The Folly of Hope - Stories: Cookie - (Cmss for BFM101) (InfraredTurbine)

Another stories from The Folly of Hope!

  • Commissioned for @BFM101 about his original char: Josef

For commissions, illustrations and so on, feel free to contact me!
btw I’m taking order on The folly of hope formact if you have any ideas ^^


For anyone wondering if Josef would really go to all the effort of filling out forms, paying the insurance costs and pretending to give a shit, just for the one-time shock appeal of throwing a traumatised mare to a literal walking nightmare?

The answer is yes, he absolutely would.


this format is the gift that keeps on giving




??? what

I saw it xD

No you didn’t!! :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:


Well despite that awkward post, I’m not sure why I get such intense satisfaction from watching floofs get hopeful just to have them suffer. You are doing the lord’s work, my friend!


Thank you :3

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Well i’m sure that will end in the usual blood soaked manner.

Yet another great entry in the series.

Based on the expressions of the fluffies being adopted, the shelter staff must be telling them stories about how perfect their new homes will be. Especially whichever employee writes those teeth-grindingly twee “about me” things.

Even fluffies can understand the concept of betrayal. And what greater betrayal, to tell a fluffy that they will be loved and cared for, only to give that fluffy to an abuser.

I still think that the shelter administrator, at least, is secretly an abuser.


A week being good fluffy?

Damn he’s going to leave it as a twinkie with cream overload :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Only a week
Maybe his record >:o

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I love Crimson’s rape face!


That’s assuming any of us give a damn, those that would don’t visit anymore the rest of us aprove

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I think they just don’t give a damn anymore. Between dealing with fluffies day in and day out and the stress of never having enough space or resources because more and more keep coming in due to shitrats breeding like well rats, the propensity of owners in most works to not spay/neuter them and the habit of abandoning them instead of killing them, the goal seems to be to just move product like they were mill


Write a text about this, now. :gun:

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I like to think this shelter is run by people who really do care about the fluffies but because of that, they end up being abusers and/or selling to abusers.

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It’d be funny if Crimson focused entirely on psychological abuse rather than just ripping her to shreds.
Crimson: “Cwimson nu wan usewess, no-babbeh mawe. Nobody wiww EBAH wub yu!”