Jenny and the Smarty Friend (by Booperino)

Sequel to Milo and the Enfie Mare (by Booperino)
Just a quick conclusion (and an excuse to give them canon colors :P)
Milo and Jenny relationship is closer to bffs/sibblings. Jenny has no interest in special friends because of her past and Milo has conflicting feelings about relationships after his smarty moments from last strip


That is so sweet! :heart_eyes:


:hugs: Awww happy floofs


I love all the sweetness going on
what good happy babies…
I love Milo’s innocent arrogance in the last comic too
“what? that’s DUMB. They’re called “good feels” if they aren’t good then whats the fucking POINT.”


yeah his train of thought is basically
huggies = good
good = happy
sad = not happy = dummieh
special huggies = jenny not happy = dummieh huggies
is basically a naive and empathic way of rationalizing concepts


She could give consent though… if Milo makes her happy and they fall in love…


Not likely though. If anything Milo lost all sexual desire after his smarty tantrum and jenny is too traumatized from her enfie pal days


Awww she got her leggies back! I’m happy for them!


I’m glad she has legs now


Sooo…to fix the Fixer with a GF…Milo and Jenny’s Mom?

Evil Laughing


I could easily still seeing Jenny wanting Milo to be her special friend, just having no interest in special huggies.

Reminds me of the confusion/difference between asexual and aromantic. You can be one or the other, neither, or both.

In Jenny’s case I don’t think she would actually be asexual, just have an aversion to it because of trauma, which is completely understandable., but could end up overlapping. Aromantic I don’t see at all, based solely off of available information.

(For context, I’m part of the asexual community so I have an interest in these things and am probably a bit biased.)

Also, just because she isn’t aromantic doesn’t change her feeling about Milo, a bff/sibling relationship is completely legitimate. Didn’t want to undermind that.


Empathetic, yes. Naive? No. I’d say its the only appropriate way to think about it. Not caring about the enjoyment of one’s partner is not only selfish, its the ultimate objectification, literally treating a thinking, feeling being as an inanimate masturbation aid.

Milo’s attitude is startling because it is unusually mature for a fluffy, even if he can’t quite articulate it in those terms.


Not to be too pedantic about definitions for fictional creatures, but in fluffspeak “special friend” literally means “fluffy with whom one has special huggies”, i.e. a sexual partner. If they aren’t having sex, they aren’t “special friends”, though they may well be special friends.

Fluffspeak is full of specialized jargon, words and phrases that don’t necessarily mean what they mean in regular English. (“Biggest poopies”, i.e. giving birth, is probably the most obvious, and extreme, example).

Edit: there used to be a wiki with definitions of some of the more common phrases, I’m not sure if it’s still around.


as usual depends on the headcanon. i like to consider special friend as the equivalent to “partner/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/etc”, like in Chonkys stories her and Billy call each other special friends but they havent had special huggies yet


this one?

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Well, perhaps, but if people start making up their own definitions of fluffspeak terms, the stories will become much more difficult to understand. If someone doesn’t like a particular phrase, I advocate that they come up with a new fluffspeak phrase to convey the meaning, rather than changing the original phrase. For example, if people start using “special huggies” to mean something other than sex, a whole lot of stories are gonna get really confusing.

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LPT: Don’t buy things off Amazon that don’t have pictures.


They finally can play together awesome!

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Fluffspeak is an evolving language, especially when dealing with concepts fluffies are only barely able to understand. From what is commonly used, some fluffies use special friend to mean “any fluffy I have sex with”, some use it to mean “the fluffy I am closer to and will help raise the children of”, some for “close romantic bond even without sex”, all based on how they grow up and how humans around them use language.

Also if there’s multiple definitions like this they can confuse each other, which makes for better stories as such small differences on the surface can help explore how fluffies think differently and create more diverse/complex stories.


‘Not judging’ Fixer says, while very very much judging. Granted Fixer’s permanent face expression is locked into solid grumpy judgement mode, but why bring up the enfie pal thing if he knew she wasn’t treating them poorly ( and in fact was paying to have Jenny fixed up )? Unless he was using it to guilt the owner into spending more time with them, which isn’t much better. Or Fixer can’t get over the incident with Buddy and still doesn’t trust people. Which ironically is a problem his fluffies could help with…