The Harwell Homestead p15 [by Luciferthefluffyreaper25]

(Hey yall here is another chapter of the tale of Atlas and the Harwell Homestead! Hope yall enjoy as always and feel free to gove suggestions and improvements that I could do in the comments!)

(WARNING: this chapter kinda gets a lil sus and a lot of sexual innuendos / sex jokes occur if you don’t like this then id suggest avoiding this chapter. Nothing sexual will actually occur written out to keep this story out of controversial but it will be mentioned at some point or a few points during the story and hinted at)

After a good nights Rest I awoke early the next morning with Steven still asleep cuddled up next to me as he normally did at night. I went to check my phone when I got an alert from the outside herd so I hopped out of bed without disturbing Steven and quickly went outside to check on them. As I got out I didn’t see anything off immediately as I scanned the backyard for any signs of trouble. As I approached the fence I could see there were some issues however, it seemed that a few fluffies fell into the small hole that the herd used to poop into and it seemed they’d been in there for a bit.

“Hewwo mistah Atwas” I heard Lime say as he approached me on the other side of the fence.

“Bad fwuffies feww in poopie howe, buh wime nu cawe, wime wan’ big wittah bawks fo’ hewd su fwuffies hab bettah time goin’ poopies” he said to me respectful.

And while he had a good point that foals could possibly fall in and I franky dont wanna make a net I could see if Steven could make one that would auto scoop and clean itself for ease and convenience.

“Sure bud I’ll see what I can do, do you want to leave those fluffies down there?” I said to Lime.

“Wime nu cawe dey dummeh stawwions” he said with a scoff.

“Eh works for me so is that all you needed?” I said.

“Wime heawd anothah dummeh hewd fwom fence, nu wike heawin’ dummeh hewd, fence nu smeww bad poopies weft by dummeh hewd an’ it makes Wime angwy, Wime nu wike bad poopies!” he explained angrilly.

“Hey I get it I’ll wash the fence off and check it out after a bit ok? It might just take me a bit first to get to it so be patient.” I said to him before I went back inside to find Steven now up.

“Good morning!” I said to him happily.

“Hey” he said back as he sipped his morning tea.

“So what did Lime want this time?” He said to me as I took off shoes.

“A litterbox so fluffies can’t fall in and get trapped like the hole” i said back with a laugh.

“Did any mares get trapped?” He said with a brief amount of concern.

“Nah just a few dumb stallions according to Lime” I said back taking a seat next to Steven.

“Ok good I can see what I could do for it but Id rather have a self cleaning one” Steven said as he handed me mug of black coffee.

“Yeah thats what I was thinking, so what do you wanna do today?” I said taking a sip of the still super hot coffee.

"You? He said with a laugh before he continued to talk.

“Well maybe goof with the downstairs fucks” he said still laughing from his joke.

“Well those two things could be that arranged dummy but we do have the issue that Lime says he heard a herd get nearby the fence in the backyard and shit on it so I wanna set up a fence cam and maybe a hunting stand in the backyard.” I said.

“Sure we could do that, what do you want for breakfast? We have toast, bagels, scrambled eggs, head, waffles or pancakes.?” He said with a devious smirk as I spit out my coffee.

“Damn man you are down bad af today aren’t you?” I said with a laugh.

“Well you would’ve known that already if you had stayed in bed~ I would’ve been the one to wake you up then~” he said making my face turn a bright shade of red.

To be honest I’d be lying if I knew Steven was most likely joking but honestly I was mentally contemplating if he was or wasn’t. Honestly to me Steven always acted “sus” towards other dudes but he wasn’t often this aggressive, maybe he did actually have feelings for me? Eh no time to think of it now I have things to do and fun to be had.

“I’ll take head and some eggs” I say jokingly making Steven laugh.

“Well sadly I don’t have any eggs you could scramble… but you could scramble my bussy instead~” he said making me laugh like mad.

“Jesus Steven you gotta chill out its like only eight am in the morning man” I said going on my phone to avoid the eye fucking that Steven was giving me.

After he finished making the eggs he set them on the table then I saw him get under the table making me react as I felt his hands on my thighs.

“Hey no bad Steven don’t make me get the spray bottle” I said jokingly as Steven emerged from under the table.
“Your no fun I wanted some cream to go with my tea~” he said as he moved over to sit on my lap.

After he wiggled a few to many times I gave him a gentle nip at his neck to tell him to stop which made him eep and gasp as his face went bright red.

“H-hey no fair… nip my lips not my neck dummy~” he said with a whine.

“You know Steven you confuse me” I say bluntly to him.

“Why is that Atlas?” He says looking confused at me.

“Well some days your cold as ice and angry at the littlest things and others your a feral catboy in heat, who acts like hes not gonna stop being annoying until he gets dicked down and given attention.” I said to him

“What do I need to wear the maid outfit or like a bikini? I mean I can if that helps~” he said teasingly.

“That’s not what I’m saying Steven and you know it, I wanna know what are we or what you think we are because i mean we sleep together and you sit on my lap or hold my hand now any freaking chance you get. So what are we?” I said bluntly to Steven.

“We are just close homies, nothing wrong with helping out the homies~” he said with a laugh making me sigh.

“Fine we can talk about this later Im gonna eat real quick then I’m gonna set up the hunting stand in the backyard so I can get a good look of stuff.” I said as I quickly ate my scrambled eggs so I could go out and get to work.

“By by handsome~” Steven said jokingly to me as I went back outside.

Honestly I never know with Steven either honestly I believe he’d got some mental condition that makes him switch personalities or something that makes him behave so differently. Either way I had things to do and a lot of time to do them in. After taking out the parts of the hunter’s stand I slowly put the stakes into the ground and then added the metal frame to them. After a long time of tightening nuts and bolts and reading instructions I had completed the stand and after climbing up into it, it was well worth the hastle to build as I could see clearly way above the fence and into the surrounding wooded areas. After looking for a bit I spot a area of grass that looks to have been eaten at a bit and a large hole nearby it. I assumed thats where the herd was so I got down from the stand and placed a large rock to block off the entrance for later I then went to grab a temporary metal fence from the garage to place around the hole and the used metal stakes to secure the fence so thefluffies couldn’t knock it over, before I removed the rock entirely so they’d be able to leave their nest. I then went back inside to grab another set of wires for my camera system and set up a camera on the fence facing the hole. This one had motion detection so I would be alerted to when they’d crawl up out of the hole. Kinda handy as I wanna see what condition they all are in and if any of them would be fit for the herd inside my fence.
After that I was panning an idea around with my head. If I added a blocker at the fences area to prevent digging could I let the herd roam around the yard peacefully? I put that idea aside for now as a potiental project some other day but I feel with Lime’s leadership maybe I could finally trust them with things after all most of the plants around my house are all but dead due to the huge issue of herd overgraising which is all to common in this area. I then went and wiped down the fence of shit so that Lime would be happy with the smell of it again and then I decided to take a look at my phone camera system to see how the basement fluffies were doing. Turns out very not good. It seems to be that a few of the fluffies had died during the night of starvation and the desperate ones where eating the corpses in an attempt to survive. I checked several of the cams but I didn’t see any of the foals left which was a shame but honestly I didn’t care all to much about them. However I did notice that a there were several less stallions in the herd now and that the mares had most likely taken apart in the cannibalism like the typical self centered mares. After witnessing that I decided to deem them unfit for returning to the herd, they didn’t even bed or scratch at the door before resorting to cannibalism how pathetic is that. After watching them more it seemed that the only one not eating corpses was the smarty who seemed to sneak off into a corner and eat something. After looking at another camera angle I see he found a spare bag of food that he used his teeth to make a small hole in. I also noticed he approached a mare to try and bribe her with actual food for sex but she didn’t seem to believe her so he just took what he wanted as the others were still starving and didn’t seem to care, it seemed like a routine they had at this point which made me unhappy. So after grabbing a pair of trusty garden clippers, my side arm, and my knife. I headed into the basement to catch him in the act.

“Enf enf enf enf” I hear echoing in the basement as I opened the door.

“Huhuhu Soon mummah nu wike speshuw huggies, speshuw huggies gib owwies tu soon babbehs, meanie smawty, nu wan’ speshuw huggies huhuhu” I heard the mare that the smarty has mounted cry out while he ignored her like a total douche.
He didn’t even see me approach from behind right before he was about to squeal his good feels shit I yanked him by his scruff out of her.
“Hey there bucko I think she said she didn’t want special huggies” I said as I spun him around to face me.

"Dis am smawty wand! Smawty du what smawty wan’! He said before he screamed. “Smawty gib sowwy peepees!” He said as he weakly pissed onto my steel toed boots while looking proud of himself.
i simply let him go in the mid air letting him land on his legs with a sickening crunch and a scream as his legs snapped horribly causing him to bleed slowly and make shards of his leg bones pop out.
“Screeee Smawty hab wowstes huwties, weggies nu wowk! Weggies wowk wite nao!!!” He said screaming at his fucked up and mangled legs. I picked him up again and asked “Wanna give me sorry peepees again? I’ll do the same thing again but this time it will hurt even more.”

Defiantly he trys to shit on me before I point his ass at one of his herd mates and then drop him onto them covering him in his own shit but also almost nearly squishing the poor stallion he landed on as he was still unable to walk or move.

“Screee nu speshuw fwend… smawty gib speshuw fwend foweba sweepies… huhuhu…” a mare said sobbing at the loss of the stallions life.

“Yeah wow bud you are the worst smarty ever, your legs won’t work and now you’ve killed another stallion what else will you do.”

“Smawty gib wowstes hoofies tu dummeh hooman!” He said before I picked him up and then let him land on another stallion.

“Wow bud you just killed off all the other stallions in the herd your such a bad smawty.” I said with a laugh as the mares began to cry harder and harder.

“Are you guys hungry? I can get you food but if you give it to your smarty I won’t give it to you ever again.” I say with a smile after I get a ton of yes’s and lots of begging and pleading I go and grab the bag of food from the corner and pour it into the bowls David and Goliath used.

“Now remember he gets none.” I said as the smarty starts to bark orders, yelling and berating both his own legs and the mares demanding to be fed first. I simply walk to the door and say “remember if he gets ANY food then you’ll end up starving and so will your babies~ you’ll be bad mummahs fkr that” i say before leaving the basement with the bag of food in hand. While cruel as it was I wanted to see if any of the foals were sparkly it was unlikely but possible and besides the food eas awfully expired so it’d go to waste anyway. When I went upstairs back to the Living room I noticed Steven was inside the room he initially started out sleeping in doing something private, I didn’t feel inclined to bother him so I just sat on the couch and watched some tv.

Eventually I got bored and continued to do my favorite activity which I now call fluffy watching. Where I just sit and watch the fluffies act without the presence of a human around which is often interesting. Recently in Lime’s herd I noticed that a mare had recently given birth and her babies love to dance and play. I also noticed that the moves gives the ones that dance extra milk so they all started trying to do it which I find interesting.

Honestly though there was a nagging thought that still lingered in the back of my mind. When and how am I going to go about the breeding of Angel as well I doubt Orange Peel cant have kids due to the infection when I first got her but I want a sparkly stallion as her mate but to find one of those would be a nightmare and a half.

Either way I still felt like the other pains in my ass asside I haven’t been spending time with the saferoom fluffies enough mainly Angel, Orange Peel, and Guardian. So I figured since I had time now that I should do that. So I got off my ass and began to head to the saferoom. As I entered they all cheered and greeted me like they normally did “Daddeh atwas!” They all cheered. “Hey guys!” I said back with a smile. Honestly those little guys always made my day better, they all were mostly well behaved besides the few times they acted up here and there but for the most part they were consistently good for me. I didn’t have to worry about some dumbass smarty ruining shit, about them breaking out of their pens, about one hurting another. These fluffies are honestly better in a lot of ways but I still treat them close to the exact same way. After watching them for a bit Angel slowly trots up me and gives my foot a hug “Daddeh sm ou’ otay?” She says with a cheery tone.

“Yes Angel I am I’m just contemplating about how I’m going to deal with a few bad fluffy herds who’ve been trying to invade my land…” I say still spaced out while blankly watching Orange Peel and Clover play around with some blocks.

“What about dah scawy munsta 'ou tawked about? dah one that couwdn’t foweba sweepies” she says curiously.

“Oh I did eventually gave it forever sleepies but it wasn’t pretty dear, but I did it for you guys…” I said bleakly as I looked down to see Angel beaming.

“Dat’s 'cos ‘ou am dah bestes’ daddeh ebah ‘ou gib dah meanie smawties an’ meanie hewds foweba sweepies!” She said beaming and bragging about my accomplishments.

“Well I guess thats true but I don’t always feel like I’m the best, I have given a lot of bad meanie fluffies forever sleepies…” I said as I gave her a scratch under the chin.

“Dats 'cos ‘ou dah bestes’!” She said standing on her back legs and doing a little dancy dance for me.

“I guess I am…” I said chuckling she danced goofily in front of me.

“does daddeh wike Angews dancing?” She asked as she continued to dance as I slowly began to feel better.

“Thanks for the pick me up Angel, I think I have an idea to solve my issue?” I said to him now looking a bit more cheerful thanks to Angel.

If I was to keep raising my herd, and taking care of the fluffies in that saferoom I needed to uphold my standards just because a fluffy was nice and proper acting in that moment doesn’t mean its good enough for me to take in. My herd has enough of a population that loosing a few won’t put them at risk of all dying off. I needed to put those fluffy fucks down unless they show any signs of genes I wanted. While in my head it sounded shitty, selfish, and downright barbaric but it was necessary. It ALL was nessasry as someday they may break into my house or into my lawn and it may ruin all the things I’ve worked so hard to do and uphold.
As I got up and began to head out of the saferoom after giving angel a soft pat on the head. I walked back into the garage to both take care of some issues and to gather my tools. After all that thinking I finally came to the conclusion of what to do with David and Goliath, the herd would be best to take care of them and to lighten up my load of chores I’d have to do. I picked them up hearing the angry voices of David and Goliath, but honestly I wasn’t focusing on them I was in the zone. Focused sharp as a razors edge. As I walked outside setting them inside of the herds pen I was approached by Lime but before he could say anything I said to him.

"This is David and Goliath, make sure to only occasionally feed Goliath as she is super fat but she is expecting foals in a few weeks David is also a bit of an ass so police him hard but if he gives you to much trouble I will take his balls to calm him down, I’m going to go take out those fluffies but I might add them here as well am I undersood? I said to him with clear authority in my voice, something Lime seemed to be taken aback by.

“Yes mistah Atwas!” He said obediently as I nodded looking pleased as I walked out to go deal with one of my issues.
By this time a few of the basement mares had given birth as they were very immobile by the time I had found them. However, when I went into the basement I was saddened by the lack of any sparkle. Saddened by this but still determined I set up the gate system so I could shepard the mothers and their foals into the garage to seperate them from their other herd mates. There were only 3 mares who had given birth of the 5 mares total in the basement. As I entered I was met with the scared chips of both the foals and the skeleton like ex-smarty that still hadn’t passed away of starvation yet. “Hey guys I’m glad that some of you had your kids, I’m willing to take you guys out of this dark and scary place to your own saferoom!” I said with a fake smile as the mares who had given birth cheered while the mares who hadn’t given birth yet huhu’ed sadly. A white dirty looking mare with 6 different colored foals on her back stepped forward and said.
“Snowbaww hab bestes’ babbehs, su snowbaww go fiwst” she said confidentially which annoyed me greatly but I mentally shrugged.

“Why not let her go first her kids aren’t sparkly after all” I said to myself as I escorted to her to the garage as she struggled to make it up the steps without.

“Wait in here and I’ll come and get you and your best babbies later” I said to the still beaming mother who kept nonstop babbling that I eventually just tuned out. I was happy I had selective hearing sometimes because if not I swear I’d have gone crazy way before this.
“Otay Snowbaww wiww wait hewe! Snowbaww get bestes’ sketties for bestes’ babbehs wite?” She asked.

“Mhm yeah sure” I said as I closed my garage door.

To my shock tho I heard some whimpering and a angry fluffy mother screaming something as I re-entered the basement

“DUMMEH POOPIE FLUFFIE NU HUWT BESTES BABBEH!” I heard one of the mares say and while normally I wouldn’t rush over to the corner to see whats going on but I only remembered 3 stallions including the smarty, and 5 mares who all aren’t brown so did I miss one? I thought to myself before I saw a purple mare hitting a brown fluffy that I couldn’t see well enough until it dawned on me.
“HEY!” I shouted at the purple mare who was about to give more sorry hoofies to the poor fluffy shivering and crying in fear in front of it before my shout scared the purple making causing her to make bad poopies, making her turn around to face me.

“That’s not how a good fluffy acts no go wait by the door or I’ll leave you in here.” I then went to pick up the all brown and incredibly rough looking fluffy as it continued to wiggle away from me but it didnt try to avoid my hands just the sound of my voice.

“Coco? Is that you sweetie?” I said in a soft and reassuring tone as she made a small scaredy chirp back.

“N-Nu am Co-Coco a-am p-poopie num-nummer…” the mare said sadly as she stopped trying to step back away from me.

“No hun your name is Coco and your a good fluffy, did the herd take them with you when they escaped?” I said softly gently reaching out to softly pet her under the chin.

"She nodded as she coo’d softly from my under the chin scratches. After giving her a look over her back legs looked badly her and her front legs looked even worse. She some how survived the drop from the window like most of the other fluffies but it definitely hurt her more than others she might’ve been one of the first to go.

“Your not a poopie nummer remember your just good fluffy ok?” While her legs and body seemed worse for wear her eye sockets looked a lot less enflamed and seemed to be healing, I don’t know how I missed her while looking on the cameras but I guess I’m just blind when I’m not focused.

“I’m gonna take you out of here ok?” I say as I gently picked her up and began to take her upstairs as I ignore the pleads of the purple mare and her chirpy babies.

I took her up into the saferoom and walked up to Guardian after being greeted by the fluffies with a “daddeh!”.

“Guardian I know your gonna be mad but I need you to keep any eye on Coco here for a tiny bit I know she’s a bit scary and she doesn’t smell all to good but I’m gonna her up and give her some help, she’s a good fluffy and she’s been through a lot, she was a poopie nummer for a long time so I need to help her recover.” I said to Guardian who looked displeased at my request.

“Mawe nu smeww pwetty… but wiww daddeh atwas get mowe toys fo’ fwuffies?” He said curiously as he looked at the mare in my hands with disgust.

"Yes but treat her well ok? I want her to also be able to take care of all babies like Nursie. I said to Guardian which seemed to get Guardians attention, it seemed maybe Guardian would be a good fit for a protector of a indoor nursery that I could make the saferoom into which could be a good idea in the future, but for now I must test him with this.

“Otay Guawdian du it…” he said as I set her down next to him.

“Ok thanks bud I’ll make sure to reward you once I’m finished with the issues I need to take care of, don’t let me down and try not to let her eat poop but don’t hit her if she does just guide her away ok?” I said as I sent him a text that I found Coco but I didn’t get a response from him at all.

I went back down to the basement and I allowed the purple bitchmare to get out of the basement and into the garage as she continued to blab about her stupid children who she considered the best.
“Fwuffy’s babbehs am dah bestes’ babbehs ebah fwuffy desewbe dah bestes’ sketties su babbehs can hab bestes’ miwkies ebah!” She said as she walked into the garage, Snowball upon hearing this started an argument with the other mother about who’s babies were the best.

“Snowbaww’s babbehs am deh bestes’ babbehs!” Snowball shouted at the other mare.

“Nu fluffies babbehs am bestes’ Snowbaww’s babehs am poopie babbehs!” The mare remarked back cruely as I shut the door. To go and retrieve the last mare who also seemed just as shitty as the other two mares. When I opened the door to the basment she was sitting there already.

"Bestes’ mummah nee’ bestes’ sketties! She said confidentially to me.

“Oh I’ll get you them once you get to the garage now lets go” I said to her as I guided her to the garage where the two mares were still verbally arguing about who’s foals where poopie and who was the best mom. When the third mare arrived of course she immediately joined in and began to yell at the other two. “NU fwuffy’s babbehs am the BESTES!” she stated loudly before I shut the door so I didn’t have to listen to their shit. While I was at it I figured I might as well take the still pregnant mares out to the garage as well so I can end the smarty in peace. They both argued with me about how bad uppies are bad for soon babbehs but honestly I didnt care none of them had any sparkly babies so they were all just babies to me. Honestly anymore fluffy babbling doesn’t bother me much as I’m able to just tune it out or even completely ignore it. The smarties and the bitchmares are a bit harder though as they often either talk down or are hurting others so I can’t tune them out completely. After all that annoyance I decided to finally check on Steven and knock on the room Steven was doing something in. “Hey Steven you good?” I said calling out to him.

From the otherside I heard him cheerfully say “Yeah I’m streaming right now!”

“Okay I’ll leave you be I’ll be outside handling soem stuff” I said to him as I went to grab my equipment from the kitchen table and my boots. After loading my shotgun and putting it on my back with its sling, loading up my sidearm and a few of its spare clips, and then after lacing up my boots. I headed outside ready to deal with the other issue that other group of shit rats. As I approached the fenced in areas I aw they still were sitting in the hole but I hear faint whispering from a few of them so to encourage them to leave the hole that they called a next I went and grabbed a bucket from the shed to fill it up with water. When I returned with the button I slowly began to pour water into the hole bit by bit hearing screeees as a few fluffies emerge from the hole looking wet and pissed.

“Why munsta put wawa into hewds nestie!” A red furred unicorn fluffy with a cyan mane said before it attempted to charge at me angrilly but it was stopped by the metal fencing I had placed earlier causing it to smack right into the fence with a soft thud.

“Wawa bad fow fwuffies nu wike wawa…” the other green colored fluffy with a black mane said as it sniffed and whined after crawling out of the hole.

I simply didn’t respond to either of them as I slowly poured a bit more water as a pink colored earthie mare with a orange mane who had two babies on her back emerged from the hole as well. “Wawa am bad for babies” she muttered to herself as she seemed like she didn’t have all of her babies with her. The foals on her back where both had pink fur but one of them had a

“Well is that all of you guys or are you missing some go get them if there are more down their or I will pour water down the hole.” I said a monotone voice to the 3 wet fluffies.
As soon as I said that the mare took the babies off her back and rushed back into the hole emerging with 3 more peeping foals along with 2 other adult fluffies who both were alicorns. The adults were both grey and seemed to have been sleeping as they were both stumbling when they got out of the hole. The 3 other foals the pink mare had on her back were all rather undesirable colors a yellow foal with the fur tone that resembled piss, a brown foal that had fur that looked like literal poop, and a red red foal whos fur looked close to the red unicorns color but not quite as it was less a maroon and more the shade of dried blood. The smarty who had now recovered from his scrap with the fence semed mad that the mare had left the “Bestes” baby behind in the water.

“‘ou am bad mummah, ‘ou weft bestes’ babbeh behind! nu nummies fo’ bad mummah fo’ tonite” he said to her making her whine.

“Buh b-buh mummah nee’ nummies fo’ miwkies ow babbehs go fowebah sweepies, mummah nu hab nummies in many bwite times” the mare said in protest before the smarter hit her with his hoof to shut her her up.

I started to move the fencing away from the hole to stop them from running and to let me reach into the hole to see if any others were left. As I shined my flashlight in I saw a floating foal corpse and the remains of the bedding they were using to sleep on so just used my boot to kick up enough dirt around the home to close up the hole to give the poor dead baby something resembling a kind burial. Afterwards I looked back after hering the mare cry out saying “Huhu fwuffys smeww pwace hab many huwties…” and I saw the mare’s nose was now bleeding as while my back was turned the smarty had smacked her in nose a few more times after that.
After I went into the garage again seeing the mothers try to approach me but were stopped by the fencing i had put down to stop them from charging the other door as soon as I opened it preventing any escape attempts.

“Bestes mummah nee’ nummies fo’ babbehs” they all said to me and the continued to bicker and fight about who was the best mom and who had the best baby.

I sighed and picked up the burn pit taking it outside to set up a fire. It was semi heavy but I smartly decided to the burnpit and the metal coal retainer in two different trips. I then closed the door but I’d be back for those annoying cunts later. After taking the fire pit far enough away from the yard and house to be both out of earshot of the heard and far enough away from the house to prevent any fire accidents from happening. I then slowly gathered some sticks and bark while the fluffies watch quietly except for the smarty who kept yelling things like “dis am smawtys wand” and “smawty gib monsta hooman foweba sweepies”. Which honestly made me laugh a little at the fact the smarty refused to acknowledge the situation he was in currently but he was a smarty so I figured he never would. Either way after I gathered up enough sticks and bark to put into the fire pit and then I grabbed a box of matches from the kitchen and then it lit up the firepit. After getting the fire going I went into the shed and grabbed two lawn chairs and put them next to the fire for later. Then after grabbing the bitchmares from the garage ignoring this demands and whines putting them all into the fenced in area with the herd that I captured. I decided to leave the 2 mares who hadn’t given birth yet but they’d met their end eventually soon but not today. Afterward I sent Steven a text who said he was on his way out since he was finished, but first I went back into the kitchen to grab some smore supplies for me and Steven to use.

“Hey whats all this Atlas?” He said looking confused as he walked towards me looking at the herd and the mares in the pen and the fire I had going.

“Well I figured we’d celebrate a slight positive I found Coco downstairs being bullied by the mares, and I also found the herd that shat on the fence” I said motioning to the chairs.

“Well are you gonna get rid of them?” He said as he took a seat.

“Yeah but I figured you wanted to make some smores first?” I said pulling the basket of smores supplies out behind my back.

“Oh you~” Steven said with a blush. “Of all things you remember this, I guess you aren’t as thick headed as I thought!” He said with a laugh.

“Yeah I know how much you love smores so you know I figured why not have some and then burn those annoying fucks up who’ve been causing us issues” I said as I handed hik some smore supplies and a metal rod to cook the marshmellow on.

After a few relaxing minutes of silence the smarty starts up again with his demands so having just about enough of his demands I let my marshmellow catch on fire then I used the metal rod ro fling it at him hitting him square in the face and causing hot ash to spray at the other fluffies making them scree and they cover them all in shit and piss with scardy poops and pees. Which made me and Steven laugh.

“Hahaha nice aim Atlas” Steven said as he made his first smore.

The marshmellow was still on fire but the fluffies had little room to back up so the smarty who was still spooked by the small flame tried to eat it to put the fire out before he screams from the burns.

“Screeeee Smawty mouff hab dah wowstes’ huwties ebah. Fwamey wock gib owwies tu smawty mouff” the smarty said shitting on some of his pack mates. They all take turns trying to put it out via licking, eating, or even stomping on it but they end up hurting themselves as we laugh at their stupidity until eventually the marshmellow goes out by itself.

“Well that certainly was entertaining” he said with a big smile."

"Oh yeah it definitely was wanna make a few more before we get the show going? I wanna get rid of these fucks before we have dinner.

“Oh thats true we haven’t technically eaten dinner yet, wanna just do it while I go cook?” Steven said as he finished making his mast smore.
“Sure if you insist are you sure you don’t wanna throw just one in?” I offer.

“Eh I hate ending them though I do feel bad for the non assholes…” he said awkwardly.

“I’ll do the dirty work as per usual cutie go ahead and head inside, enjoy your smores and have fun cooking I’ll be in after a bit.” I said with a soft smile.

“Okay! I’ll go enjoy myself just don’t take to long.” He said with a happy giggle as he took his smores inside.

“Oh I won’t take long theres not many here.” I said as I menacingly standed infront of the fluffies.
I reached down and grabbed the smarty of the bunch who kicked and screamed but seemed go have issues talking with his burned mouth and throat. After moving the makeshift pen closer to the fire I used a a few of the stakes to pin the smary to the ground by his four legs and let him watch as I took the firepit and poured the hot coals into the small pen and sat back and watched as they screamed for their smarty to save them.

“SCREEE BESTES SPESHUW FWEND SAB FLUFFY AND BABBEHS!” the smarties mate cried as the hot coals landed on her and his foals killing the foals instantly but making the mare suffer as her skin and fluff was burned away slowly.
The bitch mares screamed for their bestest babbies to save their bestest moms but the babies could do anything and where killed instantly by the intense heat and pressure. I laughed a little thinking about how demanding those bitch mares where only to be humbled by some hot coals.

“N-nu speshuw fwend… bestes’ babbeh… huhuhu fwuffie wan die… wan die… wan die…” the smarty said as he had to look forward into his now dead mates eyes as her corpse kept burning. Her eyes full of fear slowly melting out of her skull. The smarty had broken and entered the wan die loop so I released the stakes the threw him into the pen on top of the hot coals to let him die as he continued to repeat his mantra.

“Wan die… wan die… wan die…” he said over and over again. As he eventually stopped saying it showing he was finally dead. I used the bucket full of water to pour onto the hot coals to put them mostly put before repeating the process until they were safe to leave alone. Once I finished that I left the remains of my demise alone and went to join Steven who was cooking and signing alone to music.

“You got a new horizon, it’s ephemeral style
A melancholy town where we never smile
And all I wanna hear is the message beep” he sang happily as he stirred a pot.

“Oh hey Atlas is everything done!” He said cheerfully as he paused his music.

"Yeah it is! I choose the quick and fast route as I was to impatient to off them one by one.

“Aw or did you just miss me that much?” He said giggling like a school girl. He said teasingly to me.

“Maybe a bit of both, how was your stream session?” I asked as I went into the fridge to grab a pop.

“Good but it’s more fun to stream drunk thooo can you please let me drink again…” he said with a whine.

“No Steven its to early I don’t want you to relapse, hey I quit drinking too so I get it ok?” I said to him softly.

“Yeah I know… it’s still just dumb I didn’t have that bad of a problem…” he said pouting.

“Dude you were going through like a vodka bottle a day thats not healthy.” I said to him with a sigh.

Steven huffed at that but resigned with arguing knowing I was actually right in this circumstance.

“So you cleared the basment out whats left of the pests?” He asked as he continued to cook.

“Well just two pregnant mares in the garage but besides that I think we are good and ready to start building traps and gadgets.” I said back confidently.

“Ok good I’m assuming you went and movie David and Goliath to the herd outback?” He asked

“Yup I did so they’d be out of our hair for awhile so you can get to inventing and I’ll get scouting for herds.” I answered back.

“Yeah some of my viewers were worried about me living in this county they said almost 75% of this county and the surrounding counties have been overgrazed by the feral herds leading to mass crop failure and farm raised animal deaths.” He said nervously.

“We got green grass and a forest nearby and I’m gonna keep it that way the same goes for Bill. I know we have one herd to tackle by the water hole so we might start there. If we could gas them or trap those fluffies non-lethally id be happy as that herd most likely contains the sparkle gene we want. Once we get some more of those kinds we can just eradicate the rest as the breeding farm could still work and we could sell off any gadget ideas to big companies to make some good money too if you want.” I said to Steven who started to serve up dinner.

“Well i thought you didnt have to worry about money?” He said sounding nervous.

“Oh I dont but you could always use extra spending money and honestly more money means more expansions and such my investments pay out enough for us to live more than comfortably but we cant take out more than five thousand a month or we risk losing out on money long term.” I explained to Steven who calmed down after hearing that.

“Well ok thats good I’d be happy to help invent some stuff to be honest I’ve been itching to build stuff and cuddle too” he said as he set a bowl in front of me.

“We could arrange for time for both of those things now that we don’t have issues to face.” I said with a laugh as I took a spoonful of soup.
“Oh Broccoli Cheddar soup I love it!” I say happily which makes Steven smile.

“Yeah I know you like it and we need to run to the store and stock up on food.” He said still smiling widly

“Well if you wanna go shopping while I scout out the forest and the lake I’d be down for that.” I said continuing to eat the soup.

“Yeah I’d be happy to do that you know I hate the grimey stuff.” He said with a laugh.

"Yeah yeah Mr. Girlygirl. I’ll do the hard stuff just make sure to pick up some more toys for the saferoom fluffies.

He nodded and we both continued eating after we finished Steven quickly washed the few dishes while I gave the mares in the garage a small amount of food so they didn’t starve, they graceful ate it but remarked how it wasn’t sketty but I ignored them and left the room. Upon walking into my room I was greeted by Steven who was already in bed and appeared to be waiting for me.

“Come on I want cuddles already!” He said sounding excited as I climbed into bed with him.

He happily snuggled up to my rubbing his face against my chest letting out a soft sigh before awkwardly saying “You know Atlas you smell good~” which made me laugh a bit.

“Thanks Steven I try” I said back with a small laugh.

After a bit more cuddling I soon found my eyes to be heavier than nornal and then I drifted off to sleep, Steven snuggled against me…

(Hey all I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Sorry it took a bit I was struggling how to make Steven and Atlas flirt slightly but not lead it to outright fucking like animals. I wanted to do a lot of clean up this chapter as while you can make chapters of just torturing herds (which i could do later) i feel making it a main focus for many episodes is boring and over done. I also wanted to make more character development in the fluffies in the saferoom as I felt I havent given them enough attention yet ( and I still do) but yk its gotta be slow and meaningful to me but yeah feel free to leave more suggestions as I LOVE them as they often give me a mish mash of my own ideas to work off of based on them. Anyway thanks for the continued love and support! Lucifer out for now!)

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