Helen Phillips filmed a lot of the earliest Fluff. tv content herself, right in the basement labratory of her home. The sets were old canvas curtains, painted by Dr. Phillips and little Margaret in happier times.

“Doctor Maggie” had grown out of the fluffy pony phase long ago. The young woman resented every minute she had to spend wearing a costume which (in more ways than one) no one longer fit. A young, brilliant scientist herself, Doctor Maggie was forced to be the smiling face of her parents’ achievements, while her own accomplishments were downplayed.

Ironic, considering how outspoken her mother had been in the past about women in STEM being recognized for more than their pretty faces and their helper status

Good Evening, everyone! My name is Helen Phillips, and I love animals. My entire life has been dedicated to improving the lives of creatures who cannot speak for themselves, with activism, with fundraising for humanitarian causes, and also with my work which most of you migh know: biochemistry.

After I received my doctorate at twenty years old, I jumped head first into research for finding a cure for incurable diseases. Rabies. Prions. Lyme Disease. Growing up on a farm in rural Oklahoma, you see a lot of innocent creatures suffering from disease, and i knew that rabies had to be the first thing I cured.

I had some good theories, but I would need to build a team to really see my ideas take root. I sought out the best and brightest minds on the West Coast, and the rebellious ‘cowgirl’ geneticist Dr. Avis Aud was my first ally in the fight against incurable diseases. Together we broke ground on dozens of innovations, including the gene therapy that has been used to treat cancer for the last ten years.

In those very early days, specifically I invited the leading microtechnology surgeon who was pioneering the use of microcomputers to repair nerve damage. I begged. I pleaded.

But! He wasnt interested, so i stole his assistant, Steve. Steve, in turn, stole my heart. we’ve been married almost 15 years now.

Everybody here knows Steve. In addition to his social medias promoting healthy living and exciting travel vlogs, He is the face of nanotechnology.

When we first met, we realized that my understanding of biology, combined with Avis’s genetic genius, combined with Steve’s microtech … this was something that would change the world. Our ideas back and forth from the very beginning are all saved, and that file was named:

H for Helen
A for Avis
S for Steve

The Biotechnology project. HASBIO for short.

BUUUUUT none of you are here to listen to me ramble about my loved ones. You’re here for the ponies!!!

(thunderous applause!)

The Fluffy Ponies were originally an idea we had sitting in the yard while watching our little Margaret and Avis’s daughters play with ther toys. Avis, Steve and I sitting around and spitballing ideas as we do, and we all thought wouldn’t it be amazing if we could genetically engineer a toy just for our girls? Something soft and friendly and sweet that could talk back to her, like a real friend, like a real pet.

After the labratory accident at the main facility, you’re all aware of Hasbio’s amazing acheivement: a toy that can walk, talk, eat, sleep, and reproduce just like a real animal. You could almost say they’re alive.

by splicing the DNA of horses, sheep, cats, dogs, and birds, we have engineered the perfect companion for your child. The genetic mix ensures maximum softness, cuddliness and safety, and the nanotechnology in their brains ensures they adhere to strict programming about their interactions with the world.

Today is a special day, everyone. My daughter Margaret is turning 7. The hacker hijacking the f… I mean the technical difficulties set back filming quite a bit and we are actually missing her birthday party down at Freddy Fasbear’s Pizzaria as we speak. I think she needs a present from all of us for being such a good sport and staying through mommy’s lecture instead of having a good time with her friends.

Margaret, Sweetie?

OK, Steve… Yeah just come out on stage, dont be shy.

Happy Birthday, Margaret! This is Topaz, and she is a very special little filly, and she is all yours. Daddy’s already got the back yard set up for her.

Topaz is a Pony4.0 mare, with enhanced cognitive abilities and reduced agression, as welll as more heat and cold tolerant fluff.

(Back to the present)

Maggie leaned against the high fences surrounding the family compound, smoking a cigarette and talking on her phone.

“Of course I’ve got the shit, why else would i call you? … Don’t fuckin flatter yourself, you couldn’t get it past the cheeks, shrimpdick… Yes, its the same 48 ounces I always have. Good shit, too. Pure. Mom hasn’t noticed how many pregnant mares have been having tragic miscarriages and Dad has been too busy fucking the lab techs who are almost my age…. Yeah its so fuckin nasty. Dude has a hairy legged nerd kink or something.”

The nanotechnology in the Fluffy Pony brains was made using single atoms of platinum, gold, and tungsten to form the computing chains. It also gave the Fluffy Pony eyes their signature sparkle.

Maggie was probably smarter than her parents. She found that the nanotech was so rudimentary you could program them to do just about anything. Even though her mother got the credit, it was really Maggie who created the nanotech stem cells. In a few years, people could regrow limbs. Maybe someday … immortality.

But Maggie was not skulking around the edges of her childhood home with immortality or other such altruistic intention. no. She had “Glimmer.”

On the streets it gets compared to acid, DMT, heroin and MDMA mixed together with a 6 hour high and minimal side effects. The drug was injected for maximum potency.

The trouble with using Glimmer is that eventually you reach a tipping point where your brain is more nanotech than biologically native cells. When it happens to a fluffy pony, they call it “derped.” the brain just starts winding down in on itself. Thought loops. dementia like symptoms. eventually there is enough conflicting tech going on in the brain that the derp migrates to the brain stem. Its not that the drugs cause your heart to stop beating or your lungs to stop expanding… you just forget how to.

In her drug addled haze, Maggie was getting sloppy, too. the formulations got messy. Glimmer addicts might end up growing extra limbs, end up human alicorns with wings and horns. and its not lik Maggie was thinking of what Glimmer would do to a fetus. God help us if humans started being born with the nanotech from the Glimmer in their systems.


Amazingly creative, tragic, the characters feel like they have true personality. Really good piece of work you have here.