New Fluffy Part 2.5 (to be continued) by FluffyOD

Part 2: New Fluffy Part 2 by FluffyOD

Alright boys, what should befall this little fucker in the final chapter?
Comment on how you want it to end. Whichever post gets the most likes will be the new fluffy’s fate.
Ultimately, it was @KentuckyFriedFluffy’s post I liked the most and got inspiration from. Thanks lad.

Part 3: New Fluffy Part 3 by FluffyOD


Take his last leg, break it off, jam the bone into his cock and tell him he can use that leg to ‘play’ with himself now.


I’m not usually an “abuse for the sake of abuse” person, but the fact that the fluffy says “HATE MUNSTA DADDEH” and then “FWUFFY WUB DADDEH, DADDEH HEWP FWUFFY” moments later is kind of hilarious.

Anyway, agree to leave his wastest weggie intact and then commit hydraulic press in such a way that only the leg is recognizable. Preserve the leg in a jar and keep it in your basement or something as a reminder of the incident.


I’ll throw something I plan on possibly using in the future:

1: Pop the skin on the bastards chest, either by sheer fuck off force of anger, knife or with teeth.

2: Sink fingers from both hands into the hole and take hold of the rib cage.

2.5: Optional : Shatter most of the ribs and instead use the collar bone.

3: Pull in different directions. KAR EN TUK

4: Drop shitrat to ground and watch as it’s exposed innards either leak out of its body or quiver in desperation to keep the fluffy alive.

5: Be creative! You can stomp on the fluffy if you’d like but that is a little common and will result in a faster death. Something tells me this man enjoys his drink, so why not instead have him pull out a hip flask, dump the contents onto the fluffies innards and then toss a match at the shitrat.

6: Drain the contents remaining in the flask, watch as the little shit suffers as his insides char and boil. Then have the man treat himself to a good meal and a rest as he’s doing Gods work today.


Well since he a rancher or farmer he can throw it in a pin of very hungry pigs and they can eat em

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Gotta see parts 1 & 2 man. Stupid little fluff kept on shitting all over the place when he knew he had to shit in the box, plus everything else the fluffy did. Fluffy obviously needed a wake up call, albeit the rancher’s reaction was over the top, but can you fucking blame him?


Take his/her last leg and let him/her eat the leg.

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i second hydraulic press.

Want him to suffer. Say things that get human mad.

I’m confused on daddeh versus Munstah daddeh? Same person? Or no?

I’m thinking the dude’s brain went off the deep end a while ago. Frankly, I almost dont care what happens to the fluffy so long as the guy gets mental help.

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Just read from part 1 bro. It’s one guy and one fluffy.

I did start there. So, daddeh does have issues then.

Dude, DOES HE? The fucking thing killed his wife.

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Don’t always know when a narrator is reliable, you know? Or a fluffy’s memory.

For sure.

The recent one you put up:


how would a fluffy be smart enough to deliberately kill someone, right? It’s like, nothing here makes me want to take it at face value. Especially since “psychopath” was in the original’s tags.

So, yeah. I don’t much care for what happens to the fluffy at this point. It’s a lost cause regardless of it’s guilt or innocence. I want the dude to get mental help.

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Fluffy’s kill all the time, what are you on about? Smarties will just straight up kill foals if they feel like it, or even a mare will just slaughter her young if they’re a “poopy” color or for any random stupid reason. (Also, spoilers? You’re commenting on part 2.5 talking about 3). Wait for the end then say if it sucks or not. It’s gotten positive feedback so far. No?


I haven’t said whether it sucks or not. I’m just saying I don’t trust the narration.

Killing a human, sorry. That’d be really impressive.

I’m really liking the collage style art with photos and hand drawn stuff. Little hard to read but I’m middle age and my eyes suck :stuck_out_tongue:

Edited my earlier post for spoilers

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Thanks I appreciate it man. And if you really wanna know, I’m using the copy+pasted real images just because it’s a lot easier/quicker than drawing it, and plus at least for me, it’s hilarious. At the same time , it works in its own artistic way like Rodger Rabbit or something (although that wasn’t my intention, just out of laziness/convenience).


It gives a unique look to things! It’s very traditional too when you get down to it.

Anyhow, waiting for the end. Biggest thing is I’ve got family who served and have PTSD. Took YEARS before any of them got help, and they all wish they started sooner. Hence me caring more about the guy than the fluffy here.

He could’ve lost his marbles. The fluffy could be Charles Manson of fluffies. Don’t matter. Guy needs help, and I don’t want him dying at the end or going without.