Loaffies! (By NekuChan)

Bread Fluffies contest concept by @Lothmar There’s a lot of info I basically plastered together of this concept in this one, also my photoshop it’s bugged and doesn’t allow me to add text, so sorry if the text changes size and looks kinda bad…

Mucho texto…
So yeah… let me add some acid to that fever dream!! (Just kidding, don’t do drugs, kids!)


I love those happy lil breads :sob: too cute


Hey, these breads taste funny. Where did you get it?


Adorable. I usually don’t like all the extra junk past the 3 types, Alicorn, n sea fluffy, but this is too cute and I could see it staying around. Keep it up :+1:


I’m wondering, if you remove some of the bread crust from a Loaffy, wouldn’t putting it in the oven afterwards just turn it into an instant beef wellington? Or should I say, a beef fluffington.

Someone has to test this, for science.


The best part is they feel pain both physically and psychologically.

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not quite sure, they resist heat thnks to the “dough” putting them in the over like that might just burn it


“Am soon nummies” haha

So if they reproduce by eating natural sugars you could take one loaffy and put it in an orchard in a high humidity area and then you’d have the world’s lamest grey goo scenario.


Friendly neighborhood Stwumpo here to counter the end of NekuChan’s tag on their EXCELLENT AS USUAL work: Don’t do DANGEROUS drugs. Psychedelics are pretty safe, especially with a trip sitter.

K2 isn’t weed, and Salvia isn’t a goddamn party drug. Know what you like and know what you’re getting into. Try not to use sources you don’t trust. But when someone offers you drugs you don’t want? Don’t no. That’s rude.

Say “No, THANKS.”


Also I love what you’ve done with the whole “they’re edible nonlethally but you can eat them anyway lol.” So much more fucked up that way.


This is why I love your designs of your fluffies💖

Those cute faces and cooing , its so damn adorable!!! :heart_eyes::sparkling_heart:

Awesome work @NekuChan :+1:


This is amazingly good.

Very nice take, many details, much wow. :slight_smile:


Recomendations are for bakers, abusers are free to do their own, I’m not their mom to call them out for something xD but a grey moosy goo fluffy sounds more like an horror thing, imagine that half-melting thing at your backdoor calling for you to let it in on a horrid dying tone… I love that idea…


This concept is a stretch of imagination, but that’s precisely where it resides its attractiveness. Very well done.

Son tan lindos que casi me sentiría culpable de pasarles el rodillo para hacerlos pitas :yum:

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Ah yeah. Not the grey goo I was referring to but that’s just as horrifying.
(Gray goo - Wikipedia)

absolutely fucking fantastic, too cute to eat too good for this earth

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Imagine a 300+ year old sour dough mare “birthing” most of the current sour dough boule fluffies of today.

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Holy fuck!
This is getting better and “batter” each iteration, first @Bad_Roomie, and now @NekuChan.

I-ll make my own versión too, I hope so.