the micro baby page 13 (by Ms_Random)

he took his time getting to the store and it took him a moment to find that brand he was looking for. something was itching at the bad of his head, but he wasn’t sure what it was. he got up and slip on his protect glove. he can’t wait to have enough normal fluffies so he can stop breeding micros. his allergies to their food make his job hard. he settle the shit bad to side to get a bit of rest before he get washed. as he walk by his safe room. he paused to hear crying, and then it hit hit him

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“Ah fuck, I never expected my mare who loves babies to end up loving her baby.”

Dude got so caught up in dehumanising Lil Shit that he never bothered to think there might be someone who actually gives a shit about him.

Which is even more ironic considering the only reason Bubblegum cares about him was because of the dehumanising punishment.


Could always go like my ‘Big Baby’ story does. What if the ‘baby’ never grows up? Will mama still love it when she’s old and gray and her ‘baby’ still needs it’s daily meal of milk?

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not really he knew about how much bubblegum like her “baby” he point blank forgot to tell her, he grab him.


I noticed that he’s not complaing about ass owies, is it because he’s paralised ?


yes, can’t feel nothing, kind want him too but i wanted it to be realistic and him feeling was not realistic


i read a bit of it. . . and thanks for an idea cause i wasn’t sure how i was gonna add on to this.

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Why is he even collecting all that cum for?
Who is buying it? What could he possibly do with so much of it?

Actually, I think I don’t want to know.

oh he doesn’t. at why they break. he just uses them wrong. they can only hold so much

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That still feels dehumanising, forgetting to tell a mum you have her kid is not something you do lightly unless you don’t give a shit about the mum or the kid.

Which is not judgement, I’m all for not caring about Fluffies


Well, leaving aside the well-deserved punishment of the microfluffy, the mare did get attached to him.

Lemongrass, watch your mouth, you can’t let her hear you calling him ‘mini fluffy’!


she was panicking so she didn’t really hear him