Sam Adams pays a visit to Muffin in Hospital (Author:Oculus)

Mr. Adams pays a visit to Muffin in Hospital

by Oculus

A Tribute to Muffin and Tumbly

Featuring art by Muffin and Foxhoarder

(continued from Part 2)

Samuel Adams was busy at his desk doing the usual. Even as a retired man, business for him has not ended, as he still maintains a chairman position in the real estate empire that he had crafted. And thus, he still has to settle a myriad of business deals, like investments, acquisitions, and of course, donations for pursuits. But this day, Mr. Adams got a bit of a shock when he received an unexpected phonecall.

“What do you mean she’s sick?”

As he kept listening, Mr Adams eventually went, “Oh dear.”

Between balancing his business life and his life with his fluffies, Mr. Adams has more than enough on his plate. But, even then, during times like this, he finds the time to cancel a few of his appointments, or delegate to any one of his six children.

Departing from his private office, Mr Adams quickly rushed down to the basement, to the games room for his fluffies. There, he could see Maurice and Prince were playing soccer. Currently, Velvet was at another residence, training other Yehdoos to be seeing-eye fluffs. Rexxie was at a local D&D game, held by some other RPG enthusiast. And both Goldilocks and Mauve were at the convention for Type 2 fluffs. For the current moment, Mr Adams had only these three fluffs to break the startling news too.

“Fwen Muffin am sickies?”

“Yes Maurice. We got to visit Muffin!”

“Wiww Tumbwie be there?” asked Prince.

“Yes Prince, Tumbly will be there.”

"Oh boy! Oh boy! Pway ti-“

“No Maurice, Muffin will be sick. We’re going there to spend time with her, not to play.”


“But you’ll get to see Tumbly though.”

“Yay! Tumbwy am wotsa fun!”


Out of the blue, Mr Adams called you, and asked if you were free. You took the day off from work, and, finding it hard to turn down an offer to help out a family friend who just happened to be a multibillionaire, agreed to his rather odd request of buying a bouquet of flowers.

“Is it for one of your mistresses?”


Nevertheless, you purchased a bouquet of flowers, with the specification that they were for a sick individual. The flowers were specifically hypo-allergenic and cleared of pollen, and were arranged in a nice design, evocative of a bowtie.

Meeting Mr Adams outside of the hospital, you see him in a nice evening coat. He has two of his fluffies today, those being Prince and Maurice. You were wondering who was this person that Sam wanted to give these flowers too.

“Her name is Muffin.”

“So, another one of your ‘speshul fwens’?” you snigger.

Mr Adams lightly hits you on the head with a soft karate chop, with a resounding, “No.”

“Not every woman I meet is someone who I flirt with, laddie. Besides, I just had a date with two of them yesterday.”

Ah yes, Mr Adams will never change.

The two of you enter the hospital and submit your particulars at the reception desk. Of course, both fluffies that Mr Adams brought had to be screened before entering the ward, but Mr Adams made sure to give them a thorough and specialized wash before going out.

Taking the elevator to the fifth floor, you visit the ward where Muffin is stationed. Lying on the bed, you see a sweet young woman with auburn hair, freckles, and wearing a dark grey beanie. She is wearing a hospital gown that has a nice star motif on it.

And most interestingly enough, you see a fluffy lying on her lap. He has blue fluff and auburn hair. You then realize he has no legs, and thus, you were quick to jump to a conclusion.

“Is that a pillowfluff?”

The fluffy looks at you and says, “Tumbwy am no pillowfluff! Tumbwie am a tumbwie fwuffy!”

Sam smiles and he, along with his two fluffies, all say “Hello Tumbly! Hello Muffin!”

“Hello Sam, Maurice and Prince.”

“Huwwo fwens!”

Despite the initial assertion by Sam earlier in the day, Maurice jumps up onto the bed. Despite the concern from his owner, Sam is agile enough to avoid Muffin’s legs, as he moves his way to Tumbly. He then gives Tumbly a big ol’ hug.

“Mauwice miss Tumbwy!”

“Tumbwy miss Mauwice tu!”

As you look carefully at Tumbly, you then realize that he does not have any of the stumps that indicate amputation. It was like as if Tumbly’s boddy is one big fluffy sausage.

“That’s because,” as Mr Adams begins to narrate, “Tumbly here is not a pillow fluff.”



“Tumbly here is of the Muffin breed of Fluffies. They’re named after the lovely Ms. Muffin here.”

“Why Muffin?”

“Dat’s cuz mummah Muffin iz haf muffin!” yells outs Tumbly enthusiastically.

As all the eyes in the room look at Tumbly in disbelief, he chortles out “Fwuffy am siwious!”

“My dear, dear, Tumbly,” says Muffin, as she reaches out her arms and grabs Tumbly, giving him a nice old hug. Tumbly coos, as Muffin brings her nose next to his to boop.

While this is going on, you whisper to Mr Adams, “So is Muffin from Hasbio or-“

Mr Adams holds a finger to your mouth, and whispers in your ear, “Company trade secret. Any discussion about this and you could face legal ramifications. Its all classified.”

After a while, Muffin stops hugging Tumbly, and places him back on her lap. Sam then takes the opportunity to ask Muffin if he too could carry Tumbly.

“Sure, go ahead.”

Upon doing so, Mr Adams continues his narration, with Tumbly in his arms.

“Tumbly is of the Muffin breed, which is one of the newer Type 2 fluffies, similar in design and physiology to the Coalheart and Foxhoarder breeds. This is why Tumbly has a sausage-like body.”

Tumbly and gravity (Artist:Muffin)

“Yes, but, why does Tumbly not have legs?”

“Well that’s simple – he was born without them.

Tumbly had a genetic defect when he was born that prevented him from developing legs.”

“Sounds like a hard life.”

“Au contraire! But we’ll get to that in a bit.”

Mr Adams brings out his smartphone, and shows a variety of the Muffins that can be viewed on the internet.

“Muffins have been pretty popular, and their foals are pretty unique.”

As he says this, he shows you a Muffin foal. Fitting into the palm of a person’s hand, the foal lacks fluff, and reminds you of a sort of large jellybean.

“They’re so adorable.”

“Dat babeh wook wike fwuff!” says Prince. Mr Adams had lowed his smartphone to show everyone in the room, including both Prince and Maurice.

“It is true that Muffin foals, for a type 2, lack the fluff that foals from the other type 2 breeds have. In that way, they are similar to Carpdime foals.”

Switching the images to that of adult Muffins, Sam continues his presentation, “Of course, Muffins are very popular since they remind some people of sheep. However, in recent years, the breed has been the target of the unfortunate pillowing practise.”

You sigh. You had earlier expected Muffin to be one of those pillowfluffs. And given the unique nature of their body, they looked like the kind of fluffy that people would want to turn into a living bolster.

“We can’t really control it,” chimes in Muffin. “I don’t believe in amputating a fluffy’s legs unless its absolutely necessary, like in the case of an accident.

But more often than not, people have been abusing these poor fluffies by amputating them purely to make them into a pillowfluff, or, even worse, torturing them.”

You feel a deep sympathy, as you lower your head. “I’m sorry to hear.”

However, Muffin smiles, and says “It’s okay. One of the things that gives me hope is Tumbly.”


As she says this, Sam places Tumbly on the floor. Muffin then talks, taking Sam’s place in the narration.

“Tumbly is pretty unique because, where most other pillowed fluffs have found difficult in moving, crawling like worms, Tumbly here found a way to maneuver. “

As she says this, Tumbly uses gravity to roll on his side, then land on his back, then move himself again to land on the front of his body.


An excited Maurice says, “Again! Again!”

Tumbly performs a few more rolls, much to Maurice’s excitement. “Yay!”

As Maurice jumps up and down, Tumbly turns to him, and says, “Wan pway baww?”

Maurice looks at Tumbly a little confused. “But no baww.”

Tumbly smiles, and beckons to Maurice. “Woww fwuff.”

“Woww me.” (Artist:Foxhoarder)

A jubilant Maurice then rolls Tumbly around the room, like a fun little steamroller.

Muffin smiles, a bittersweet smile.

“Tumbly is really special to me.

I deal with a lot of pillowfluffs, and, in the course of my work, a lot of them end up depressed, and suicidal, because they are entirely dependent on their owners. This is why Tumbly is so special. Not only was he born without legs, he did not let that disability hinder himself or his identity.”

Tumbly the inspiration (Artist:Muffin)

Feeling inspired, Sam continues from Muffin. “Tumbly, here, is one of the smarter fluffies I have come across at ABAP. He acts like a sort of motivational speaker, and works as both a therapeutic fluffy for various patients in hospitals, as well as a motivator for pillowfluffs. We can’t prevent the practise of pillowing, but, a fluffy like Tumbly helps the victims of pillowing find a meaning in their life beyond just being an object.”

continued in Part 3


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Earlier this year, @Muffin was in hospital, which prompted me to write this piece as a tribute to her and her art. This piece was previously on the booru but, and with the death of the booru, it is now uploaded here.

This writeup is also technically a Chapter 2.5 for the Samuel Adams Guide to Practical Fluffies series, as I cover the Muffin breed here. This story is also a tribute to Tumbly who, has been one of my bigger inspirations for writing fluffy fiction, along with Carpdime’s Avocado.