The Harwell Homestead p5 [by Luciferthefluffyreaper25]

Hey all heres another chapter of the story of Atlas and his homestead.

After the long night I had I woke and hobbled down the hallway to my living room to see Angel happily playing with her block and it appearred she hadn’t made any accidents yet today so that was an uplift.
“Mornin Angel you sleep well?” I say to her in a gentle tone.
“Gud bwite time daddeh” she says happilly as she stops playing with her ball for a second to say hi to me.
She seems happy and content right now but I think I need to get another fluffy but first I needed to go out to set up some security just in case anything bad happens. So after making sure angels feeder is full and I have my breakfast of a bagel and cream cheese before I check on how the herd is after its first night in the fenced in area.
As I approached the fenced in area I didn’t smell anything bad at first which is a good sign or so I think it is…
As I got closer I saw the herd was actually in decent condition, the remaining 17 - 20ish fluffies had been eating and drinking like normal and it seems that maybe I did break Lime out of his old ways, there was a mare or two that I was worried about with either showing signs of bitch mare syndrome or BMS as Steven calls it. When it tried to leave behind a brown foal on the way here. “Hey Lime where are you bud?” I call out trying to get Limes attention.
He soon emerged from the small shelter I made and approached me by the fence. “Hewwo nice mistah” he chirped back cheerfully to me.
“Any problems so far with your herd buddy?” I ask him.
“Nu just sum scawedy fwuffies of new housies” he said proudly.
“Thata boy good job keep it up let me know if any of em cause you trouble, and I might be adding more to your herd soon” I say with a smile of my face.
“Mhm wime be bestes’ smawty fwend!” He said excited.
“Good I like the sound of that!” I say happily as I turn and leave to head out for the city in my truck.
On my way there I get a look at just how fucked some of the areas with massive herds are, no trees, no plants just barren empty wastelands. While adorable they still are incredibly deadly to my land if kept untammed so I will need to get a handle on the other groups and fast. After a while I arrived at town i headed to the local hardware store to pick up some wood and other reinforcements for the fluffy enclosure as I call it, and then some materials to build some traps and other miscellaneous things.
I then head to the FluffyMart to pick up some cheap fluffy food for the herd. It wasn’t the cheapest possible but it was decent enough I’d know they’d still eat it. I also got some supplies for fluffy first aid for angel just in case of any accidents and I also picked up a book on saferooms and socializing fluffies as well as a saferoom starter kit that included soft padding for the walls and floor of the room and some new toys. After getting all of that and packing it into the bed of my pickup truck. I noticed something by the alleyway as I got closer I noticed it was a group of ferals, and while normally id leave them alone to do their own thing I figured why not investigate as shiny genes can be anywhere amd everywhere. As I got closer though I wasnt amused. I saw a bright blue mother with a electic green mane and a child sitting close by to her who looked exactly like her. There also was a dark gray male fluffy with a black mane who I assumed to be her special friend. I seemed to have stumbled up to them while they were feeding on some trash but what I heard next pissed me off. “Bestes’ babbeh get miwkies fiwst mummah” the bright blue foal chirped as the momma nodded her head.
“Bestes- babbeh Awways get miwkies fiwst bwuebeww am bestes’ mummah!” She said to the foal.
Hearing that pissed me off but as I got a closer look that blue foal was incredibly fat compared to the other two so it was obviously spoiled rotten at this point, and taking a look at the male it seemed he didn’t care as he just wanted food as he carefully picked through the trash.
“Hey there guys are you locking for a home?” I say in a false friendly voice trying not to spook them"
The mom cheered as she saw me. “Am 'ou nice mistah” she asked hesitantly.
“Mhm I’m looking for good fluffies to take home do you know of any others besides you, your special friend, and your babies?” I ask keeping the sickenly sweet facade up. Honestly I hate fluffies or even humans that pick favorites, my parents did that to me, that’s why I feel bad for other victims of favoritism. I mean my parents acted as if I didnt exist until after my older brother was discovered to be the spoiled monster he truely was but by then it was to late, honestly i don’t regret not being there for them when they pass, knowing they passed away alone and unreconsilled.
“Bwuebeww nu see any othah fwuffies othah den speshuw fwend an’ bestes’ babbeh " she said proudly.
“Well do you have other babies?” I ask curiously hoping she’d have a nest as I didnt want to come home to angel with a friend but I wasnt gonna pick just any spoiled brat of fluffy if I had any say in it.
“Nu othah fwuffies at bwuebewws nestie” she said after thinking for a moment.
Now either she’s mentally slow or thinking of how to trick me either way I’m not buying her story. “Well can I see your nest?” I ask. “I want to make sure your the best momma around” I say baiting her to take me to her nest.
“Mhm bwuebeww am bestes’ mommah!” She said proudly. However I noticed as we headed back to her nest I began to hear chirping noises causing her to rush into her nest and whisper “Shhh dummeh babbeh ow nu take 'ou to nu housie” she said in a low tone.
What I heard next sadly proved me right as I heard a sickening crunch next as it appearred one of the foals didnt shut up, and when I peeked in I saw the disgusting deed she had just commit. As i looked in I saw a pile of poop in the corner with a brown fluffy wiggling inside of it and a alicorn in the opposite corner shivering and shaking in fear of it being next, and right under the hoof of bluebell was the body of what was a cute electric orange foal. Bluebell looked up at me in fear as I witnessed the atrocity she commited. “Nu babbeh, othah fwuffie gib babbeh foweba sweepies…” she said trying to seem convincing.
“Oh yeah that’s a shame…” I say looking at the now horrified mate.
“Bud do you have a name?” I ask bluebells special mate.
“Babbeh…” I hear him whimpers as seems to not hear me as he looks at the corpse of his baby, he also sadly looks at his mate not knowing what she did.
“Wait is that two other babys?” I say pointing to the alicorn foal and to what I think they’d call the poopie foal.
“Nu nu… nu othah fwuffies hewe…” she said stepping in front of the alicorn to try and hide it from view causing the broken colored foal chirps upon hearing my voice. As I look at it I feel bad as I know it won’t live even if I try, its not the state angel was in. It was worse than that, it’s eyes pleading for dead which I cannot grant just quite yet.
“I saw that foal bluebell if you want a home your gonna take the alicorn with you” I say in a scolding tone.
“Dat nu babbeh dat munsta babbeh, it nu pwetty ow bestes” she said confidentially.
Thinking I’m unable to react to her turning around I see her turn around and lift up her hooves to slam onto something. Reacting quickly I grab her by her scruff pick her up.
“What do you think your doing bitch?” I say in a cruel angry tone.
“Screeeee bad uppies!” she says as she thrash about as she accidentally empties her bowels onto her mate.
“Your special friend is a bad mommah bud… she just tried to kill your last baby…” I say to him causing him to snap out of his grief.
“B-but babbeh am not munsta” he stammers sadly.
“Oh of course it’s not bud its a beautiful baby, has your mate not been feeding it?” I ask gently while trying to silence his mate while talking to him.
“Mistah nu mad at fluffy for monstah baby?” He asks shyly.
“Oh buddy its not a monster, but I wanna know if your special friend has been a bad mommah and not fed it” I say trying to console his concerns. I will admit he is a bit slow but he does have a good heart.
“Fwuffy nu know…” he says looking away shamefully.
“It’s ok bud” I say setting bluebell down with a hard thrud causing her to scree in pain.n"Feed him now!” I say in an intimating tone causing her to turn away in a huff.
“Nu! Bestes’ babbeh gets aww de miwkies to gwow big an’ stwong!” She says confidently as her foal copies her sentiment.
“Bestes’ babbeh gib owwies tu dummeh munsta babbeh!” The spoiled brat yells as it half run half walks towards the alicorn thinking it wouldn’t notice its battle cry, but I grabbed the brat by the tail before it can reach the poor fearful alicorn which was shielding its head with its small hoofs. “No you don’t you brat leave him alone!” I say through gritted teeth trying to not scare the rest of the fluffies.
“Screeeeee bad uppies!! put bestes’ babbeh down!” It demands with puff cheeks as it trys to aim its ass in my general direction.
“Bestes’ babbeh gib sowwy poopies!” It shouts as I grab it and point it at bluebell who was still crying on the ground not realizing im holding her beloved child causing him to shoot the most vile smelling shit I’ve ever smelled at its own beloved moms face causing her to jolt in anger.
“Bad bestes’ babbeh gib sowwy poopies to bestes’ mummah” she said angrilly before she noticed that I was holding her baby.
“Nu gib bestes’ babbeh bad uppies, bad uppies bad fo’ bestes babbeh!!!” She said sounding distressed and conflicted.
“No your gonna feed your baby first or you don’t get your bestes baby back” I say trying to convince her as I just need her to feed the poor thing once so I can get it home without it dying of starvation. To which that triffling bitch ignores me and rushes to try and crush the foal again but this time I had my hands full of her annoying fuck of a kid but I also didn’t want to potiental hit the box and kill the alicorn in the box accidentally. However to my surprise Bluebells mate was not having it anymore as he charged into her and smacking her aside with his strong hoof. “Bad speshuw fwend nu gib munsta babeh owwies!” He yells angrilly. To be honest I was surprised he seemed to be still a bit wrong in thought but the attempt was what mattered to me, perhaps he could be a good protector of my house fluffies if I get him fixed.
“Why speshuw fwend gib bestes’ mummah huwties” bluebell whimpered as she fell onto her side.
“Huhuhu…” bluebell whines trying to get sympathy from her baby or her special friend to no avail.
“Feed your baby or I’m going to give your bestest baby forever sleepies” I said to the horror of bluebell as she reluctantly obeys me and bashfully walks over to the alicorn as her special friend watches carefully.
“Do you have a name bud?” I ask bluebells mate as he watches bluebell gentlynfeed the alicorn foal inside the cardboard box.
“Fwuffy nu hab namsies” he says his focus not waivering from bluebell. “Well if you still want to come home with me I’d gladly give you a name bud” I kindly to him. He seemed shocked by this as he might’ve thought he lost the chance for a good home due to his terrible mates behavior. “Nice mister give fluffy and mate homsies? Wha about babbehs? They need homsies tuu…” he said softly in a tone sounding like he doesn’t want to leave his kids. “Well I’ll bring you home as long as the amazing baby isn’t forever sleepies” I say as I point to the alicorn who was still feeding like it’s life depended on it, while its mother looks at it with hatred in its eyes as it steals the milk it feels should be for its best baby.
“Dummeh mistah, wettin’ munsta babbeh steaw miwkies fwom bestes’ babbeh, bestes’ momma wiww gib sowwy hoofies to dummeh mistah an’ den fwuffy gib bestes’ nummies to bestes’ momma” I heard her whisper to herself as she reluctantly finished feeding the alicorn that seemed a lot happier now that it had a full belly for once.
I pick up a empty cardboard box near by and as them all to get inside as I look over at the poor brown foal that whimpered as it crawled forward with its front legs as its nonfunctional back legs dragged behind it"wan die… wan die babbeh wan die…" it says pitifully while looking at me as I scoot the box over after putting the rest in it and then I look over and in a single action I gave the poor foal a quick and as painless as possible death, I’d make sure his mother and asshole sibbling paid for his suffering. Before I took them to my car I wanted to get them look at so I headed back into the FluffyMart to get them checked out in the vet section. As I entered the cashier recognized me and said “The abuse section is in the back of the store…” she said in a sad tone.
“Oh no I wanna keep a few of them but I will need a check up on them first.” I said back with a soft smile.
“Oh ok let me take you to the vet area then” she said seeming to like the idea of ferals being treated somewhat humanely even if they were biotoys.
When we arrived the vet didnt seem amused until I told her to only look at the mom to make sure shes not sick and a full check up for the stallion and his alicorn foal.
“Why not a full check up for all of them?” She asked seeming perplexed by my request.
“Well I wanna only keep the alicorn and stallion as she definitely has BMS and the baby is beyond redemption since it was spoiled rotten” I said casually.
“Hmm what made you keep him? Normally people who bring in strays bring in the awful poop covered brown ones or horribly mangled alicorns, this one seems a bit malnourished but still in decent shape” she said confidently.
“Well the mare is named bluebell or that’s what she told me and she lied about not having other kids besides her best one and then killed one before I could stop her, but he surprisingly stepped in and stopped her before she could squish the alicorn foal.” I said to her.
“Hmmm” she said as she leaned over to me asked “did he see the first foal die or just the corpse?”
“Just the corpse but the momalso hid a brown foal in poop from him but I didn’t let him see it, does also call the alicorn a monster but I think its out of being taught by others and no by its own belief of it” I say quietly.
“Thats actually interesting” she said as she continued to inspect the stallion.
After a few more minutes she gets a weird look on her face and then walks over to me to whisper something. “Hes got a nasty infected testicle, like seriously bad to be honest i don’t know how he’s not dead, well could we potientally make the mare do it so hes notnas traumatized by vets and make it so he will watch her even closer?” I ask curiously.
“You wanna bribe her to harm him eh, so your not a true hug boxer?” She said with a soft chuckle.
After that I picked a asleep bluebell up from the box much to the protest of her best baby who greedily drinking milk from her aa she slept.
“Scree put bwuebeww downsies, bwuebeww nu wan’ uppies…” she said in protest as she accidentally pooped on her bestest foal who was hovering below her.
“Relax bluebell I have a proposition for you, do you have your alicorn baby?” I ask in a way sounding like I want her to say yes.
She immediately foolishly responds like the dumbass she is “Yus bwuebeww hate monstah babbeh su much, wan’ to gib it foweba sweepies su much!” she says in a tone that makes me sick.
“Well if you wanna do that I want you to bite on your special friends uh balls” I say awkwardly not being super sure how to translate that to fluffy language.
“Mistah wants bwuebeww to bite mates speshuw wumps off?” She said sounding shocked.
“Mhm I’ll even give you and your bestest baby sketty” I say trying to sound convincing to her.
“Bestes’ babbeh to wittwe fo’ sketties bwuebeww shouwd get them aww to make dah bestes’ miwkies fo’ bestes’ babbeh!” She explained cheerfully.
“Ok sure when your let into the room get his uh special lumps then ill only take you two home” I repeat as I look at the poor cowering foal in the corner of the box as it sits quietly hoping to live to see the next day.
I then take her into then examination room where room the stallion was and within a minute I heard the peircing scream of the stallion screaming “FWUFFIES SPESHUW WUMPS” causing me to run into the room as I see the poor stallion bleeding profusely into a large puddle of puss and blood as it leaks out of where his prized balls once where. Which were in the mouth of the now proud looking littlw monster of a fluffy mother Bluebell, quickly the vet shoves Bluebell away and does her best to stop the stallions bleeding as best as she can and then extracts any of the remaining puss. “Bluebell what did you do? Why would you do that to your special fiend” I say trying to sound as shocked as possible.
“All Bluebell what mistah tell her tu” she says with a shocked look on her face that I didn’t seem happy about how she acted but in a still semi confident tone thinking she will still get her “reward”. She then spit the stallions testicles as well as the blood and puss that got into her mouth onto the ground.
“Why are you lying Bluebell I would never ask you to do that to your special frie…” I say sounding disappointed before Im cut off by a scream from the stallion. “Bluebell no my mate no more i hatechu, Bluebell stole my special lumps! Am no stallion no more…” he said with a sniffle as the vet continued to patch him back up.
I walked up to him and and patted hisnhead gently. “Don’t worry buddy your still a stallion to me special lumps or not” I say in a comforting tone as I get a bad feeling as I rush back outside as I rush out of the office hearing peeping of a foal and a fluffy yelling “Bestes’ babbeh gib munsta babbeh foweba sweepies an’ make bestes’ momma pwoud!” As I reach the box I see the spoiled brat about to slam its hoofs down on the alicorn, before I can I flick it in the face and sending it flying into the other side of the box making it huhuhu in pain. “Bestes’ babbeh smewwy pwace hab owies, mummah sabe bestes’ babbeh” he screams out thinking its mom will come and rescue it. I quickly pick up the alicorn gently and head back into the examination room with the alicorn in my palm ignoring the pleads for help from the annoying spoiled fluffy brat.
“Is it alright?” The vet asks seeing the alicorn a bit bruised up.
“Yeah I intervened before the spoiled brat could do any serious harm” I say still slightly out of breath.
“Ok well good so your fillie alicorn and Stallion should be ok, just make sure the stallion takes this medicine once a day and the rest of the infection should go away” she explained as she handed me a bottle of pills.
“Fillie?” I say in response sounding confused.
“Yes fillie as in girl, you didn’t think it was a guy did you?” She said with a chuckle.
“To be be honest I had my hopes but honestly thats still fine maybe its for the best as I have another fillie about her same age” I said awkwardly trying to shift the conversation to something different.
“Well ok it should be ok do you want an actual kennel for all of them or?” She asked.
“Just for the stallion and the fillie the mare is going back in the box with the spoiled brat.” I say quickly.
“Understandable, good thinking” she said as she put the stallion and fillie into carrying kennel and handed them over to me.
“Huhuhu fwuffy nu bad fwuffy why put fwuffy in sowwybocks…” the stallion whined.
“Its notna sorry box bud its a go home box, its how ill get you home” I say nicely which seems to cheer him up.
“Nice mistah stiww takin’ fwuffie home?” He asks.
“Yup I am bud” I say as I make my way to my truck to put the carrier in the front seat and then return to put the mare back into the box with her foal to put into the bed of my truck. After i grab a few more things that I forgot like a sorry stick, a sorry box, as well as some extra formula just incase the fillie needs it.
After that I climbed into my truck and began to head on home with two new friends for Angel and two other new “friends” who will most definitely suffer dearly for all the issues they’ve caused today…

Thanks for reading this next chapter! Sorry its a bit longer than the other ones I felt like I couldn’t seperate the meeting of the feral family into another chapter as it’d make this one seem super skinny in comparison. Feel free to tell me your opinions or give suggestions for stuff!

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Tricking Bluebell into castrating her mate was a very cool touch. Saved his life and cut all ties with his asshat mate.

Two balls with one bite.


May Bluebell and her shitty “bestest” baby fucking die horribly. At least her former mate and the alicorn get to live and get tf away from her.


Karma is a bitch as was the mare :slight_smile:

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I really like stories that combine hugbox and abuse ngl
You could use the mare and the bestes as example fluffies,you know,show your beloved fillies what happens to “bad fluffies” that demand thing and try to give sorry poopies

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Thank you for the suggestion! Tbh I was planning on using bluebell as a example of a bad mom when angel / orange peel wants to have babies and I do enjoy the hugboxing with the inside / nice herd fluffies as I don’t want a meriles monster protag, i like stories with actual feelings, actual drive and motivation for things to do other than harm the undeserving!

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