The Facility (Commissioned for RandomAirPeople) (InfraredTurbine)

So here is a commission I did for RandomAp, about a Hasbio facility, in which they conduct a lot of experiments.
Text by RandomAP: (@anon68543914 )

The City of Springfield, Missouri; is a unique city unlike any other in the United States. When one visits this city, they fall in love with its unique Ozark charm and even more so with their cleanliness. Upon further inspection, visitors will realize there are no fluffies anywhere in the city or its outskirts. The residents are proud of this fact, but very unwilling to explain how they keep their city clean and fluffy free.

Twenty miles south of Springfield, deep in the forest one will find what appears to be a building hidden by trees. Surrounded by a chain link gate, one can feel an ominous aura emanate from the building. This is the dark secret of where the fluffies from Springfield go, the place they dare not speak about. A place of cruel experiments, industrial abuse, and cold neglect. This is their price for having a fluffy free city, an eternal monument to their crimes against life. They call this place, the Facility…

This is the first entry of a monthly anthology series collaboration, with many more to come. Remember that once a fluffy enters the Facility, they will die in the Facility.

Inside the Facility horrific experiments are conducted on their unwilling captives. In our first image, foals have been harvested for a psychological experiment on fear. Can a foal die from terror? How much fear can their little minds handle until they break? The foals are separated from their mothers and dumped into an enclosure in a dark room. Periodically loud and terrifying noises will fill the air, keeping the foals in a state of pure terror. All data is collected and disseminated for further experiments and product design.

In our second image, we have an experiment on how strong a mother’s instinct can be when her foals are in peril. A mother fluffy is separated from here foals by a see-through window, watching her babies cry in terror and hunger for their mom. To see if they can alter the parental instinct of a mother’s love, they flood the enclosure with experimental pheromones to see if they can make the fluffy mom ignore her starving babies. Perhaps this pheromone can help other cities deal with a fluffy’s explosive rate of birth?

In the third image, we see that many fluffies who are not needed for any experiments are sent to the labor room to help offset the electrical costs of equipment. They are fed once a day and forced to walk continuously for the duration of the work time. Fluffies tend to last weeks in this room, but many will die from inadequate feeding and exhaustion. Sometimes a fluffy is too lazy to keep up or too defiant, they are to be pillowed and sent to the “Cleaning Room” as there is no longer a use for them.

Finally, all experiments eventually come to an end. Many fluffies will die, but others will live out their anticipated usefulness. Those who survive the experiments will be pillowed and tossed into the cleaning room as we toss the corpses of fluffies who die. Inspired by the infamous washroom of the Wolfram Foundation Shelter, the cleaning room (better known as the “wawa woom” by its inhabitants) are met with ta similar gruesome horror. The room is packed with dead and pillowed fluffies, its floors are caked with shit and blood. Feeding is once a week, with only the oldest and most inedible food we have available. Many fluffies may resort to eating the rotting corpses of other fluffies, to stave off the cruel death of starvation. Every three days the lights will shine brightly, and the room will be sprayed with ice cold water to help limit sanitation. This is a miserable room for fluffies, and some will even drown from this.
Unfortunately, this cleaning does little to solve the rampant issue of disease and parasites in the room, many fluffies will become sick and succumb to nasty illnesses. Finally, after thirty days in the cleaning room or if it reaches max capacity; it will be time to dispose of the inhabitants. The shower heads will turn to their alternative function and release a poisonous gas to kill all the survivors in this room of death, taking roughly five minutes to kill all inhabitants. Once all the inhabitants are confirmed dead, the floor opens up and sends the fluffies into a burn-pit to be properly disposed of as should all Bio-Waste. A fluffy that is brought to the facility, will die in the facility.

For commissions, illustrations and so on, please feel always free to contact me at any time! xD


Turned out better than I could have hoped for!


Oh God, why do I enjoy the suffering of these little creatures so much.


Because they tried so hard to homestead in the proud state of, “Mizzourrruh”


Excellent, science!

Does not compute.

I see no science of value here. No progress has been made to replacing Fluffies, humans, or any other species with superior successors.

All experiments could be better accomplished with improved programming.

The head of this facility is clearly just some rejected Umbrella Corp intern that was hired due to a Hasbio clerical error.

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Helps that they’re not real! :stuck_out_tongue:


Isn’t this one about foal extermination, and not about replacing them?


Yes, I was just making a joke.

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But the rejected umbrella Corp intern is probably true


I’m a huge fan of Resident evil 1 - 3 (including the unreleased 1.5, and 0). I personally view Hasbio as a cute, cuddly, family friendly Umbrella Corporation. They brought us Fluffy’s, but not because they believe that humanity needed a forever companion. They did so because they saw a potential market to exploit. Playing god is always an ethical dilemma, something that both Hasbio and umbrella took with a “YOLO” stance.

Technically on paper, Hasbio is completely unaffiliated with this facility. They do however provide funding for it via off shore shell corporations, and directly benefit from the data collection. The point of this anthology is more so, people in a specific town were getting sick of fluffy’s, someone provided a means to alleviate the issue, and now their clean streets hide an awful secret. This series is to explore the cruel and inhumane levels of abuse one can find with animal testing, the cold and callous nature of industrial abuse, and how much people really care when they see something heinous in their own backyard, but it rids them of a problem.

Also for those who are mega fans of the Resident Evil Franchise; Springfield, Missouri is thought to be the basis of Racoon City with The Ozark Plateau being inspiration for the Arklay mountains. It is no secret that this Facility is heavily inspired by the Arklay Laboratory, to the point where I even sent Turbine music to help set the mood. Here is the official theme music of the Facility.


For now I got only through 4 to 6
The remake of the first one is very high in my to do list

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Gotta play the original ps1 variants. The cheesy voice acting makes it amazing


Tank controls are hard to go back to honestly. I played the hell out of 2 and Code Veronica, but CV is the only one i actually have desire to play anymore. Also its probably up next for the REmake machine, despite Outbreak allowing them to reuse assets from 2 and 3 REmakes and it being integral from the transition to the Raccoon era to the global era storywise. Too little reception to the 3 multiplayer I think, unless they ditch the co-op feel and go singleplayer.

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My mom always said “mizzouruh.” The rest of us always said “mizzouree.”
I was born/raised in illinoy, btw. Illinoyze? Never heard of it.

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I by its rap name, “iLL-noize”

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I tell ppl “there’s no noise in illinoy.”

I went to college there.

…that’s all I remember… it’s been 20 years.

the only thing i dont get is the purpose of the cleaning room, if they are to be disposed in 30 days it feels like a waste of time, space and resources to keep it operational and to pillow them if they have no research purpose

@anon68543914 explain our culture
kek jk, he’ll explain better

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The cleaning room is a reference to an old Wolfram Spark’s comic called Spinel. Basically at the end of the comic, a man surrenders his fluffies (one being a pillow fluff names spinel) to a shelter. The shelter betrays the man’s trust and funding, by tossing spinel into a horrific room known as ‘The Washroom’. Essentially, it is just a dying room for unadoptable pillow fluffs (dark, scarce food, sudden water spraying to clean up waste). Its literal hell on earth for a fluffy, the epitome of being unwanted and dying unloved.

In this story, I wanted to make a reference to it because the facility is supposed to represent the evil we are willing to overlook for convenience. Consider the people who lived in the town of Auschwitz, they knew what was going on at the death camp but chose to ignore it. Fluffies (depending on head canon) can be seen as wonderful companions, but sometimes also a massive environmental blight upon farmlands and cities. The people of Springfield Missouri are willing to do the unthinkable, because it is easy. They dare not talk about why their town is clean and they dare not think of the horrors that go on behind the gates. So what way to better illustrate the utter cruelty, than to demonstrate one of the cruelest works of fluffy fiction?

The pillowing of the fluffies in this case handles two primary objectives. It provides a meat that can be grinded down into a cheap form of kibble to help sustain the imprisoned fluffies at a low cost and it also prevents adult fluffies from trying to break out of the washroom when they are throwing in new tenants. Like the original washroom, due to the poor sanitation, corpses, and left over experiments; parasites and disease run rampant. It would be beneficial to keep all that contained and isolated as possible. The fluffies that are in this room are not fed, often resorting to eating their own feces or other fluffies (usually foals) to survive. Many will die due to starvation, disease, or parasites. Ultimately it is simply a means to an end, as the primary function of this facility is to exterminate fluffies.