the micro baby page 15 (by Ms_Random)

he thought it over as he remove the shit legs. he reminder reading something about “big baby” somewhere and a plan work into his brain, so he went right to bubblegum room to talk to her.

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while reading big baby by chungusmybungus i got inspiration to keep this story going


Lemon remember what daddy told ya and never say anything other wise very bad things will happen


he was worry about upsetting bubblegum, cause some alicorn are empaths.


Glad I could help! Hope you enjoyed the story!

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it’s really good, i don’t normally read the stuff other posted here

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Oh here is sn idea, if shes pregnant right now…call me crazy but hear me out.
The owner gives Bubblegum nursing mare kibble so when she does start oroducing milk, she will produce an abundant amount and the “forever babbeh” will happily suckle on this milk for a change and there will be plenty leftover for her owm foals.

Now you may be thinking “Why would the owner want to give this micro Bubblegum’s milk?” Well there’s 2 answers to that questions. Simply put, for starters it helps with the con where Bubblegum thinks hes a foal and it tests how she’ll be as a mother further. But the 2nd part of the answer is a bit of abuse so bear with me…so she will be feeding the micro but since he’s very inactive due to lack of movement so the fatty milk will bloat him into an obese blob almost like a Sensitive Babbeh but also due to the micro’s metabolism isnt like s foal the milk if thst quantity will probably just sit there with a very distended stomach and would be there even for the next day and if kept fed like that, his stomach will rupture and hed die but the owner will make it look like it was a rare illness not her fault and reassuring shed be a good mother.


like the first part, how ever owner needs the mirco to live for milking, but so he won’t allow for the mirco to get to big like that. but i did plan for the mare to breast feed him. i’m already thinking of how this will end


Why the guy just don’t tell lemon that the micro was getting punished for raping a fluffy.

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all lemon know is at the micro was a bad fluffy who being punished, lemon thinks what ever he did must of been really, really bad. at is whatever a really bad thing at only fluffy can think of

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I’m enjoying the punishment of microfluffy but I would like the owner’s business to be ruined in passing xD

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uh what why. he provide very loved and care for micro ready to good family (mostly abuser) who want a happy and abuse free micros

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If he were a 100% abuser it would be another story, partly he has his weakness with the mare and Glass, that makes me want that plan to fail him and he becomes 100% an abuser

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i mean, if his plan fails with bubblegum and lemongrass then he would go back to the micro which he is still selling. it what pays for his little step up to normal fluffy. he doing this cause he wasn’t to stop breeding micros cause he allergy to their food gel stuff.

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That would be the funniest thing, a failed business of his fluffy hope so he would concentrate his hatred and abuse on the microsfluffys

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truth, then again, he could only abuse the ones he’s not selling.

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There will always be fluffys for an abuser, and pretty colors don’t always come out.

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Lemongrass is wondering what kind of weird ass situation he’s fucked his way into

You marry the girl you marry her weird abuser owner as well

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Bubblegum is both to nice and to gullible, to a degree that makes almost want to protect her

Lemon is a good boy and hes really struggling the urge to hold back on telling her the truth

Good stuff , but little red needs to die already, its not bad to see him suffer but it getting to the point that its kinda over staying

the red mirco name is berry, most haven’t notice. he just a shit bag anyway, i got an end plan for him

hopefully its painful , and keep up the good work

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