Small Fluffy, Big City [Update and Change of Format]

Heya guys, Britfluff here.

The way this story is progressing, I don’t think I can keep it in the same sort of story format. I think it’s evolved into a sort of hybrid between a CYOA and an actual story.

So, instead, It’ll be done as a play by post. What do I mean by this? Well, we’ll keep the “1 heart = $5” system, and I’ll make it even more interactive to the readers. This will mean that anyone who “donates” (I.e. Likes the post) will be able to do of the following:

  • Submit something for Mediashare (just describe what the video is or link it to me).
  • Request something to happen to the foal(s).
  • Play a sound effect of their choice.
  • And more, once I come up with other stuff.

To put it simply, I will make a post under the Small Fluffy, Big City name. This will involve the Foal doing some shit and commentary from Rose, but it won’t be nearly as long as the previous posts were. However, the “audience”, aka you guys, will then be able to like the post and either request a small event, a sound effect or something for mediashare. The money donated will count towards the donation goals, which upon being reached will lock until said goal has been carried out.

When a new post has been made, the previous one will not have their new likes counted towards the donation count, nor will liking it provide the ability to make a request.

I reserve the right to deny any requests that I receive (which I promise I won’t abuse).

Now, that’s all, until I find out there’s something else I need to clarify. Have a good one!


i like the idea and thanks for the clarification, i kinda needed it