The Tale Of Giovanni Rossi Or: How I learned To Stop Worrying And Love Being Reincarnated As A Fluffy Chapter 1 part 4 The Great Escape (FluffySadist)


A few day’s had passed since the incident with the ‘Bestest Babbeh.’ We knew if we were going to escape we had to get stronger. Me and Jackie had been lifting heavy blocks trying to get stronger. If was kind of a success we had gotten a lot bigger. but I mostly think that was due to our ‘Mummah’ basically having a complete mental breakdown with her ‘Bestest’s’ death. even Jackie was able to get some milk and the whore didn’t even stop him! Also Isabelle had brought in another fluffy for a moment all he ever did was Fuck ‘Mummah’ than leave. now the whore is pregnant and is getting bigger by the day. Me and Jackie were training with our blocks when I heard Isabelle leave than Jackie spoke. “Boss Jackie think Isabewwe weft dah doow open!” WAIT! really? Looking over at where Jackie was pointing I saw that the pen door to the safe room was left open I speak. “wet’s go wook awound. Isabewwe shouwdn’t be back in a few houws.” Heading out of the safe room we started to look around. The walls were a light grey color there pieces of expensive furniture, artwork and electronics everywhere. The place seemed to massive I started to feel myself getting dizzy but continuing to carry on we eventually got to some sort of kitchen area and started to hear a new report.

“Mayor Suarez has declared a state of emergency today. With the exploding population of biotoy’s flooding Miami’s streets residents have been told not to feed feral populations.” Wow that was some good fucking news! I’m still in Miami! Damn with that I could… No I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. I have to keep looking around! Than the tv spoke again “Breaking news! President DeSantis has officially signed into law declaring cooperate profit margins more valuable than human life. With the President right after stating in his own words that this is a huge win against those ‘woke tranny cocksuckers.’ And also a spokesperson for the democratic party has given a official response this is what they said ‘We’ll pretend to care for a few weeks maybe a month. But we all know as long as we keep getting that sweet lobbying money we don’t really give a shit.’ More news coming at 4!” DAMN! how long have I been out? FUCK! Going into a small bathroom I tried to see if I saw anything I spoke “Jackie wife me up!” Jackie shrugging started to lift me up until I was able to get on the toilet. Looking around I tried to see if there was anything useful I could use to help in our escape than I saw it… JACKPOT!

On the sink were several bottles of meds for a bunch of made up mental shit. Knowing how dangerous those meds could be… And with some experience using meds to take out some ‘problematic rivals.’ I knew what I had to do the only way I could escape was to kill Isabelle Shaking the sink I was able to make a few meds fall to the ground I knew I had to get more so with as much speed as possible I jumped and barely made it over to the sink. once there I grabbed as much meds we could take back but not to much so there wouldn’t be that much suspicion I speak “Jackie stawt takin’ dah meds back! hide them somewhewe to!” Jackie speaks “what am we goin’ to use em fo’ boss?” I speak a little annoyed that Jackie was this Fucking thick skulled “wewe goin’ to gib dah bitch gib foweba sweepies!” As we start rolling the meds we head back into the safe room where after some searching we placed the meds under some pillows and than as we were putting the last med bottle under the pillows we heard a door open and Isabelles voice. “Come right this way! The foals are in here!” As Isabelle came there were two boys behind her both looked liked they were in middle school or maybe early high school one of them spoke.

“Thank you miss for letting us buy one of you’re foals!” Isabelle spoke “Oh no problem! If you have the money you can pick any one of them you want!” OH SHIT! I had to hide! Finding a dark place I hid… WHERE WAS JACKIE! SHIT! Than I heard him chirp… “How about this one maverick! This fucker sure does have a helpless look to him!” The other kid speaks “Fuck no! Diego that foal is brown and small! We need to get a bright and large one if were going to test this firework!” Diego spoke “Ugh Fine… Let’s just get a foal and strap it to this fucking thing!” Diego puts Jackie down as Maverick speaks. “Here’s the one! It’s pink fur is sure going to look nice splattered all over the sidewalk!” As Maverick grabs the pink foal she speaks “nyu daddeh fo’ babbeh? Babbeh Wub Daddeh!” Both of the kids are giggling as I start hearing my ‘Mummah’ in the distance who could hear everything “NU TAKE PWETTY PINK BABBEH! NU FIAW! NU FAIW!” Isabelle speaks “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” My ‘Mummah’ begins to sob as Isabelle speaks again “That will be 200$ but for an extra 100$ I can throw in a fluffy start kit!” Maverick speaks “ill just take the foal. Here you go ma’am. And thank you again!” Diego speaks as Maverick gives the money to Isabelle and than puts the foal in a cardboard box “I can’t believe you’re dad gave you all that cash just for you staying silent when you saw him with that faggot.” Maverick speaks “Dude I was surprised my dad even made that much money. You know with him being a pastor and all…” Maverick and Diego leave as Isabelle counts all the cash. And only a few minutes later I heard the sound of a firework not that far. And on a nearby window I swear I saw a piece of flesh with pink fur.

A few more days had passed since than ‘Mummah’ had continued to grow bigger becoming immobile. And we had gotten stronger waiting for the perfect moment for us to enact our plan than the opportunity finally came… Isabelle while trying to make a video with us and ‘Mummah’ in her infinite ‘wisdom’ left the safe room to get something but forgot her coffee perfect opportunity… Turning to Jackie I spoke “get dah meds! nao!” Heading over to the pillows we grabbed what we could ‘Mummah’ had fallen asleep so we didnt have to worry about her. going near the coffee we open the bottles crushing and pouring in meds with not much taste but were deadly at high doses. As we were doing that we could hear Isabelle start to come back so with haste with hid the bottles and hoped that was enough to kill her. As Isabelle came back in she spoke “WAKE UP SHITRAT!” ‘Mummah’ jolted awake and spoke “sowwy!” Isabelle spoke again “You better smile for these next pictures!” As Isabelle started to take pictures she took a sip of her coffee and at first she didn’t react just shrugging but less than a minute later she suddenly stopped than after a few seconds started hyperventilating she spoke. “OH FUCK! OH FUCK! WHAT THE HELL WAS IN THAT COFFEE! SHIT! SHIT! SIRI CALL… CALL AN AMBULENCE!” Isabelle had fallen to the ground throwing up both vomit and blood and ‘Mummah’ was freaking out flailing her arms and legs and than the phone responded. “Sorry I didn’t understand what you said? did you mean. ‘Call an ambulance my boner won’t come down!’ Adult film?” Isabelle started foaming from the mouth and we watched her laughing. As the life from her eyes slowly faded away.

Looking at our ‘Mummah’ she had shit and pissed herself and spoke “Seaweed hab wowstes’ scawdies ebew! Babbeh’s sabe Soon Mummah!” Jackie approched her looking angerd and annoyed than suddenly punched her snout causing it to bleed Jackie spoke. “fuck 'ou!” ‘Mummahs’ sobs got even worse as Jackie looked at me and spoke. “what shouwd we do wiff hew?” All I did was give a grin and Jackie grinning back knew. At the kitchen we had rolled ‘Mummah’ in she was bawling her eyes out screaming for help from anyone. Oce we roled her into position me and Jackie climbed the counter and once there he spoke to me. “‘Ou know Giobanni. Jackie was thinkin’ Isabewwe nebah expected a thin’ when we kiwwed hew we wewe su wow pwofiwe wiff these bodies think about it!” Jackie was right with these bodies the crimes we could get away with… Holy shit maybe this fluffy thing wasn’t that bad after all. We saw the tool be would be using for ‘Mummah’ the microwave. Pushing it we slowly started to get closer and closer to her the microwave going to fall with the slightest nudge ‘Mummah’ spoke. “MUNSTAH BABBEHS! NU WAN’ FOWEBAH SWEEPIES! AM SOON MUMMAH!” I looked down at her and spoke. “We awen’t am babbehs shithead! buh we suwe am monstews!” The bitch had a look of pure terror screaming as I gave Jackie the signal and the microwave fell down. The aftermath was a grisly sight there was blood everywhere with her eyes had popped out and her organs coming out of her mouth and ass. We could also her peeps going over to check what was going on we saw several newborns chirpies that must had come out and were desperately crying out. Feeling a little bad we snapped their necks and left heading for a window. After some quick tampering we were finally able to get it open and looking out and taking a deep breath we left heading out into the unknown. Fin

Thank you for reading my story! I hope to have the next part in at least in a week. And of course constructive criticism is appreciated.


This story was hilarious but the grammar needs some work.

There were several parts where it randomly changed perspective from first-person to second-person, and you often used “you’re” (“you are”) when it should be “your”.


Thank you! I’ll take that into consideration.


No problem. :slight_smile:


Didn’t know I needed politics in my fluffy fanfiction but I love it and seem’s accurate.
didn’t think they would escape so fast but hey ho :slight_smile:


Why do you need to kill the chick with big tits?

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To see if her implants are bullet proof.

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