The Devil's Daughter Ch. 2 [By BFM101]

I’m skipping past the 2nd half of Scarlett’s origins since it was turning into far too much of a stop-gap and I wanted to continue on further with the actual main storyline. All the important info that was to be included was how Scarlett got her name and how she found out about her father’s sadistic proclivities.

I may write Origins Part 2 at another date, but currently it was holding up this story too much and I really wanted to push on with the rest of the tale.

Forrest and Winston looked down at the brutal sight in front of them. Their friend Clarence was dead, something had torn out his throat, ripped off pieces of his Fluff and flesh and… did Sky-Daddeh knows what with them, but neither of them could see the missing pieces.

The two stallions were silent as they looked over their forever sleeping friend, his final scream of horror frozen on his face. The only sound in the cave was the weeping of Scarlett, the poor mare who had found Clarence earlier in the bright time, Mac tried to comfort her with limited result, mostly because he didn’t want to get boo-boo juice all over him.

“Huu, Scawwett gib fwiend Cwawence su many huggies, bu dey nu hewp, he am foweba sweepies. Huuu,huuuu.”

Mac tentatively patted Scarlett on the shoulder. “It ok fwiend, nu hab heawt-huwties.”

Forrest and Winston turned towards Scarlett, both of them deadly serious.

“Did Scawwett see anee-fing wast dawk-time?”

Scarlett sniffled and shook her head. “Nu, nu heaw aneefing eetha. Scawwett hab gud sweepies, wakies wen bwite-baww come an gu see Cwawence, find him wike dis. Nu see aneefing stwange ow… munstah.”

Mac gulped, the thought of a monster in the herd frightened him, but he held himself steady to save face in front of the others.

Forrest shook his head. “Nu munstah git into Smawty wand, nu knyo wha happen su nu weason tuh hab scawdies. Nu teww udda Fwuffies, nu need wowwy dem aww. Smawty an Wins-ten choosies wha du neks. Mac, show Scawwett awound hewd, find hew sumfing tu du tu hewp.”

Mac swallowed his fear and nodded, motioning for Scarlett to follow him. Forrest watched the two of them leave before letting out an annoyed grunt and kicked the dirt.

“Dis am poopies. How a munstah git into Smawty wand?”

“Su Smawty fink Scawwett am wight?”

“Of couwse she wight, wook at Cwawence. Onwy munstah du dat. Yu fink Smawty am wong?”

Winston shook his old grey head. “Nu Smawty, Wins-ten twust yu, nu wike finkies bout munstah bu nu see odda weason.”

Winston paused for a moment and chuckled. “Unwess Scawwett gib Cwawence foweba sweepies hewsewf.”

Forrest joined in his friend’s laugher. “Yeh, cos a mawe can du DAT.”

Mac led Scarlett through the herd’s land, the area outside the cave was a large patch of dirt surrounded by trees, it wasn’t perfect but the trees were thick enough to keep the herd hidden from most creatures and the cave provided shelter, at least for Forrest.

“Am big pwace.” She smiled at the size of Forrest’s home.

Mac nodded. “Yoose hab mowe Fwuffies, bu cowd-times am bad, wost wots of fwiends, fwom foweba sweepies an dummehs weaving.”

“Wai Fwuffies weave?”

“Cos dey nu agwee wiv Smawty, fink he bad Fwuffy.”

“Wha du Mac fink?”

Mac stopped and let out a long sigh. “Mac knyo dat Smawty du bad fings, bu Smawty need du bad fings su gud fings happen tu hewd. If hewd nu hab enuff nummies fow aww hewd, den Smawty hab make choosie who hab tummeh-huwties. It nu fun, bu Smawty wook afta hewd. Doh… maybe Smawty be wittew nice-ah tu soon-mummahs.”

Mac shook his head and started off, Scarlett followed him and took the moment to survey the herd. As she looked around, Scarlett noticed a distinct lack of mares, out of a herd of 12 only four of them were females, and from what Scarlett could make out, at least three of them were pregnant.

A purple Pegasus looked a few days away from popping, whilst a dull green earthie was still able to walk around with some difficulties. Neither of them had any special-friends to help them and looked utterly beat down, broken and absolutely filthy with bad poopies caked onto their unclean backsides. The third mare didn’t look pregnant, but she was curled into ball, holding the corpse of her final child and weeping about how she didn’t want any more ‘bad-huggie babbeh’.

Whatever had happened to her had happened recently.

The final mare of the herd, a yellow Pegasus that Scarlett had seen in the caves, was the only one not pregnant, the only one happy and the only one with children, four fat greedy children who all looked too big to even walk properly, their bloated stomachs were stained with dirt from rubbing against the ground and their teeth were yellow and cracked from their overindulgence on milk.

Scarlett didn’t need to be told that this was Forrest’s family.

The rest of the herd were all stallions, all of them twitchy and lecherous, staring at Scarlett as she walked through them, some of them started to buck their hips towards her.

“Hehe, pwetty mawe.” A dark blue unicorn growled. “Wan gib speciaw-hu…”


The unicorn was knocked down by a hefty hoof from a massive black earthie, the black stallion looked like he barely put in any effort but already the blue unicorn’s nose was bleeding. The black stallion growled at the unicorn who promptly retreated to lick his wounds, both physical and emotional.

“Who am dat?” Scarlett asked Mac.

“Dat am Fing, He bestesh Tuffie, bigga an stwonga dan anee udda Fwuffy eba. He nu tawkies, nu hab tungie in mouthie-pwace, bu he gib foweba sweepies tu anee Fwuffy who nu wisten tu Smawty.”

Scarlett watched as the filth-encrusted monster slowly plodded away, finding shade beside a tree almost as large as he was. Fing would certainly be a challenge when the time came.

“Wai Fing gib Fwuffy huwties?”

“Smawty teww Fwuffies nu tu gib Scawwett speciaw-huggies, onwy Smawty gib spe… uh… onwy Smawty see wen Fwuffies hab speciaw-huggies.”

Mac stood in place for so long, wondering if Scarlett had caught onto his lie or not, that he didn’t see the dull green mare waddling over to him, straining with every step she took.

“Huu, Mac, Pickew hab wowstesh feews in tummeh, hab scawdies fow tummeh-babbehs.”

Mac turned away from Pickle. “Nu knyo wha dummeh mawe tawkies bout, Mac nu can hewp.”

“Huu, pwease jus wet Pickew hab wittew mowe nummies, dese am yuw tummeh-babb…”

Mac turned and smacked his hoof across Pickle’s face. “Dummeh mawe nu tawkies, Mac neba hab enfies wiv ugwy poopie wike yu.”

Pickle held her bruised face and cried. “Huu, bu yu du, yu sabe Pickew fwom meanies an say dat Pickew can be in hewd if wet Mac hab enfies.”

“Dat meen nuffin, Pickew am wying, dey nu Mac tummeh-babbehs.”

Realising she was getting nowhere, Pickle turned back towards her dirt-bed beneath a low hanging branch, weeping all the while. Scarlett followed Mac as he continued the tour but she couldn’t help but look back at Pickle and feel…


The day came and went without issue, Forrest had Winston double the patrols, looking out for meanies who wanted to take their land, but as evening came an nothing was to be reported, most of the Toughies took a leisurely stroll around the forest.

After having his fill of berries and flowers, Forrest rested for the day at the entrance to the cave beside Queenie.

“Oof, wong bwite-time, bu it am gud tu be wiv speciaw-fwiend.”

Forrest went to nuzzle Queenie, only to be met by her cold shoulder.

“Wha wong?”

Queenie turned and pointed towards where Clarence’s corpse still lay inside the cave. “DAT am wha wong, wai speciaw-fwiend nu move dummeh yet?”

Forrest rolled his eyes. “Nu can du it wiv hewd wakies, gib dem aww scardies, fink munstah huwting fwiends. Need wait tiww dawk-time, move Cwawence den teww Fwuffies he gu foweba sweepies. It gud Smawty pwan.”

It was actually Winston’s plan, but Forrest wasn’t about to admit that.

Queenie huffed. “Weww Qweenie nu wike it, nu wan duimmeh foweba sweepie Fwuffies in gud homesie.”

Forrest leaned in and stroked his cheek against Queenie’ neck. “It ok pwettiesh speciaw-fwiend, he nu be dewe fow much wonga.”

Queenie, despite her frustrations, purred at the compliments and nuzzled her mate back, she enjoyed the finer things in life and even a set-back like some dummeh’s corpse wasn’t enough to completely ruin her mood.

Not when Forrest reminded her of how pretty she was.

The couple’s quality time was interrupted by a faint pounding and grunting, the parents looked down and saw their unicorn son smacking the ground around his mother’s teats.

“Dummeh miwkies pwaces, bestesh babbeh wan miwkies NYO!”

Forrest chuckled at his son, so very similar to himself at the same age. “Mummah nu hab miwkies wight nyo babbeh, take some fwom udda dummeh mawes.”


“Nu bu, if mawe nu wet yu take miwkies den daddeh make dem, yu am Smawty babbeh, yu take aww miwkies yu wan.”

The colt thought about it for a second longer than he should’ve, before his hunger pushed him to leave the cave in search of food. He didn’t like taking milk from the other mares, they always made such a fuss about it and tried to kick him away, which wasn’t very nice. But he was too hungry to care right now, and so he went looking for the perfect target.

Then he saw her, the Purple Pegaus, Lollipop, she was too pregnant to move, she wouldn’t be able to fight him off. Smirking at his great plan, the unicorn colt strolled over to claim his prize.

Lollipop was lazily eating dried grass, wondering how life had gotten so bad. She remembered her home, her mummah and little mummah, and how they loved her. How easily she had been persuaded by Clarence to join his herd, how painful the enfies from Forrest were when she left the safety of her home. She left for the adventure, she didn’t even want babbehs, now she was on her third litter and she wasn’t sure who the father was.

Not that it mattered, these one would surely die as well.

As Lollipop chewed on the grass she felt something behind her, being too rotund to even move, she could only shimmy as her ballooned state left her vulnerable to something hot and wet latching itself onto her teats.

Then she felt the small amount of precious milk being taken from her.


The unicorn colt ignored her and kept on suckling, relishing the sweet taste that washed down his throat.

That is until a red hoof suddenly came in and knocked him backwards.

“Dummeh babbeh, dey nu yuw miwkies.”

The colt looked up and aw Scarlett staring down at him, a furious look on her face, he pondered for a second about what to do against a much larger and stronger enemy.

So he called for his mummy.


In a flash, Queenie and Forrest were on the scene, Queenie smacking Scarlett hard in the face.


Scarlett licked her lips, hiding her enjoyment at the taste of blood and stared back at Queenie.

“Dummeh babbehs am miwkie feef. Take fwom Wowwipop.”

“He am SMAWTY babbeh, Smawty babbehs du whaeba dey wan, if bestesh babbehs wan miwkies, den mawes gib dem miwkies NU MATTA WHA!”

Queenie and Scarlett scowled at each other, Queenie holding onto her wailing son tightly as Scarlett scoffed at the pathetic sight.

“Dat am dummeh fing tu say.”

Suddenly Winston intervened. “ENUFF! Qweenie, Scawwett am nyu fwiend, she nu knyo wuwes. BU, Scawwett, babbeh am nu yuw babbeh tu gib huwties tu, say sowwy tu Qweenie an neba gib babbehs huwties gain.

Scarlett glared at the old stallion, but she relented and looked over at Queenie. “Am sowwy fow gibben babbeh huwties, nu knyo wuwes of hewd, fink he meanie babbeh. Pwomise nu hit babbeh gain.”

Queenie didn’t look satisfied, she wanted blood, but a stern look from Forrest convinced her to keep quiet.

“Nu du it gain, ow Qweenie gib yu foweba sweepies.”

The stuck up mother led her brood back to the caves, Forrest looked out over his herd and barked at them.

“Gu bak tu bedsies, nuffin tu see hewe.”

A murmur spread through the herd but no-one dared disobey the Smarty, they all turned away and headed back to bed, only Scarlett stayed a little longer before turning and heading deeper into the woods. Winston watched her for a moment before turning away.

If she wanted to risk the monster out there, that was on her.

Eventually night did come and most of the herd found an easy night’s sleep with the excitement of the day over. All except Mac who had been tasked with dragging Clarence’s corpse out of the cave and into the forest, something he was not prepared for.

The orange unicorn gripped onto any piece of his dead friend he could and pulled, grunting so loudly that he woke up a small pair of ears that followed him into the night.

Unaware of his follower, Mac strained and struggled with Clarence’s dead weight, each pull only lasting a few steps before he had to stop and pull again, or in some unfortunate cases, find a different spot to pull from after the skin tore off of the body.

After several long minutes of grunting and dragging, Mac heard something new on the night air, the sound of crying. At first he thought it might the monster, but monsters don’t cry… do they?

Curious, he stepped out and looked around. “Hewwo?”

Movement to his left caught his attention, but he relaxed when he saw Scarlett walking towards him, a tearful look in her eyes. “Sowwy Mac, Scawwett jus hab heawt-huwties.”

“Oh nu, wai Scawwett hab sadies?”

“Scawwett wan be fwiends wiv hewd, but Scawwett am biggesh dummeh, gib Smawty babbeh huwties wen nu am Scawwett babbeh tu gib huwties. Knyo dat Qweenie hate Scawwet nyo.”

Mac shook his head and gave Scarlett a hug. “Qweenie nu hatchu, she jus hab angwies, dey gu soon.”

“Scawwett hope su, wan be pawt of hewd, hab gud fwiends hab gud… speciaw-fwiends.”

Mac felt his heart stop and his nu-nu stick spring up, he looked around, wondering if this was the right idea.

“Am dat gud pwan? Wha if Smawty see us?”

Scarlett giggled. “Den we jus gu fuh-tha into twee-pwace, nu-wun see us dewe.”

Before Mac could argue, Scarlett took off skipping into the woods, Mac thought about it for a moment, he knew if he got caught then Forrest would kill him, it was his right as Smarty to have first enfies with the new mares.

So of course his only course of action was not get caught.

“Wait speciaw-fwiend, Mac come.”

Mac chased off after Scarlett, excite to finally have a special-friend of his own, but in the darkened gloom of the night and Scarlett’s constant darting in and out of trees, Mac very quickly lost sight of her. He slowed down as he tried to get his bearings, not sure how far away from the herd he was now.

“Speciaw-fwiend? Am yu dewe? Nu hidies fwom Mac, Mac nu gibyu huwti…”


Mac didn’t even see the hoof strike his throat until he was already doubled over, choking and gagging on something that had broken in his neck. Too painful to breath, too wheezing to cry out for help, Mac could only flail on the grass as Scarlett stepped out and looked over him.

“Yu weawwy am biggesh fukin dummeh. Finkie-pwace in yuw nu-nu stick, weawwy fink Scawwett gib YU enfies. Dat am dummeh fing tu fink.”

Mac gasped and choked on bones inside his throat, something scratching against him and tearing up his soft inner flesh. He never realised Scarlett was behind him until he felt a hood pressed down against his back.

Scarlett smirked at the pitiful sight of Mac’s genitals. “Yu knyo, Scawwett’s daddeh yoose gib dummehs wike yu poopie-pwace enfies, wemind yu dat yu just dummeh mawe tu him. Nyo Scawwett nu can du dat, nu hab da nu-nu stick…”

Mac tensed up when he felt Scarlett’s warm breath pressed against his exposed genitalia. He could practically hear the smirk in her voice.

“…Bu yu du.”

There was a sharp, violent and painful tear between Mac’s legs as Scarlett gripped onto his cock and balls with her teeth and pulled, the stallion tried to scream out but his voice was still too croaked from the hard smack he’d gotten earlier, so all he could let out was short, rasping coughs.

He couldn’t even cry when he felt the final shred of skin snap back as Scarlett completely castrated him.

The emasculated unicorn wept for his lost toy, wishing for it to come back to him, sadly he got his wish when Scarlett slammed the severed appendage back into it’s owner’s asshole, bringing tears to Mac’s eyes as the agony and humiliation became too much to bear, he could only lay there and weep as his anus was stretched and pummelled by his own phallus.

Scarlett only stopped once there was nothing left to push, giving Mac’s spine a good final crack as she gave the last stomp, utterly crippling the former Toughie and leaving him to slowly blood out, or potentially choke to death, whichever came first.

Unfortunately, Scarlett couldn’t savour the moment as she heard a high-pitch cry behind her, followed by fat pattering feet. In the darkness she could just make out Forrest’s unicorn colt, the same one from earlier, he had been woken up by Mac dragging the body and had seen everything.

Fortunately for Scarlett, the little colt was too fat to do much more than waddle as his overweight bulk dragged against the dirt-floor.

“Need find mummah.” He panted out as he moved at minus 1 mph. “Need wawn hew bout munstah.”

The colt exerted all his energy trying to escape but got about as far as 8 feet before he collapsed onto the ground, wheezing and struggling to move. Which of course made him the easier target in the world for Scarlett to flip over onto his back and hold in place with a light hoof.”

The fat colt let out a watery squirt of shit. “HUUUUUUU! Pwease nu gib huwties, am onwy wittew babbeh.”

Scarlett grinned and softly stroked the tubby bastard. “It ok babbeh, wememba, Scawwett pwomise yuw mummah dat Scawwett neba hit yu gain.”

“Yu… yu pwomise.”

“Scawwett pwomise, neba hit babbeh gain…”

The colt’s expression softened as he relaxed his tensed muscles and enjoyed the soft stroking given to him by Scarlett.

“…Scawwett am gun num yu doh.”



Scarlett had the foal in her gullet before he could even register what had happened, there was a faint muffling from inside Scarlett’s neck but nothing could be heard as it rapidly vanished from earshot. She had been hesitant at first to eat the colt, knowing the shit-stains on his ass would leave a bitter taste, but biting into the sweet, milk marinated fatty flesh of a bestesh babbeh, and the tenderness was indescribable. Scarlett had never had a meal taste so good before.

And the little shit had three siblings, all as equally fat as he was.

Oh yes, Scarlett was going to have a good time with this herd, she could already tell.

Chapter 3


" Winston paused for a moment and chuckled. “Unwess Scawwett gib Cwawence foweba sweepies hewsewf.”

Forrest joined in his friend’s laugher. “Yeh, cos a mawe can du DAT.”


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